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18 Consumables Shop

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Kael went outside the shop and he is carrying his new steel sword. His new destination is a shop of consumable goods. He walked by the distance and saw a shop that was visited by his adventurer friends yesterday. He arrived and saw a well-built house made of wood. It says on the signboard, "Welcome to Emily's consumable shop.". The door is wooden and it has an "open" sign inscribed in it.

He pushed the door and then the sweet smell permeated his nose. While looking at the walls, it has many potions that were displayed. Many of it was familiar to Kael but he doesn't know some of it.

"h.e.l.lo sir, I'm Emily! what potions do you like to purchase?", she said to him

She has a commoner's clothes but it has a good smelling perfume that is poured in it. She smiled at Kael and then waited for his reply.

"I want to purchase five health potions and poison potion, as well as a monster attractant potion.", Kael said politely

"One silver coin to each health potion, one silver coin to poison and two silver coins to monster attractant. All in all, seven silver coins.", she said to him

Kael handed down his silver coins and then Emily took his potions.

"Thank you for your purchase, anything else?", she said to him

Kael is watching all the products in the store and saw that only potions are sold here.

"Do you sell ingredients", Kael asked her curiously

"Yeah we sell them but only a few are interested in making potions, so we put them at the back.", she said worriedly

"How about I will make it into potions and then you will buy it from me. How's that?", he said to her cheerfully

"You're an alchemist? How?", she asked curiosity

"Well, I've been studying alchemy at a young age! well how about a contract?", he said seriously

"Of course! I will be glad", Emily said while smiling

They went inside and Kael saw the alchemy table. Kael then began his alchemy, he used mortar and pestle for grinding his ingredients and used a presser to remove the juice and throws the excess solid parts.

First, he will make strength potions, its ingredients were called strength herbs. He pounds them on the mortar and pestle and then put it on a strainer and poured water. In a minute, he created five potions with one kilo of strength herbs. Its ratio is one is the top ten, which means every one tablespoon of its juice, there are nine teaspoons of water.

Next was the swift potion, its ingredient was called rapid herbs. He has two kilos of it and then began his alchemy. He washed his mortar and pestle and the strainer. He pounds the rapid herbs and strained it. The excess solid fibers are thrown away. He managed to make ten kilos of the swift potion.

Next was the stamina potion, its ratio is two is to ten. He has one and a half kilo of stamina herbs. He pounded it till it has juice, he extracted its juice and then made seven stamina potions.

Next was the health potion, it has blood herbs as an ingredient. Kael pounded the blood herbs and it has a reddish black color and releases the sweet smell. With five kilos, he created fifteen potions. Then mana potions, he has three kilos of mana herbs and it produced eleven potions.

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Next is the poison potion, they have blight herb that has a strong poison effect. With three kilos, he has made seven potions. It is lesser than other potions because it has greater concentration with a five is to five ratios.

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