Lumia: Other World


57 The King

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Kael entered first inside the king's throne room. Kael has entered the door and the door closed with a bang. He saw by the distance that the king was sitting in his n.o.ble throne. The room was painted red. Big windows on the side of the room and golden plated corners in the throne room. The windows were covered with thick golden curtains. The floor has a red carpet that leads towards the throne. Kael immediately removed his robes to let him be seen by the king. The king has his n.o.ble robes and he wears a crown in his head with a staff.

The guards were all equipped with silver-plated armors and they covered their head with helm. The mood was heavy as Kael walks towards the king. He can hear his own footsteps as he walks. His heart raced a bit as he approached. He felt that he was gonna have a fever as the time goes by.

"Kael Melvin at your service.", Kael said as he kneeled his one leg to the floor.

"At ease!", said the king with a loud voice.

Kael stands up not so fast nor not too slow. He stands straight then bowed. Without a second thought, the king spoke.

"State your business.", said the King in a clear and a loud voice.

"As you wish your highness! I came here to deliver a message from your right hand in the name of Lord Mael of Golden Valley. I act as his messenger.", He said as he grabbed something in his backpack.


All the guard's weapons immediately went to his neck. Kael nearly collapsed as he hands the book and doc.u.ments to him. It was grabbed by his a.s.sistant but the swords were still on his neck.

"That was from your right hand, Sir Vanz Aldougs", Kael said as he gasped air.

"From him?", the king pondered.

The king immediately stands up and grabbed the book.


"Was he alive? where was he?", The king asked.

"He was alive your highness! But where he was? that would be a secret.", Kael said to him.

"Everyone let me have a moment with him for a minute. Everybody out!", shouted the king.

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They immediately went outside the throne room and they were left alone in there.

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