Lumia: Other World


63 Dinner

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Kael was eating with his mother, sir Vanz and his daughter Anna. Their plates clang as they scooped for the food that they eat. They were nearing to finished eating when Erza questioned. "So what will you do in the future?", asked his mom Erza.

Her question was addressed to her son Kael. Kael wiped his mouth and then replied.

"My plan was to expand my territory. If we can survive this war, I will be lording this land properly. That's my plan after I graduate in the Dwight Academy.", he said to her.

"Currently, I have to establish my state while investigating the dungeons as an adventurer. When I graduate, that will be it. By the way, I've been recommended to the academy by the guild master.", Kael said to her.

"Wow! That's great! You've made great progress! Do you like your new face now?", she asked.

Kael was surprised by her question.

"Well, I planned to be the instructor of the newbie recruits in the meantime. This ident.i.ty will be useful. As you can see, I can go around the capital and here in Golden Valley; not minding cute girls following me. I'm not gay! But I like to be low-key for now.", Kael said to her.

"Hahaha!!!", Vanz laughed.

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"Quite hard to be famous! No? Being cute and handsome sometimes has pros and cons, yes?", said Vanz to Kael.

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