Lumia: Other World


64 Preparation Part 2

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Kael waked up early in the morning to cultivate his stats. It further increased his stats by one......

Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank E+

Job-cla.s.s: combatant

Character level: 18

Character Statistics:

Strength (30) +

Dexterity (35) +

Vitality (35) +

Focus (86) +

Stats points: 54


He grabbed his adventurer card and saw the difference. He immediately washed and clothed himself with his adventurer attire. He has normal clothes that were covered with leather armor and has his robes with a hood as a cover. He equipped his sword and daggers with chains. He exits his room and Maledic was waiting for him below. His room was on the second floor and has elegant stairs to walk on. He walks to the stairs until he reached the bottom.

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"a.s.semble the army. We will train them early. Every day counts. We only have remaining five days to train them.", Kael said to him.

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