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52 Boss

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"Dreadpaws!", Kael shouted in his mind. Kael's skin hairs went up. His breathing became faster. His heart raced like never been before. His body temperature went up as he became excited. Excited to clash with him. He was waiting for the right time for their duel. Kael's thirst can only be quenched by a strong enemy or even stronger enemy like Dreadpaws.

He was the reason why they were still living despite the attacks on their lair. The boss of the cave, the kobold champion who was undefeated. He killed many adventurers in the past, far more than his underlings have totally killed. They have a boss to rely on and the kobolds felt secured because they have a guardian. He has many scars on his body, it only proved that he has survived many battles.

Tugug! Tugug! Tugug!

The footsteps of Dreadpaws sounded as he steps. He has a height of six feet. A big scar on the face. Two red bright eyes that were shining in the darkness. A big two-handed sword with a thickness of six inches. It was a two-meter long and Dreadpaws was carrying it only with on hand. He didn't even felt that it was heavy for him.

Kael on the contrary has a one-meter steel sword with a thickness of two inches. It was literally dulled in the past battle so it will be a tad harder to make deep wound to his enemy.

For Kael, the sword was the best choice for the duel. But due to its dullness, it can't even cut his thick hide covered with fur.

He was looking at his daggers that have killed the kobolds. It was not too dulled compared to his sword.

"Maybe this would suffice!", he said while looking at it.

Kael was plan A was to make a sneak attack first and make an injury that will weaken him. If it will be not effective then he will switch to plan B which was a frontal attack with his chained dagger.

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Kael then retreated to the darkness. He dashed towards the tubs of hot boiling metals where there were hiding spots that can make you sneak attack your enemies.

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