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47 To The Dark

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Kael was given a chance to prove his worth. It was time to exterminate them all. Kael was joyous to the fact that he was given a chance like this. He was standing to the entrance of the Hentana cave. He was thoroughly equipped with potions and weapons. He has his sword and daggers, as well as his chains. He was carrying health potion, stamina potion, poison potion, sense-hindering potion, speed potion, defense potion, and strength potion. He entered the cave stronger than before. With his stats gone up by one, it was like he leveled up by one. He was confident in his techniques to fight the enemies head-on. He entered the cave and the atmosphere has changed to cold and humid. The glowing stones were left in the cave to serve as a light to the darkness. Kael was walking in the cave and saw kobolds. They were the miner kobolds that were not fighters. They were ten in number. They immediately ran towards him and Kael was calm. It was within his antic.i.p.ation. They have their pickaxe that served as their weapon.

Kael was relaxed and then he draws his sword. They attacked with a fierceness that was like an untamed beast. Kael slashed the first enemy that approached him. He evaded the pickaxe where they used to attack him. Kael was in a hurry so he slashed them furiously.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

He attacked them with his sword.


The blood gushed out from their body. Kaek then removed their cores. He proceeded to the second level. This time, he slashed them even they didn't know his presence yet. He sneaked and slashed their necks, making them decapitated. He proceeded with caution not to alarm his enemies. He then switched to his dagger to make his sneaking attack more effective. He was used to this kind of set up in the past. He was an expert when in terms of sneak attacks when he was still a spy.

He sneaked and saw three kobolds that were patrolling. They were equipped with swords. One was their leader and it was commanding and scolding his underlings. Kael throws a stone in the opposite direction.


The stone's sound echoed in the cave. He observed the right timing for his attack. The right timing was very crucial for the sneak attack. He saw that the leader commanded his underlings to check the source of the sound. Kael bit his lips in excitement to sneak attack. The underling who checks the source of the sound was stabbed by Kael to the neck. Not even making a sound.

Kael then went to the other direction to sneak attack the other underling. He sneaked without making a sound. He dashed where the light was and hides in dark places. The underling looks in his direction and the leader was in the opposite direction. He throws a stone in the opposite direction.


The kobolds were perplexed and they hurried to where the sound coming from. Like the steps, they were making a sound and it was a perfect timing where Kael was waiting for. He dashed without a sound. He draws his other curved dagger.

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