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27 Ambush Again

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Kael waked up and then he pushed-ups hundred times. He exercised to build his strength while he's still young. Kael washed then changed clothes for his new day. He went outside and then closed the door of his room. He met his other adventurer friends while he walks downstairs. "Hey, good morning!", said the mage.

"Good morning too! How's your sleep?", Kael asked.

"It's good!", he replied.

"The others?", Kael asked.

"They were waiting in the carriage. Let's catch up with them. Don't worry, we have launched at the carriage on hand.", the mage said to him.

They traveled to the carriage and then met with the others.

"Have you eaten yet? We have freshly baked bread here. Let's eat while we're on our way.", said Fred.

"Okay, so let's go!", said Kael.

They went inside the carriage and then they ate their food.

Kael was silent on the rest of the way. He was pondering why the war broke out and why the human king was greedy of ruling all the races.

They pa.s.sed through the bricks road of the barbarians, the laborers were not present this time and they all were relaxed. The road was again b.u.mpy and their relaxed mood ends there. The construction was still unfinished. Kael was sitting at the back while whistling a happy song. They all enjoyed their ride and the party's morale went up.

"What did you observed at the barbarians Kael? They are prideful but peace-loving people aren't they?", Fred asked him.

"Yep they were rather a peaceful kind of people but be careful not to offend them. They were a bunch of battle maniacs.", their priest said to Kael.

"Really?", Kael replied.

"Yep, don't make them angry", their mage said.

"Okay!", Kael replied.

Kael engraved it on his mind and remembered it. It was better to remember their advice because they will be a great help in the future.

They were traveling and they saw a carriage that was blocking the way. It was full of arrows and holes and was severely damaged.

"Halt!", said the driver as he stopped the horse.

"Check for survivors! But be careful of another ambush", Fred said to them.

Kael went outside together with their paladin and their leader. Their ranger was watching the cliffs and was ready to alarm them anytime. Their mage was also ready to fire a spell anytime.

The knight and paladin raised their shields and approached step by step. They scanned the surroundings and saw that the horse was not there.

"They were ambushed for sure.", said their leader.

"Probably bandits, barbarian bandits. Look at the carriage, it has marks left by axes.", said the paladin.

The approached the door and then on Fred's signal, they kicked the door. They looked at the inside and saw nothing. Only bloodstains that littered the floor were left for them.

"Well that was anti-climatic!", said Kael.

After Kael said it, their ranger shouted.

"Arrows!", he screamed.

Kael and the others take cover and their ranger fires at them.

Rapid shot!

He initiated a skill that fires rapidly for three seconds. He killed four after the skill expires. He then takes cover after they rained their arrows at him.

The barbarian bandits then ambushed them. They were hiding at the bushes, some were at the broken trees. Some jumped at the cliff.


They all screamed while holding their axes.

"Regroup!", shouted Fred

Kael and the others went back their carriage to regroup.

"We're surrounded! Again!", Kael screamed.

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He draws his sword then defended their selves. The enemies were numbered twenty plus and they were only six.

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