Lumia: Other World


51 Blind Part 3

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Kael was heading to the other group. The remaining enemies have a.s.sembled and combined their forces. Kael antic.i.p.ated it and it was the right thing to do from the start. Their first plan was to search Kael in three groups and when they found him, it was time to a.s.sault him together with the others. It was their plan but it was spoiled by Kael. He was cunning enough to out-wit them. Kael has eliminated one of the search groups and has a crippled one. They were left with no choice but to combine their forces.

He moved swiftly in the darkness. Leaving no trace of his presence. His footsteps were like a cat that runs at full speed. Even he was running, he just barely made a noise. It was the culmination of his training in the past.

He was approaching like a swift wind. He saw them huddled together, leaving no openings for Kael to strike them. He saw that they were protecting their torchbearer. They were nine in number. The original patrol has been added by four other kobolds that belonged to the group whom Kael attacked. They felt a sense of confidence when they were huddled together. With their numbers increased, their morale has risen by one.

Kael was observing them by the distance. They made a circular formation with shields lifted up to cover their chest. If Kael will attack in the front, it will be as good as surrendering in sneaking. His efforts to hide himself to surprise-attack them will be gone to waste.

He was hiding on one of the containers of boiling metal. He was waiting for an opportunity to attack when a hot bubble of metal popped and was flown to the ground.

"Wait! I have a good idea!", he shouted in his mind.

He was encompa.s.sing in the dark and was finding a bucket. He found one in the surroundings. It was a bucket of water that was in their eating washing area.

He poured out the water and then he approached the tub of boiling hot metal. Kael wrapped his hands with a cloth. He scooped a burning metal and it was in lava form.

Kael was carrying live lava of burning metal and he was enduring its heat.

He sneaked and followed them as they went towards his opposite direction. Kael throws a stone towards the opposite direction and it sounded like a clanging metal.


They all looked to the direction where it sounds. Kael sneaked and was moving fast. He needs to approach them with silence for them not to hear his presence. He was getting nearer and nearer but the distance was still far.

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"I need to get closer!", he said in his mind as his sweat trickled his cheeks.

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