Lumia: Other World


40 Mana Cultivation

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Kael quickly left when he can still get the monster cores and their left ear. It was time to harvest them all. He hurriedly went to the fifth floor he has battled recently. He arrived on the fifth floor and they were illuminated by the glowing stones. The bodies of the monsters were disintegrating as time goes by and Kael collected their weapons and cores. Sadly, their ears disintegrated together with their body. All was left were their monster cores. Kael then collected them. He grabbed them one by one and he collected twenty-five. Their weapons just all went inside his backpack that was enchanted by [Increase maximum load] and [Weightlessness].

He encompa.s.sed the cave that was lit by bright glowing stone. He arrived at the stairs to the fourth floor. The stairs were leading upwards and it was lit by torches. The stairs were moist if you touch it. The humidity was high in these stairs that lead to the fourth floor. Kael then walks in the stairs.

Tik! Tak! Tik! Tak!

His footsteps echoed in the stairway. It has no railings to hold on to so it's like stairs in the towers of castles. Kael then arrived on the fourth floor. He saw the light of glowing stones at the entrance. He went to the mining tools room but they weren't there anymore. He then collected the monster cores and their weapons. Their weapons were not looted by the adventurers due to them hurrying to exit the cave. He collected their cores that amounted to fifty-three plus twenty-five, a total of seventy-eight. He killed that much in that span of time. Kael then examined the room and then left. It was just like before when he left the room. A few broken pieces of splintered wood and a few bigger chunks of wooden pieces of the door.

He left then went to the third floor. This floor has been looted by other adventurers. He was a minute late when he saw other adventurers retrieved their cores. Kael then went to the second floor and there he saw adventurers that were killing weak mobs. He just pa.s.sed them and went to the first floor.

"The exit, at last!", he said to his mind cheerfully.

He then sold his monster cores and the weapons to the stalls and it amounted to three gold coins and twenty silvers.

"One gold and twenty silvers", the merchant said to him.

"That was pretty much!", he said to him.

A hundred silvers amounted one gold coin and one silver amounted a hundred copper coins.

Kael then went on the same path from before. He threaded the path towards the kingdom capital. The leaves were scattered on the forest floor and the pathway. Kael felt the wind breeze blew his skin.

He arrived at the gate and was recognized by the guard. He went to the food stalls and ate a bowl of ramen. He gave the seller a sliver and he was changed with seventy coppers. It was heavy in his coin purse and it clangs every time he steps. He went to the inn and checked-in. He went to his room and he unpacks his backpack. He saw a light from his backpack so he opened it. He grabbed his adventurer card and it was glowing.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank F

Job-cla.s.s: combatant

Character level: 16

Character Statistics:

Strength (24) +

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Dexterity (29) +

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