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44 A Company

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Kael fixed his backpack before leaving. He used his earnings in the dungeon to buy a new backpack. He bought a leather backpack that was made from crocodile leather. The scaly back of the crocodile was used as a material. Kael was in his journey towards the adventurer guild. He left the Hentana cave recently. Kael was walking and he was happy to clashed swords with Dreadpaws. It was a feeling of gladness and excitement. The retreat was a success and all he needs to do was to deliver the evidence to the adventurer guild. Kael was in deep thought, how did the monsters get their wisdom. He thought that it has begun when the dungeon appeared.

"Was it really connected?", he contemplated for a second.

He was thinking then he stumbled on a pebble. After this, he regained his composure. It was a probability that it was possible to be connected. He continued his walk towards the pathway.

The road was silent, all he could do was a whistle on the way as he puts his hands on his back. The pathway was full of dried leaves of maples. Some aples were letting go of their leaves as the wind blew them.

The sun was setting and it was time for him to eat another bowl of ramen. He was imagining himself to eat grilled skewered pork and soup. He wipes his mouth when he was thinking about it. Having a little bit of enjoyment in this world was enough for Kael to be happy. His past life was full of bloodshed and this kind of life now was very refres.h.i.+ng for him. He hears the wind blew by the distance and it was relaxing to him.

The rays of the sun were pa.s.sing through the maple leaves. The rays were bright enough to make you close your eyes for a bit. He met other people. He waves to them on the way. He was nearing the gate towards the capital and he hurried in excitement. He walks past the guards and he arrived at the food stall.

There, he bought grilled skewered pork and ate a chunk of it. He was tasting spicy yet sweet pork. It was a decent flavor rivaling the taste of modern culinary. Next was to the ramen shop.

He sits to the stall and it was a little shop that can accommodate several people. There was a cook in the front and a small table they can sit in. The ingredients can be seen and you can actually see what he prepares. He sat beside a man that was taller than him. He has commoner clothes but has a sword buckled in his waist. He was looking a the man and concluded that he retired for the day to have a sip of ramen like him.

He ordered a bowl like the old man. He grabbed his chopsticks and then waited for his serve.

Several minutes pa.s.sed by and the middle-aged man talked to him.

"Are you an adventurer? I can see your sword from your back.", He asked.

Kael was surprised but he remained calm.

"Yeah! Yes, I am!", Kael said cheerfully.

"How young! I was like you in my days where I'm still young. But at your age, how did you manage? Me at that age. Hum... I'm a swordsman trained by my father. But not yet an adventurer. I was still a crybaby and still on the care of my mother.", he said to Kael in a serious tone.

"Bah! why are we lingering in the past? Let's live in the future! Do you know that the present was the future that has pa.s.sed? So live the future by living the present.", he said to him like a poetic man.

Their orders arrived and they happily talked with each other. Kael was surprised by the wisdom of this man. He asked his name and he told him that he was Timothy Tailor. A man that was level 37. He was an A ranker like the Helgurt Leomurds of the adventurer guild.

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Kael and Timothy were happily talking.

"Don't thank me yet. I had a great time with you so the pleasure is mine. Consider it a friendly gift", Timothy said to Kael.

"Can I thank you now? As a matter of fact, I'm greatly pleased with your company. I've never met a man like you! There was one and only Timothy in this world ain't it?", said Kael to him.

Timothy laughed together with Kael.

"Ha! ha! ha! ha! You got me there kid! I will go now, I have things to do.", he said then packs his backpack.

"Goodbye, Timothy! See you again!", Kael shouted goodbye to him.

He went the other way from him. Kael went to the adventurer guild and Timothy on his way home.

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