Lumia: Other World


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Kael gave five gold coins to the Mysterious man and then left the confession room. He walks to the darkroom then exited and ordered a hot beef soup to warm his stomach on the counter. While sipping the soup, he was listening to the singing bard of melody tavern. He enjoyed the song and it is about a hero that closed the dungeons. Kael didn't know who's the one that he meant but Kael knew that he's one of them. Mysteriously, there were many others like him and they are rumored to be young ones. Kael drank a cup of water after he finished his soup. He thought of going home because it's late so he paid for his fees.

"That's ten coppers sir", the girl with an ap.r.o.n said to him.

"Here", Kael said as he hands down his fee.

He exited the tavern and then walked with a full stomach. He is calm in his travels as he breathes the fresh air of the street. Unlike the past world he lives in, this world has fresh air that is close to the air conditioner. His hands are in his pocket and he saw little numbers of people in the night. When he arrived at the streets near where he sleeps in, he walks faster and the street is wet due to the rain that has recently poured when he was still at the tavern.

He arrived at the tavern then checked in on the ugly duckling inn.

"Room number six, ma'am", he said to the counter.

Kael walked upstairs and opened his door. He unstraps his shoes and then went to his bed.

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While lying down on the bed, he was thinking of what the mysterious person on the tavern. He was waiting for his sleepiness to strike until something crashed on his window.

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