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23 Escorts

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Kael walked towards their headquarters prepared, the sun is shining bright on its peak and it is noon. He arrived a little bit late compared yesterday. The people were bustling in the headquarters. Kael went to the bulletin board of missions and looked for a new quest. His eyes was fixed on the posted information written in this manner: "Rank F:Escort mission

Details: Escort a carriage of carrying goods towards the Barbarian Kingdom.

Duration: One week

Reward:Fifty silvers."

He picked the mission. Then went to the mission receptionist, while carrying the mission paper.

"Here's what I've picked", Kael said to her.

"Thank you, Sir. For picking a mission. You will be accompanied by five veterans so don't worry.", she said to him.

While Kael finished picking mission and was going out but a male shouted to call their attention. Kael turned around and listened.

"Attention all adventurers! I'm the guild master and we have a big quest! The adventurers are needed by the kingdom! As you can see, there were dungeons that were recently appearing from the different places of the kingdom and the adventurers are the ones who were a.s.signed to clear them. You can only close the dungeon by killing the boss monster inside. If they are left open, they will kill anything outside their dungeon. We have a new quest that will be given to you. It was called dungeon exploration, dungeon conquering, and dungeon excavation.

Dungeon exploration will only be espionage and dungeon excavation is taking the loot from the monsters without killing the Boss. And last was the conquering that involves killing the boss and closing the gate, every dungeon that was closed will be rewarded by a chest of gold by the king himself! That's all and thank you for listening", he announced.

Kael met with the other adventurers on the designated point of their meeting place.

He saw a male in his mid-twenties and carries a bow; a ranger to be exact. He has four other companions that have a job-cla.s.s. A female priest in her priestly uniform that was in her twenties, a Knight that has a full plated armor and he covers his face with a helm. There was also a male mage in his thirties and has a staff that he carries. And last was the Paladin that has a hammer and a shield.

Kael introduced himself towards them.

"Hi! I'm a combatant! I'm Kael Melvin. Nice to meet you!", he said as he bowed down.

He introduced but they were silent.

"What? A combatant? And you're underaged? How old are you?", the male ranger mocked him.

"I'm thirteen! I'm sorry if you can only have me. The mission says it has a rank F difficulty so you have me. Don't complain about what you get because it says its difficulty is rank F okay?", Kael replied.

"What can you do? Swing your sword and all?", said the Knight.

"Hey don't bully him guys, he was like you in the past! at least stronger than you in his age! What are you doing when you're thirteen? Swinging your wooden sword?", the male mage interrupted.

"He has a point so don't underestimate him", The female priest said.

"We're sorry, I'm Andre–a mage", said Andre as he reached Kael's hands.

"I'm Fred–a knight!", he said then shakes hands with Kael.

"Johansen–a ranger", he said as he raised his hands.

"Kelly and I'm a priest, nice to meet you!", she said to him.

"Estes, a paladin!", he said.

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"Nice to meet you all!", said Kael and bowed again.

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