Lumia: Other World


30 Enemy Reinforcemen

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Tooooorrrrrttttttttt!!! The sound of the horn enveloped the surrounding. They nearly panicked, Kael looted the barbarian bandits and has looted ten gold coins.

The sound of the bandits is getting nearer and nearer.

"They have reinforcement this fast?", Fred asked his self.

"Kill them!", shouted their leader.

Arrows rained in the air.

"Shields!", Kael shouted.

Kael grabbed as well as others grabbed the shields of the ones they killed. He lifted his shield and arrows rained in their shields.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

Kael blocked some incoming arrows but he received an arrow in his foot. The arrows stopped and the Bandits charged towards them.


He exclaimed as he pulled out the arrow that has stuck on his foot.

He gulped a health potion to heal himself.

"Let's retreat!", shouted Fred.

"Kael and other shield bearers cover; As for non-shield bearers retreat!", he commanded.

Johansenn and the Captain retreated and Kael, Fred, and Estes cover them.

They are lifting their shields as they walk backward to retreat.

Tok! Tok! Tok! Tok! Tok!

Johansenn shouted, "we're cornered!". He saw that there were also bandits at the entrance of the cave.

"Regroup!", Fred shouted again.

They regrouped and they were surrounded.

"Let's fight our way through!", the Captain shouted.

Kael was lifting his shield and then the barbarians a.s.saulted. All of them were numbered fifty. More than the double amount of their past enemy.


Shoulder charge!

They shoulder charged their defense and the shield bearers were struck by their big body. Kael was thrown off due to his small body.

The barbarians have a two-handed axe and they have a chest plate made of iron. Some have big shields and a two-handed sword on the other hand.

"They can one hand the two-handed weapon?", Kael questioned.

They were thrown to the ground and Kael immediately stands up. Estes was a bit dizzy due to his face was. .h.i.t by his own shield when he was struck.

Fred managed to be pushed but not being thrown. The enemy slammed their axe. Fred's shield was hammered and his arms almost break. He used his "shield charge" to his enemy but it has no effect. The enemy slashed his two-handed axe to Fred and he was slashed in the chest.

"Fred!!!", Kael shouted

Estes was infuriated and used his trump card.

"Divine armor"

This paladin skill can make the user as hard as iron for ten seconds. His defense shoot up higher and then he charged to the one who injured Fred. He slammed his hammer and shield slammed his enemy.

The captain used his Berserk and his attack speed shoots up. He double slashed his enemy at the front and repeats it.

Kael on the contrary used his "strength potion". He used it to rival the strength of the barbarians. It has a thirty seconds effect and Kael clashed with the others.

Due to his mastery of the swords, he can fight toe to toe with them. Estes was struck with two-handed axes and his shield was battered.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Johansenn on the contrary picked up a bow and arrows. He fired them to the enemies. He killed two immediately.

Hammer Slam!

Shield Slam!

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He charges to his enemies. Kael and the captain charges together with him. The barbarian two-handed axe user slashed him but he blocked it with his sword. He kicked him and then he went back to Fred.

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