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28 Hideou

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Kael tied him up and they surrounded him. Kael poured a bucket of water at him to wake him up. "Whoa!", he shouted as the cold water splashed into his face.

"Why did you ambush us!?", shouted Fred at him.

"I won't tell!", he shouted.

"Hump, well if you won't tell us then one finger will be cut if you won't reply.", Fred said to him.

"I won't tell you!", he said.

Fred made a hand sign to cut his fingers.

"Okay!", Kael replied to him as he brandished his daggers.

He grabs his hands and then he yelled.

"Where is your hideout!?"

"To the Munjako mines!!!", the barbarian yelled in panic.

"The hideout was at the Munjako mines. We were just only ordered to ambush merchants for their merchandise. Please I'm begging you! I have a family to feed!", he shouted

"Hey boss, what do we do?", Kael asked Fred.

"Tie him up and report him to the guards. Kael reports this to the guards. Estes, as well as Johansen come with me. We will go to the hideout. Andre and Emily, you guard this prisoner.", said Fred to his party.

"Okay sir, I will go now", said Kael

He dashed towards the way and was hastily running. He gulped stamina potion and restored his stamina. He throws the bottle and then dashed again. He pa.s.sed by a couple of people and they saw him running. He saw that the kingdom was near. He saw patrolling guards on the way thus he talked to them.

"Hey, guards! we've captured one of the bandits at the roads. We are on our way to their hideout.", he said to them.

"What? where's their hideout? they were in danger! Reckless fools you want to be heroes? You attacked their hideout without asking for help?", shouted one of the guards.

"Yes please help us!", Kael said to them.

"Where are they now?", he asked

"On the road towards the Dwight.", Kael said to them.

"Let's hurry, go to the barracks and I will go with this child", he said to one of his companions.

Kael together with the barbarian guard went on their way. There was a small road to the left that goes to the Munjako mines. They traveled towards the path. It was a forest that has thick leaves on its canopy. The road can be seen by the naked eye, it meant that there are people using the road.

"Be on your guard, we're near to it", the guard said to him.

"Don't worry, I'm a captain!", he said to Kael.

"That would be great but can we really kill them with our numbers? At least we need to wait for the reinforcement."

"Is a captain that capable to hunt them? I wonder where was his confidence coming from.", Kael was in thought.

They saw the mines have a door and there are two torches that were put between the door. It was not lit due to the reason that it is daytime. The door has a handle and it has a little window. Kael and the guard approached with caution, they sneaked towards the door and the captain pulled the handle of the door.

Creak! bang!

He fiercely opened the door and it created a loud sound. He lifted the door like its nothing.

"Wanna come in?", he said.

Kael nearly laughed. He never imagined him to be so strong.

Kael went inside and then he saw a dark tunnel leading towards a cave. The walls have webs and they crawled the walls. Kael then saw torches that were put on the walls.

They traveled the path and was sneakily walking the tunnel. Kael sneaks silently but the barbarian captain was making noise. By the end of the tunnel, they saw guards that were drinking that has fallen to the floor. They examined them and in their surprise, they have arrows at the back of their skulls.

They have gold coins that amounted to seven pieces and an ax and an arrow with its quiver. Kael equipped the bow and quiver.

"They were near", said the barbarian captain.

The cave has torches on its walls and the ceiling was unseen due to the light can't reach its distance. They traveled the path towards the cave and saw a lever and towards it has a bridge that was tilting from the other side.

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We have to push the lever for the bridge to fall and make a way towards the other side.

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