Divine Emperor of Death


Chapter 1638 - Improvement?

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Chapter 1638 - Improvement?

When Davis walked out of the Treasury along with Threelotus and Yotan accompanying him out, he saw the Stargaze Soul Radiance Tree on one of the garden yards. The fruits of this tree had already grown to their middle stages but have yet to reach the final stages and mature. He purposefully let it be like that since he didn't want people to know that he could quickly grow them as long as he had enough energy. Besides, his main body was immersed in increasing Soul Forging Cultivation, so he felt that he could wait.

However, since he reached the Peak-Level King Soul Stage, he was of the opinion that he should use these fruits to increase his lagging comprehension of heaven and earth through resonating his soul with which was collecting called the mysteries of the soul. But he also felt that it wasn't too late but even beneficial for him to comprehend these mysteries after breaking through to the Emperor Soul Stage.

He pa.s.sed the Stargaze Soul Radiance Tree and entered the other garden yards leading to the outside.

This time, he recognized more trees, ingredients that he was unable to identify when he first arrived, like the Law Tree Fruit and its tree that looked small but was able to bear similar amounts of fruits when compared to the Stargaze Soul Radiance Tree.

Davis knew that these fruits helped one comprehend their laws, therefore, stimulating them to have a smooth breakthrough into the Law Rune Stage as long as one's comprehension one was at the bottleneck or near to it.

He cleared the Law Tree of its fruits with a s.n.a.t.c.h of his hand and stored them into his spatial ring. Although the Law Tree unleashed a furious intent at him, it didn't do anything in the end, appearing saddened as its branches drooped.

Davis became speechless at it before he raised his hands, giving it some life energy, which caused the Law Tree to quickly sprout its fruits again in a few minutes before it released a cheerful intent towards him, appearing very friendly.

On the other hand, Davis probably felt that he could probably befriend any tree with his life energy as long as he didn't do something that it would consider him to be its enemy. Nevertheless, he felt that as long as both parties were satisfied, there was nothing wrong with doing these kinds of things but of course, he recognized that he should ask before taking the fruits next time.

Davis had his qualms about what's right and wrong, and with every new matter that he learned, like trees having living spirits that possessed emotions as the same as humans, his perception towards them and how he treated them also changed.

Behind him, Threelotus appeared mesmerized and dumbfounded. The initial look of fear she had was nowhere to be seen because, after all these days, she hadn't been touched, making her remain comfortable to follow him around. As for Yotan, she too followed beside him and left once in a while, leaving to check if Soul Emperor Elusivemist was doing anything suspicious.

To Soul Emperor Elusivemist, it seemed that she was one of Emperor of Death's women and that caused him to be on guard against her, not showing many expressions towards her while not taking many initiatives to converse or threaten her as he did before.

To her surprise, her lifestyle didn't change much even though she was enslaved. It made her look past her prejudice, especially when she witnessed this phenomenon of using life energy.

How can the Emperor of Death be using life energy? It didn't make sense, so it invoked her curiosity to greater heights. If it weren't for the dark soul seal that radiated an ominous aura inside her soul sea, she really would've mistaken Davis, the Emperor of Death, for someone else.

"Threelotus and Yotan. Take care of the Treasury for me."


They echoed together with their melodious voices and watched Davis leave. Once he left, Threelotus turned to look at the Law Tree with her mouth agape behind the veil before she couldn't help but gossip.

"Yotan, what could his eminence's true ident.i.ty be?

"Don't..." Yotan warned with her brows raised.

The moment she knew of Davis's ident.i.ty, she approached the gate of life and death, making her feel that it wasn't a joking or a gossiping matter.

However, Threelotus grinned behind her veil as she giggled.

"Hehe, are you afraid that I might be called sooner than you?"

Yotan's expression twitched.

"You don't know what you're talking about..."

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Threelotus's lips twitched before she suddenly snapped.

The Burning Phoenix Ridge Territory was just to the north of Soul Palace, making it not even make him take five minutes to arrive with his current speed.

After all, his current cultivation is at Peak-Level King Soul Stage, and with his prowess that crossed four or five levels, that directly brought him to the peak of High-Level Emperor Soul Stage. Perhaps, he could even struggle against Peak-Level Emperor Soul Stage Powerhouses, but he also wondered if such existences were present in this Territory since he already killed two of them, Soul Empress Merlight and Soul Emperor Zealwonder with Fallen Heaven.

Nevertheless, Davis didn't think that his ability in Death Laws would seem a bit more exceptional as he looked at his concealment. Even as he entered the Burning Phoenix's Gate, no one was able to find him.

Perhaps because he experienced death, Davis felt his own comprehension of Death Laws had grown. Otherwise, it didn't make sense for his Solitary Soul Avatar's concealment to be this powerful even if his prowess is at High-Level Emperor Soul Stage.

'Perhaps I'm just moderately away from reaching Nadia's prowess in Death Laws...'

Suddenly, a thought made his mind wander.

If he obtained Nadia's primal yin, would it increase his comprehension of Death Laws?

Davis couldn't help but momentarily shudder at that thought before he shook his head. First of all, he didn't even know if humans could absorb the primal yin of magical beasts. Both were of different races, so he wouldn't know unless he tried or learned about it from Soul Palace's Library that was still unexplored as he just learned about Alchemy and not the others.


He wanted Nadia to feel special since he couldn't give her marriage at the moment, while it also seemed that Nadia didn't wish for it as her magical beast clan didn't have the concept of marriage. Besides, he felt that he must first do something about her mentality that still resides on perceiving him as her master. He didn't want that but instead wanted her to see him as her man.

As he was thinking, he arrived at the Ancestral Hall of the Burning Phoenix Ridge and met with Ancestor Cornelia, who spotted his concealment with some difficulty.

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