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Report Chapter

Kael enchanted their armors with [Increased defense], [Weightlessness], [Resist elements], [Increased Attack speed], [Increased movement speed], [Slow mana regen.], [Slow stamina regen.], and [Slow stamina regen.]. Kael then proceeded to the weapons. He enchanted it with [Increased strength], [Increased dexterity], and [Increased vitality]. He also added elemental damages like: [Fire damage], [Cold damage], [Electric damage], [Poison damage], and [Wind damage]. [Increase critical rate], [Increase critical damage], and [Increased dodge rate].

Kael has consumed five hundred mana potions for enchanting a whole five hundred sets of armors. Making its ratio of one is to one. He was full of sweat and he changed his clothes.

He immediately went to their home. He was immediately recognized by the maid and was opened with the gates. He went inside their mansion and met Maledic in the doorway.

"The army was getting good at mastering your techniques. We have a total of five hundred soldiers. One hundred were at the advanced level of mastery of techniques. Two hundred were at the level of adept and the rest were all novices. The soldiers-to-be that you were training were all newbie and they were numbered a hundred.", said Maledic.

"Thanks for your report. Prepare my bath and I want to meet Sir Vanz in the dinner.", Kael said to him briefly.

"As you wish my lord!", Maledic said to him then immediately left.

Kael felt tired and was exhausted. His tummy was full due to consuming five hundred potions. Luckily, the mana and health potions were easy to absorb by the body and was immediately consumed when healing wounds or replenishing mana.

Kael went to his room and his bath was ready. He soaked himself with warm water that the maids prepared. He contemplated his future plans for the war and was in thought. He felt relaxed in the warm water and stayed there for minutes. His muscles relaxed to the warm water. His muscles were stiff due to the tiresome day and it was alleviated with its warmness.

He clothed himself with nightwear after he washed. He opened the door and from the stairs, he saw sir Vanz in the living room. Sitting on the couch while drinking tea.

"Sir Vanz! how were you?", Kael asked him while sliding down the stairs.

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"Lord Mael, I'm really sorry for the trouble I've made.", said Vanz.

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