Lumia: Other World


11 Adventurers!

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"Is it because of my face?" he asked himself. While he is sitting there, the mood is overbearing and he almost wants to get out. "Maybe I'm just not used to it, I will find courage as the time goes by", he said, while rea.s.suring himself.

The road was b.u.mpy and he managed to get used to their gazes and he felt lighter. He unloaded his backpack and he stretched his back.

"Um, can I ask you where will you go?", he said to the one who has a sword.

"To the capital! we will head to the adventurers and report our accomplished quest. And you? where will you go?", he asked

"I'm going to the capital too! and I want to become an adventurer like you guys! Can you guide me to your headquarters?", Mael said

"Haha! you? become an adventurer? you're still at the same age as my child!", he bellowed

"Oh sorry! but I'm left with no choice but to be an adventurer because of poverty, I live to sustain the table we are eating and my mother is sickly", he said as he acts like starting to cry

The big guy felt irritated then grabbed his clothes, he shouted to Mael saying,

"Then don't be an adventurer if you want to live and still see your mother! You didn't know the feeling of watching your friends die eh!? The feeling of death while you're scared witless?", he said

"Yeah, I know it all! the feeling of your precious ones being attacked by a monster and you tried to save them but you're too late? Seeing everyone being killed? Yeah, I know it all! So keep your hands away from my clothes if you don't want it to be broken", Mael said to him

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!", he shouted and tries to punch him

"Gandar quit it! leave the child alone!", the girl beside him shouted to intervene

Gandar removed his hands and then said, "You're a lucky child! if not for her, I will surely teach you your place! Adventurers are not for kids like you, better keep that advice", he said as he grits his teeth in anger

The girl approached him and then fixed his clothes while cleaning the dust.

"Are you okay? are you hurt?", she asked

"Emilda you're overreacting again, It's just normal intimidation like a test for the child if his resolve is strong to be an adventurer", the man who grabbed him said

"Well, at least tell me beforehand! but what you've done is still unforgivable, so say sorry!", she said to him

"No! an adventurer needs to be tested first and its a must!", he said as he folds his hands

"Sigh, you're beyond help! well at least let's get acquainted first! I'm Emilda! A mage!", she said to Mael

"Yo! I'm Glan, a priest!", the guy with robes and staff said as he raised his hands

"I'm Gandar! the warrior of the team", the guy who grabbed him said with a bold voice

The guy with a leather armor grabbed his dagger then said, "I'm Fuwn, a rouge"

"I'm Kael! nice to meet you all! When I become an adventurer, you will be my seniors, please guide me thoroughly!", he said then bowed

"Your name is unique! Welcome to the party Kael! we will be glad to guide you!", Emilda said cheerfully

"Thank you for all your support!", he said to them

While he is happily making friends, the carriage went to stop.


"Ouch! hey driver! what's your problem!", Gandar shouted

"I'm sorry sirs, but we have a problem. There are giant wolves that are blocking the way! are you adventurers? I ask you to please defeat them if you can!", he pleaded to them

The adventurers all came outside the carriage and saw four giant wolves in the way. One is six feet tall and the other three are five feet tall.

"They are monsters that range to C+ rank monsters. Men battle formations!", Gandar commands them

They immediately formed themselves; the Warrior is in the front, the rouge is with the priest and the mage is in the back. Based on their actions, their leader is Gandar. No wonder he acts like a big shot in their team. Mael is just in the sidelines and is totally ignored by them.

"Mage! go ranged spells first! rouge, attack anything who wants to go to our mage and priest. Priest, you know what to do! I will defend the front line", he said

Immediately, Emilda fired a ranged spell to one of the giant wolves.


A ball of fire blazed the giant wolf's furs, the other two attacked in the front. Mael instantly moved to protect the priest, together with the rouge.

"What are you doing here!? go back in the carriage", Glan said as he was surprised that Kael is just beside him

"I can manage", Kael said to him briefly

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The two wolves attacked the warrior, he prepared his b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword then used a skill.

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