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12 The Adventurer's Guild

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He met some adventurers on the way then they were attacked. He moved outside to kill the monsters then saved the adventurers. He laughed in his mind. He didn't expect to save them. He told them that he had plans on being an adventurer so they escorted him. The journey was calm and Kael slept on his couch to regain strength. By the time they were near to their destination, he was waked up by Emilda.

"Kael, wake up! You're gonna miss this once in a lifetime opportunity of your life", she said.

"Huh? We've arrived?", he said, while still half asleep.

"We're entering the city gate! hurry up look!", Emilda shouted while pointing at the city gate.

Kael squeezed his eyes and looked outside. There were many people walking on the pathways and carriages were lining up. From the distance, the gate was looming and had inscribed golden plated words saying, "The Glorious Kingdom of Dwight". It had a pillar made of jade and a gate that is opened wide.

"Whoa! It's so huge! Probably as high as a three-story building!", Kael said in amazement.

"See told you!", she said to him.

Kael was looking outside until the carriage stopped. He saw a checkpoint by the distance, then the carriage lined up also. The guards were inspecting each one and lets them pa.s.s after the checking.

Kael moved back inside and said, "Hey, are they gonna let me pa.s.s even if I'm a new visitor?"

"Well, calm yourself! Don't worry. We've got your back!", said Gandar.

"Adventurers can pa.s.s through the gate if you have an adventurer window card! Just let me do the talking. Adventurers-to-be will be allowed to enter the gate but they have to immediately go the adventurers guild so they will have an adventurer window card and they will be free to go anywhere they want!", Gandar said.

"Oh really? That's good news! I didn't know it's also an ID!", Kael said to him.

They talked until they are the ones who will be checked.

"Everyone, please go out from your carriages to be verified and checked. Please fall in line as you enter the gate.", the guard said to them.

They walked outside and they are questioned if they have window cards. While Kael was the last one to be inspected.

The guard had chainmail on his head and checked Kael's belongings. He saw a pair of daggers, chains, a backpack, and a potion belt.

"Your window card please", said the guard who checks their belongings.

"Um. I still don't have a window card, Sir", Kael said to the guard.

"Huh? Then what are you gonna do in the city? Perhaps, are you a spy from another kingdom?", he said.

"No, Sir", he immediately said.

"You have a weapon and a potion belt. But has no window card?", he questioned.

"I'm sorry, Sir! But he was with us! He wants to be an adventurer of the kingdom", Gandar said, then he smiled.

"Oh! I'm sorry! Why didn't you said so earlier!", the guard said as he chuckled.

"My friend said that he will do the talking. So I didn't say anything", Kael said as he folds his hands.

"Ahahaha! Sorry about that! Well, everything's settled. So can we go now?", Gandar said to him.

"Of course! Of course! Well good luck on being an adventurer!", he said then he let them pa.s.sed.

Kael smiled and then he waved goodbye to the guards. They walked and immediately saw many people that were busy with their own lives: some are running to and fro, some are busy selling their goods, and some are just loitering around, hitting on beautiful ladies to find a girlfriend.

"Whoa, it's been a long time since I've seen this many people! As expected of a capital city!", Kael said.

Everyone chuckled, then Glan asked.

"Kael, mind you if I ask something?", he said.

"Yeah, sure! What is it?", Kael replied.

"What exactly are you? Are you a fighter? based on your movements, you've punched the wolf with just your hands and it was blown by the force. So tell me, are you a trained fighter?", he said to Kael.

"Actually, I have our own training and I have no job cla.s.s yet. It's just a technique! No skill! No mana involved!", he said proudly.

"What? It must be a joke, right? How can a mere normal person punch like that! And mind you, it's not even a skill! how much more if it becomes a skill?", Gandar almost shouted.

"Shush! your voice! don't shout it, you idiot!", Kael said to him in a low voice.

"Okay! Okay! But if you will become an adventurer, you must at least answer the question about your job cla.s.s", he said but he paused.

"Aha! I know exactly what is your cla.s.s! A combatant! Well you see, a combatant is a job cla.s.s that only relies on their weapon mastery and has no skills. They are the weakest job cla.s.s and they are mostly a kingdom infantry or soldier. Knowing this, it will be hard to find a party to join and all but don't worry, we will always welcome you if you're not accepted by any party", Gandar said as he pats his shoulders.

"It's okay, I like to be alone by the way. Oh, I almost forgot, what are the tests that you're gonna take?", Mael asked.

"Well, it's a combat apt.i.tude, focus apt.i.tude, and knowledge apt.i.tude. The combat apt.i.tude is the test where your combat strength is measured, specifically your strength, dexterity, and vitality. The focus apt.i.tude is your focus, while knowledge apt.i.tude is your non-combat skills like alchemy, enchanting, and monsters facts, etc.", Gandar explained.

"Thanks for your guidance!", Kael said as he bowed down.

"Your welcome! Oh, by the way! Were here!", Gandar said.

They saw the guild banner and the building was huge. It was well decorated and it's design was explicitly planned by the best architects. It's design was similar to a small castle that was painted with grey and brown.

"The Adventurers Guild! My dream place!", Kael shouted.

"We will be guiding you to the registering desk so don't worry", said Emilda.

"Now let's go!", shouted Grandar.

They entered the hall and there were many adventurers already inside. Some were picking their quests on the mission bulletin board. Some were receiving their rewards. some were registering.

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While they walked to the registering desk, they saw a kid almost the same age as him that conversing with the receptionist.

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