Lumia: Other World


16 Duel

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They walked outside of the streets while the street lamps illuminated the area. Mael is on his fighting stance and the crowd is cheering for his opponent. Francis! Francis! Francis!

The crowd cheered, then Francis smiled like a greedy person.

He raised his hands and then he said, "Silence!"

They became silent then he said, "If you want to step down from our duel and concede, then you can go away not being harmed, child! I will give you your last chance!", he blurted out

"Stop talking nonsense! Come at me if you want!", he said to Francis

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d child! You dare!", he said


Francis launched his attack.

"[b.a.s.t.a.r.d slash!]"

Francis launched his skill. Kael launched too but he ducks at the right time.

"[Gentle fist!]"

Kael copied Belmund's moves and strikes at his shoulders.

Francis stepped back a little but he's not hurt at all. Kael retreats a few steps and Francis smashed his sword to his direction.

"[Ground slam!]", Francis smashed.

The dirt blew all over the place and Francis can't see clearly. In the dust, he saw a mirage of a child so he strikes it. But in his dismay, all he slashed was thin air.

He then saw an upcoming punches from the dust from his left.

"[Hard fist]"

Three punches launched to his face and he was stunned. Kael then sweeps his feet and then Francis stumbled. He crawls to the ground and then he grabs his sword.

"How dare you!", Francis bellowed.

"[Might of perseverance!]", Francis initiated a skill.

This warrior buff skill will give him plus 10 on speed and strength for a ten second period.

"[Sword slam!]", he dashed towards Kael then Slammed his sword.

If you are hit, you will receive three times the damage of the sword and then stunned for a second.

Kael evades but he was struck by the dirt and stones.


He was struck in the shoulders and his left foot. He rolled over and Francis didn't even gave him time to breath. Francis again slammed his sword to him.

Kael made some distance and then gathered his force. With what the situation has transpired, he needs to be wise.

Francis again launched his attacks and swings again horizontally. Kael retreats to evade his strike and he dashed forwards.

He punched him on the face with a "hard fist", and then "gentle fist" on the stomach.


Francis let out a shriek as he felt his face.

"How dare you! don't underestimate me kid!", he shouted.

Kael gestures for him to attack while he hops three times.

Francis attacks but he felt that his buff was finished. He was moving slower this time and Kael has the upper hand.

He moved angrily and he swung his sword rapidly. Kael was dodging then he tackled his sword aiming for his sword to be disarmed.

Without a hint of hesitation, he jumped forward and then grabbed his sword and flicked it upwards.

Francis was shocked that his sword has flung towards the sky. Kael then launched his flurry of attacks.

Kael punched his face and then turns to execute a round house kick. His kick was blocked by Francis then he moved back.

"You really wanna die, huh? So be it!", he said as he began to fight back.

Francis launched his attacks and Kael deflects it with "[Gentle fists]". His mana release was slow, but it will take effect later on.

Kael dodged his punch then he punched him with "[Hard fist]" on his belly. Francis bellowed but Kael released "gentle fists" on the other side of his belly.

"What are you doing silly boy? do you think that will take me down? huh?", he said to Kael.

Kael estimated that he has great vitality and the effects of "[Gentle fist]" is minimal in his case.

"Well I'm gonna switch to aura instead", Kael said confidently.


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He punched him but, his hands is blocked by Francis. The fists was locked by Francis so Kael had no choice but to copy Belmund's [One-inch punch].

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