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17 Blacksmith Shop

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It was early in the morning and the sun was rising. The people woke up early and they were busy with their own lives. Kael is watching from the window side of his room and looking at the people pa.s.s by from the ugly duckling inn. "Let's be early this time and purchase what I needed ahead of time", he said to himself.

He changed his clothes to a commoner's wear with a jacket at the top. The cold wind blew as he exited the inn and he felt the refreshing air from his nose.

He will visit the blacksmiths of the capital and wants to make a custom made weapon, as well as weights for his arms and legs.

He traveled the path towards the blacksmith's district and stared at the skies clouded with smokes from their burning charcoals due to smithing. He saw lesser people compared to yesterday and he thought that it will be fun to jog towards it.

He jogged and jogged to the district until his sweat trickled on his spine and face. Minutes later, he saw a humble blacksmith store that was quite old if Kael observes it. There's mold on the roof, the signboard was rusty saying, "Kjelg blacksmith store"

He entered the shop and saw that the surroundings were dusty, it is a combination of weapons and armors that were displayed and arranged well. Kael saw that these weapons and armors have no enchantments at all. He saw a man that is selling his goods is a st.u.r.dy, well-built person. Maybe it was because of his blacksmithing day and night. He has a mustache and he wears an ap.r.o.n he used when blacksmithing.

"What can I do for you sir?", his voice was not coming from an old man but a man of his prime.

"I want some custom made weapon and some other accessories like weights sir!", Kael replied

"If you want a custom made then it depends on the materials and the labor costs", the blacksmith replied

"Do you have a blueprint?", Kael asked

"Oh, I have! wait a minute sir!", he said then he hurriedly went to his crafting room.

He immediately went outside and he brought three blank blueprints.

"Here sir!", he said as he handed down the papers.

Kael draws from scratch his new weapon called "sword shield". It has a size of a shield but it has a bladed edge like a sword. Like any other swords, it has a handle used to slash but its handguard has a handle when used to shield or block the enemy's attacks.

"This will be the handle if you switch to defend and this one here if you switch to offense got it?", Kael explained the uses of his weapon.

"That is new to my sensation, I haven't seen one in my life!", the blacksmith said.

"By the way!", Kael then grabs another parchment of blueprint.

"This is the image of my weights, The heavy metal was located inside the leather and was secured not to fall-off by a strap. It has two sets, the arms, and the legs", he finished explaining and then handed down the blueprint to the blacksmith

"Okay that's easy! For the sword shield is twenty silvers and the weights are eight silvers", he said to him.

"The sword shield will be made of steel and the weights are made of steel also", Kael said to him.

"I will pay in advance, here's the twenty-eight silvers.", he said as he handed the silver coins to the blacksmith.

"And by the way, why do your weapons were not enchanted?", Kael asked curiously.

"Oh, that! You see–uh the Vulca.n.u.s family has great enchanters and we don't have one to enchant them. And besides, the fee for enchanting weapons and armors are quite huge! Imagining their effects can actually turn the tides of battle. You will need a great enchanter to do the task!", he blurted out.

Kael was in thought, if he could enchant all these weapons for fun.

"Hey. Can I ask?", he said to him.

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"What is it?", replied the blacksmith.

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