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69 Night Clash

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Arrows rained the sky and it was simultaneous. Three shots were fired one after another. Kael, as well as the others, were in awe as they looked at the sky. They dashed as the arrows pa.s.sed them. Kael dashed and the others all lifted their shields to cover from the enemy's arrows. Tang! Tang! Tang!

They heard the sounds of the arrows. .h.i.tting their shields. Each one of them chuckled due to the fact that the enemies will try harder to hit them.

They saw the army was nearing and the army marched forwards towards them.

Tug! Tug! Tug! Tug!

They marched and Kael heard their synchronized feet. They were getting nearer and nearer to the army.

"Cover them!", Maledic shouted.

Immediately, the spearmen lifted their shields to cover the elites and as well as Kael. Kael and the others entered the army and they covered them. Making way while covering their heads with shields.

"Thank goodness you're all safe! The battle will commence immediately sooner than planned but the result will be the same! Now we need our leader to lead us!", said Maledic.

"Okay! Listen up, everyone! You all have the potential to surpa.s.s the enemies when it comes to raw strength! Have faith in yourself! We will surpa.s.s this test! Spearmen! Remember the practice! You're all the front force! Swordsmen! Cover the backs of the spearmen. Shielders! In case of a brawl, you all will cover each one! Use shield charge or bash! The archers and crossbowmen will attack in distance! Chains men! you will pacify anyone who dares to enter the formation! Daggers! the ones who enter our formation! Now, who's with me!", Kael shouted.

"Argggg!!!", they chorused.

"Forward march!", Kael shouted.

Tug! Tug! Tug! Tug!

The spearmen were at the front, the swordsmen were at the sides and the shield-bearers at the back. The archers and crossbowmen were in the middle as well as the chains and daggers.

They were marching towards the flooding enemies. In that night, the moon shone the darkness. They saw the flooding enemies and they were on edge. Everybody was hoping to survive this war as they marched. They all gulped their saliva to ease the feeling they felt.

They were nearing the enemies and the enemies shouted and roared as they approached.

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"Everyone shout and roar!", Kael shouted.

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