Lumia: Other World


38 Fourth Level

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Kael ended their lives with fierceness. He slashed them with strength surpa.s.sing his own self. He killed them and then wipes his sword to their furs. He went down to the stairs towards the fourth floor. He walks and there were glowing stones that illuminated his path. His path was stairs and it smelled blood from the distance. The smell comes from the fourth floor. He hurriedly walks in the stairs while minding where he stepped in. He was extra careful when he steps because tripping in the stairs will make his ankle sprained.

Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!

He arrived at the entrance of the fourth floor and the cave was still illuminated by the glowing stones. If it was not illuminated by glowing stones, then he will use his floating lantern. He reserved it for dark places like this. He then hurriedly dashed to the cave. In the past, he read about the mana sense. It was written in the book of the "magic basics" of his dad.

It was written in it that the mana was everywhere and you just gonna feel it. Not all are capable of feeling the mana and the ones who can be mages. All living things have mana and one can feel it if he was destined to be a mage–Kael was one of it. There were job that use mana but they are not as proficient as mages.

Kael focused and he felt the tiny bits of mana in the cave. He felt the mana of the monsters. He felt that he can see more than his eyes can. He can use mana sense for long periods of time but not while in battle. He needs extreme focus if he wants to do it.

Kael then felt that they were trapped by the kobolds. They were on the east side of the cave and it was full of kobolds there. There was away on the other side but it was blocked by rocks. Kael then dashed in their direction and then saw that the kobolds were destroying the door towards the adventurers. They were lucky to find a room with a door. It was basically a room for stockpiling the pickaxes.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

They pound the door with their swords. In the room of pickaxes, there was a party of adventurers that were trapped. There was a leader that was a priest, a vanguard of knight and paladin, a rearguard of the priest, and a scout that was a rouge. They luckily found the room where they were saved but as well as trapped.

"Guys, I'm so sorry. I let you all down. Trent sacrificed himself to let us escape but here we are in this room, trapped", said their leader.

"Don't be discouraged! You're our leader so it's your job to lead us. His sacrifice was not in vain because we're saved. Let's survive this together.", said their rogue.

"Guys I don't want to die being single! At least I wanna marry my girlfriend. If I survive this, I'm gonna propose to her." said their knight.

"And who's the best man?", asked their rogue.

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"Guys let's survive this and let's eat dinner! It's all on me!", said their paladin.

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