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1 Wake Up

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"Where am I?" Mael Kael said as he sleeps in his bed. In his previous life, he is a trained killer of the police, trained to high profiled criminals and big syndicates. After destroying all syndicates, he then retired and will make a family with his girlfriend Jane. They are happily wed and on their honeymoon, they slept but then he realized that he can't move after several minutes. He was killed in his sleep by his own wife.

"Wake up darling"

A sweet kind voice permeated his ear and then Mael opened his eyes. He saw two people that was holding his little hands in a very kind way.

"Maybe it is mother and father", Mael said as he slept again.

He was a boy born from the family of Erza Kael and Lord Melvin Kael. They lived in the Manor of Golden Valley. They have land given by the king and a mansion, vast lands, an estate, and a town to rule. The World he lived in was the World of Lumia inhabited by variety of creatures such as vicious monsters, humans, demi-humans, and beast mans.

"Mama! Papa!", Mael shouted to them when he is one year old.

"My child can talk!", Melvin said to Erza.

"He is a genius!", Erza said to him.

Time pa.s.sed by, he was now already a four-year-old boy by this world's time. He was taught by his mother Erza to read and write and well, he was a fast learner when he was still a trainee Well, of course, he learned to read and write in a terrifyingly fast degree. With all that concluded at the age of five, he was reading books about history, and random stuff like heroic stories of olds, monsters bibliography, kingdoms and races, and as well as the prophecy books. With all he learned, he is still running out of books to read.

Mael approached his mom that was still sewing his dress, he grabbed the tip of her skirt and then pouted.

"Mom, I'm running out of books to read. I'm gonna die of boredom with this", he said.

"What? Did you finished them all?", she said, while shocked.

"Okay, there were still books that you have to read. Let's go to the library", she said to him.

Mael and Erza walked to the library located beneath their house. It was a mini library that had a bookshelf. There's a secret mechanism to open the underground library. Erza illuminated the room using the lights of lanterns. The books were filed on the bookshelves and there were many books that he haven't read yet.

She grabbed the books one by one and she piled them on her son's hands.

"The herbalist book—Oh here! Survival book. This one's important! Basic magic, basic enchanting, and this one's advanced! Alchemist book, crafting!, of different races and their specialties", she said then Mael walked like a drunk, trying to balance all the books piled on his arms.

After reading the kingdoms and races, as well as their job and specialties, he discovered everything about them.

There were three factions of Lumians, first were the Humans which had three kingdoms: Farmas the Barbarian empire of barbarians, Dwight the Royal Kingdom of royals, and Skuld—the Death kingdom of necromancers and witches. Second were the demi-humans: the kingdom of Elves Riverdell, Dwarf kingdom Dwarven, and Hobbit kingdom Clockwerk. Last were the Beast-man faction: The Lycans called Fang kingdom, the Vampires called Blood kingdom, and Druids called the Grizzly Kingdom.

Humans had three kingdoms and the Barbarians were the pinnacle of humanity's warriors. They were known to be taller than most humans and had a body build of bulging muscles. Their cla.s.s were barbarians and they were specialized on all melee weapons. The Dwights were the ones who have many job that was collected from many lineages and families. But they were inferior when it comes to resilience compared to barbarians. The Skulds were the united forces of witches and necromancers. They were once divided. But after the king of necromancers and the queen of witches had an affair, they wed. Thus, united their forces and established a kingdom.

Next, were the demi humans: first were the Dwarves, they were the masters of crafts when it comes to blacksmithing weapons and armors. They were the most armed when it comes to their army. Second, were the elves. They have three clans specifically the high elves, whom were magicians; the night elves, which were rouges; and the wood elves, whom were rangers. Lastly, the hobbits, whom were called the mechanics due to their inventions of automatons that were powered by mana crystal. They had an army of automatons as well as battle suits that they were equipping when they go to battle.

The last faction were the Beast-men: the first one is the vampires, called blood warriors; and the other was of the ancient clans of beast-men that can transform to bat-like beast named as draculas. Next, were the Lycans. Transforming to werewolves and possessing the ability to summon wolves that would attack for them. Last were the Druids. They had druid shamans and warriors that can transform to werebears.

His mother even gave him books about job tutored in the academy of the Dwight Kingdom and their army. As you can see; in the job, the role of the combatant person that was used specifically for combat. For instance: the swordsman, ranger, knight, paladin, warrior, rogue, mage, priest, and fighter. He found out that he was capable of mastering it all, but the problem is the time to master it all. These kinds of job were only taught in the academy and the only things you can learn outside the academy were techniques. Yes. It was not a job cla.s.s-dependent, but a matter of physical combat using only techniques of fighting: weapon techniques and unarmed techniques. It was not skill-based, because skills consumes mana and it is only a basic attack only using physical strength. Well, it was the time to ask for his father about his newfound info about techniques.

Gathering info was a success.

He approached his father and asked him kindly. As a previous of criminals, it was important to know the info first before making the plan to attack. He learned it through his mistakes. He was making his greatest act and that is to make a dramatic scene for his plan to work. Because acting was one of his skills from his previous life.

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"Dad, may I ask you something?", he inquired as he approached him.

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