Lumia: Other World


33 Hentana Cave

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Kael went to the Hentana caves to hunt kobolds. He has to kill twenty kobolds and retrieve their right ear as evidence that he killed them. Kael was currently on the outside of the Hentana cave. The adventurers are going in and out of the cave and there are others that were selling items. The cave was located in the Hentana forest and Kael was just in the entrance. He has steel sword and daggers, as well as chains wrapped in his arms. He purchased potions like health potions and strength potions–all were five each.

He was ready to fight anytime and the first five levels were an area for training the newbie adventurers. Kael went inside and he has the experience in fighting. The boss was located at the tenth level and many veteran adventurers died at the boss' hands. They call him Dreadpaw, the first five levels were safe and he sometimes went to the six-level but not on the first five.

Kael went inside and the smell of the air was like a smell of unwashed dogs. The stick was disgusting but tolerable. He walks to the cave and the cave was illuminated by glowing stones. It helped the adventurers to see and they were not carrying torches–which was troublesome. Kael walked the first level and then he met kobold that carries pickaxe. It was currently mining the glowing stone on the first level. Kael grabbed his attention by whistling at him.


Kael draws his sword and then attacked. The kobold miner panicked and attacks with his pickaxe but Kael slashed him at the belly as he pa.s.sed through. The miner wants to fight head-on but he felt the pain as his blood gushed out from his body. It crashed on the ground and Kael removes his right ear.

"One down.", he said.

As he was removing the ear. He heard howls on a near distance. They were fast approaching and then Kael was surrounded. They recognized their brethren and they were angered by it. They have a strong bond with their brethren and killing one of them was a triggering effect for their bloodl.u.s.t.

Kael was surrounded by five kobolds that were using a shovel and pickaxes. Kael tightened his grip on his sword. They launched their attacks and Kael evaded the first attack. It was a shovel that was used to be a weapon. He dodges then slashed him.

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Their attacks barraged and Kael evaded them. The kobolds were annoyed. He blocks some of their attacks and dodges some.

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