Lumia: Other World


43 Legendary Retrea

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Kael was in a hurry to the sixth floor. The enemies were following him. He dashed to the pathway towards the glowing-stone-lit-pathway. "Huf! Huf! Huf! I need to deliver this to the adventurer guild safely. But that will be hard to pull off. When they will see this, they will be surprised.", he said in his self while panting.

He was running towards the exit when he saw a bigger-than-usual kobold. He has a big body that was covered with white furs. His neck has a black color that was mistaken as a collar. His eyes glowed in red and he looked at Kael's direction. Kael who was running was struck with fear. His hairs in his body stand up as he looked at him. Just looking at him in the distance was a fear-striking-phenomenon.

"d.a.m.n! Dreadpaws!", he shouted in his mind.

He was blocking the stairs towards the sixth floor and Kael has to pa.s.s through him. Dreadpaws were holding a two-handed sword in his right hand and he lifts it with only his one hand. He looked at him but Kael didn't hesitate to dash through him.

Kael made a gamble. A gamble with his life on the line. He dashed without looking back. Their distance was getting nearer and nearer by the time. Kael prepared himself for the great feat to pa.s.s through Dreadpaws.

He charged faster than before and used all his strength. He dashed like a wind. Dreadpaws on the contrary drags his sword from the ground and then slashed In Kael's direction.

Kael ducked at the right time and time pa.s.sed like in slow motion. Kael who was ducking evades the blade of Dreadpaws but his backpack's shoulder strap was slashed.


The sword made a sound as his straps were slashed. Kael's backpack fell from his back.


His backpack sounded as it fell to the floor.

"d.a.m.n! My backpack!", he shouted.

Kael left with no choice; it was now or never. He draws his sword from his back and then went to the direction of his backpack. This was what Dreadpaws has foreseen and he was not gonna let it happen.

Dreadpaws slashed Kael with all his might.


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Kael blocked it but he was thrown due to the impact. He was near to the backpack but he was thrown instead. He was slammed to the cave wall. He was on the wall and he saw the glowing stone that was removed from the wall.

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