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Kael slept a little in the road and then waked up in the b.u.mpy road of Argenta that goes to the Barbarian kingdom of Farmus. He fixed his clothes and wiped his face with a cloth. "We've arrived at the borders of the Barbarian Kingdom.", said the knight

Kael winked and wiped his eyes. He can't see clearly because his eyes didn't adjust yet from the bright light of the sun. It was noon and the sun was at its peak. Kael peaked outside and then saw the desolate wilderness of dried land.

"We will be meeting monsters on our way so prepare yourself. The wilderness was teeming with crazed hyenas and other monsters. We have to be extra careful if we want to live through this. The monsters are above your level so it will be difficult. Don't worry you got us! Right team!", shouted the knight.

"Yeah!", they all chorused.

They readied their weapons, their senses are more alert for they know that danger will come. Kael peeped outside together with the ranger. The ranger used his skill "far-sight". With his telescopic eyes, he saw the hyenas and they are numerous.

"Ten, twenty, no way! they are numbered fifty!", the ranger said while alarmed.

"How did they reproduced like that? they are twice the number this time."

"They are still far! The team let's go out and protect the carriage!", said the Knight

Kael together with them went outside.

"Position yourselves! Me and the paladin, to the front! Ranger to the top of the carriage. Priest, in our backs; heal the injured. Mage, to the top of the carriage and fire a spell at them while they are still far.", the knight leader commands them.

"How about me?", Kael asked.

"Sorry, I almost forgot about you. Just fight together with us and protect the priest.", he said to him.

Kael positioned himself at the back of the priest to protect her.

"They are coming! prepare the spell!", the knight shouted

"[Mega Fireball!]", he shouted while he let out the spell.

A big fireball was gathering on his staff and then he unleashed it to the enemies.


The bursting fire exploded and smoke rose from the area of its effect.

The crazed hyenas are thrown all over and the remaining enemies were scattered. He eliminated ten enemies with just a single spell. The enemies didn't back down but instead they were angered, they dashed towards their direction. They were showing their canines to show that they were enraged.

The knight and the paladin raised their shields towards their chest. The enemies were getting nearer and nearer.

"Prepare for combat!", their leader yelled

The Hyenas struck his shield and the knight used his skill "[Bash]". The hyena was thrown and it felt dizziness due to the impact.

The paladin struck the incoming hyena with his hammer.


The body of hyena sounded as it was struck with his hammer.

Some hyenas were stopped by the paladin and the knight but a single enemy has pa.s.sed through the defense. It aimed towards their priest. Kael was ready to attack and then he slashed it with his sword.

The enemy bit his sword as he slashed it, making his sword stuck from its mouth. Kael felt irritated so he kicked it.

It flowed towards their companions. The enemies encircled them and the mage is firing his fireb.a.l.l.s to the enemies. The same with the ranger.

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The ranger is firing from the top of the carriage. His skill "[Return Arrows]" is making his arrows return to his hands by his spell. In other words, his arrows will return if he will use his spell.

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