Lumia: Other World


41 Sixth Floor

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Kael went to the entrance of the cave to go deeper. It was five to ten floors or level that he wants to go. He traveled to the fifth floor without a problem. He managed to kill his way through and collected their cores. On the sixth floor, his enemies were the armored kobolds. The kobolds attacked like there was no tomorrow. Due to their armors, they were fearless. The eyes glowed in bright red and they attacked like mad beasts. Their saliva drooled from their mouths.

Their armors were made to fit their body. It was like an armor made by them. They have a helmet that was perfectly fit to their head and a chest plate to cover their chest and backs. They also have handguards in their arms and knee guards in their knees.

Kael attacked them and they were thrown by force.

"They were a bit troublesome. This will take time to kill them.", he said to himself.

Kael slashed with all his strength and their armors sparked every time he slashed it. Kael's sword will be dulled slowly if this continues.

They have a weak point where the gaps in their armors are located. He has to be cunning enough to outwit his enemy.

The enemies amounted to ten but they were a bit troublesome compared to his past battles.

Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!

They have a two-handed sword and they were pretty strong to lift it. Kael was lucky that he has enough dexterity to evade them. Dexterity was connected to strength, specifically the leg strength in the movement and the arm strength to attack speed. The difference was that the dexterity was a little bit of control not only strength. The control plus the strength to back it is the dexterity. Strength was also linked to other traits. For example vitality; If you were having a great physique, then it was thanks to body strengthening activities. That will lead to greatly enhancing your vitality, your defense, and stamina.

Kael strikes with piercing thrusts. Slashes were predictable and thrusts were faster and accurate. He was attacked by a swing and he evaded at the right time. They were perplexed by his actions thus they attacked faster. Kael pierced one enemy on the shoulders.


He was surrounded but not on a pinch. His enemies were sluggish due to their heavy two-handed swords. They were strong but their mastery of sword was of a newbie. Their attacks were predictable so Kael evaded leisurely. It was the stamina that was the problem. He attacked with another piercing thrust and then slashed his enemy on the neck. It was the kobold whom he thrust on the shoulders that he killed. Kael then darted every time he initiated a thrust. Kael pierced the gaps in their armors.

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