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10 Farewell

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Mael was surprised when he heard a new revelation. "So do you want to change your appearance?", Vanz said to Mael.

Mael grinned as he heard his amazing offer.

"Yes of course! With that at hand, I will change my current plans, so how?", he asked to sir Vanz.

"It's just easy as using a skill! But first, we need the consent of Lady Erza. She might wanna know your face first before saying goodbye", he said to him.

Mael touched his chin and was thinking.

"It would be great if I change my name for that time being when I become an adventurer.", he said then concluded.

"I will use father's last name as my first name", he said.

"Well, it's concluded then. I better prepare, for tomorrow's gonna be the day.", he said to Vanz.

"Say your farewells to your mother by the meantime. You will not see them for a long time if you still have a long journey to travel by yourself", he said to Mael.

"And by the way, do you know to identify a stone?", he asked to Vanz.

"What stone?", Vanz asked.

"This one", he said as he showed it to him.

"Oh my goodness! This is a revival stone! It can revive and a person that has just pa.s.sed on death's door! But it will not heal any wounds so better use a health potion by that time.", he said to Mael.

"Okay! Thanks! I didn't know you're skilled at many things! I might increase your salary", Mael said to Vanz.

"Oh, no. No! It's part of my service", he said.

"By the way, why did you left the king's side when you have a high salary and status?", he said as he sipped the tea in the table.

"Well as you can see", he said as he turned serious.

"I'm an a.s.sistant to the king in the past decades and I'm investigating the slave trade in the kingdom. I'm on an undercover mission and will infiltrate their hideout. But when I'm almost near to accomplish the mission. I've found the files of their persons involved and their activities. When I'm about to exit the hideout, they are all waiting for me at the outside! I was able to escape. Sadly, I didn't hand it out to the king and fled to Golden Valley. We've been chased for days by the lord's forces, then found an inn and settled there. I've been hiding for days, but this is what happened.", he said everything and then handed out the files.

Mael received it and then puts it on his lap and reads it.

"Oh my! These are all part of the illegal slave trade?", he gasped.

"Yes, I'm sorry for causing you trouble", he said to him.

"That's fine. Anyone who touches Golden Valley will not be forgiven", he a.s.sured him.

"What is your plan? Are you returning these to the king?", Mael asked.

"I suppose you're the right person to return it to the king. The problem is how?", Mael pondered.

"Well, let's discuss it on another time, shall we?", Mael said as he yawns.

"Let's sleep for tonight." He turned to the butler. "Maledic, please guide our guests to their rooms", he said to his guests.

Mael and his guests go to their rooms and then he falls asleep. With the tiring night that has been engraved in his mind, he will never forget what happened in the Golden Valley.

He waked up in the morning. He was wide awake. But his eyes were blurry, looking at the ceiling of his room.

"It was morning already? It felt like only a minute! Well considering my fatigue last night then I will surely be tired", he said to himself.

Mael washed in the bathtub and then he packed his clothes and equipment for his journey.

"Oh, I can't wait to become an adventurer! I will travel the whole continent of Lumia and close the gates and become the highest rank! I wonder what would it be like to be the highest rank then.", wondered Mael while he brings his backpack with him.

Mael closed the door and walks to the living room. There he saw Sir Vanz already waiting for him on the couch.

"Morning! Already packed? Quite excited are you?", greeted Sir Vanz to him.

"Yes, of course! Where's mom?", he said.

"She's still in her room", Vanz replied.

When they are talking, Erza appeared like a ghost wearing a gorgeous gown together with Sir Maledic.

"Here I am! You've waited for so long? Well, I can't be wearing a normal dress on a special day!", she said then made a flying kiss to Mael.

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Mael pouted but then smiled bitterly.

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