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13 Combat Aptitude

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Registering Form For AdventurersProfile

Name: Mael Kelvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Job-cla.s.s: Combatant

Status of Living: Villager

Character statistics(to be filled up by the examiner)





Character level:(can be seen after window card is obtained)

Status points: (can be seen after window card is obtained)

Private data(can be only seen after window card is obtained)




Job cla.s.s section(can only be seen after window card is obtained)

Job cla.s.s:_________

Job cla.s.s skills:_________

Skill points:_________


He filled up the profile, then left the character stats.

"Are you finished?", Kael asked Kelvin.

"Yeah!", he replied.

"We will pa.s.s this to the receptionist then!", Kael said.

They walked to the receptionist, then they handed the form to her.

"Hmm, okay good! Now proceed to the testing grounds. There's someone who will instruct you about your test. Bring these to them and your good to go!", she said as she handed out the form.

Kael and Kelvin both took it and then looked at each other.

"Let's go!", said Kelvin.

They went to the exit of the hall and there's a signage that says, "To the testing grounds, this way!"

They went outside then saw a separate building just for the testing grounds. It has a building and high walls; the building is for the knowledge apt.i.tude test and focus apt.i.tude test, and the open field that is surrounded by walls is for the combat apt.i.tude.

"Is that it?", they shouted.

"Let's go!", Kelvin said to him.

They ran towards the entrance and they saw many more aspiring adventurers that were gathering themselves. There was a middle-aged man that is standing in the center of the crowd that is waiting for something.

"Hey are we late?", Kael asked.

"No, maybe the proctor is still waiting for the applicants to be numerous so the instruction is said only once", Kelvin said.

"Oh is that it? might as well hurry up", Kael said.

They hurriedly ran to the crowds and the proctor starts to give instruction.

"Time's up! Okay, aspiring adventurers! listen up! I'm gonna give the instructions once, so better hear me out! The tests are taken separately and you will take the tests in private. There are only three persons allowed to enter the testing grounds; one to the focus apt.i.tude, one to the combat apt.i.tude, and one to the knowledge apt.i.tude. I will collect the forms and choose who will be entering. Okay hand me the forms", he said to them.

They handed the forms and then Kael and Kelvin go back to their positions.

The proctor then immediately called out their names.

"Igelbert Johnson, to the combat apt.i.tude test. Hermans Cain, to the focus apt.i.tude test. Drew Barrys, to the knowledge apt.i.tude test.", he said while giving them back the forms.

"Give that to the test coordinators before the tests start", he said to them and then continued his work.

Kelvin and Kael wait for their turn and then.

"Kael Melvin! to the combat apt.i.tude test. Mael Kelvin! to the focus apt.i.tude test", he announced.

"See you bud!", Kael said to Kelvin.

"See you later!", Kelvin said as they go separate ways.

They received the forms and went inside. They walked towards the gate and there were three doors. At the front is to the combat apt.i.tude test, on the left is the knowledge apt.i.tude test, and the right is the focus apt.i.tude test. Kael opened the door at the front and saw an open field that had a weapon rack beside it. There was a man that is standing in the middle of the grounds, then smiled.

Kael approached the proctor and the wind blew the dust on the ground. Kael walked nearer and nearer and saw that the proctor had an eyegla.s.s and he wears a grey formal suit with a neck-tie in his neck. He had gloves and black shoes. He fixed his spectacles, then introduced himself as Kael got closer.

"I'm Belmund, the Combat coordinator of the adventurers guild. Please hand me the form then I will tell you our test", he said.

Kael gave the from and Belmund received it. He then gave the instructions.

"The test is about dueling. I will observe your strength, vitality, and dexterity by these called 'window eyegla.s.s'. It will measure your stats and that depends on what your performance is!", he said to him.

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"Now choose any weapon you want to use and use your skills if you have one

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