A World Worth Protecting

Er Gen - 耳根

Chapter 768 - Fairy Ling You!

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Chapter 768: Fairy Ling You!

Time pa.s.sed slowly as Duo Youzi became resigned to his fate. The Divine Sovereign Justice Sect hadn’t made any arrangements for accommodations for them. That was why most of those who had arrived early simply remained in their seats and meditated while they waited. Duo Youzi went around catching up with fellow cultivators he was friends with. He even found some other place to meditate instead of returning to his seat…

w.a.n.g Baole was extremely bored. He didn’t even think of making a trip to the cave abode of the female cultivator he had spoken to earlier. Fortunately, there appeared to be an endless supply of spirit fruits in the venue. During the two days that he had been sitting there, w.a.n.g Baole had eaten thousands of spirit fruits. He was becoming infamous in the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect’s kitchen.

The Divine Sovereign Justice Sect… had never come across someone who had such an insatiable appet.i.te!

The more he ate, the less the disciples in the kitchen could steal from the supplies. These disciples had long viewed the general a.s.sembly as a time for them to get rich from stealing from the kitchen, so their hearts were aching with loss.

That was why the disciples in the kitchen released a sigh of relief when all attendees of the general a.s.sembly finally arrived, and the general a.s.sembly could finally formally commence. Otherwise, based on their calculations, their supplies would run out sooner or later.

Duo Youzi, on the other hand, had no choice but to return to his seat. He secretly sighed as he sat down next to w.a.n.g Baole. w.a.n.g Baole observed Duo Youzi with a smile on his face. He didn’t try and make things difficult for Duo Youzi. Instead, he began studying the only person sitting on the second level of the altar at the moment—the elder in black robes.

He was the only person sitting cross-legged on the altar. He might have tried to contain his Spirit Immortal realm cultivation, but there was still overwhelming power surging from him. It was like being in the presence of a volcano that was about to erupt, and it drove the entire hall into a deathly silence.

He’s at the perfected Spirit Immortal realm! w.a.n.g Baole reeled back in shock. Only someone at the Planet realm or the perfected Spirit Immortal realm could overpower the entire crowd of cultivators here based on their cultivation alone. Since he wasn’t at the Planet realm, he must then be at the perfected Spirit Immortal realm.

Based on that, it wasn’t hard to guess the elder’s ident.i.ty!

“Duo Youzi, this is my first time here. Tell me who that is.” w.a.n.g Baole glanced at Duo Youzi, who was sitting all prim and proper in his seat, before sending a voice transmission to the latter.

Duo Youzi’s face appeared to twitch slightly. Then, after a long moment of silence, he replied to w.a.n.g Baole’s voice transmission with his own shorter one.

“That’s the commander of the Green Kraken Legion, the first army of the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect, Daoist Gu Mo!”

w.a.n.g Baole studied the elder for a few moments and committed his face to memory. It was then that Daoist Gu Mo, commander of the Green Kraken Legion, opened his eyes. A rush of fierce wind appeared to sweep across the room with the mere opening of his eyes, and a silent explosion erupted in the minds of everyone present.

“The general a.s.sembly shall now commence!” The hall was silent for a short while after the announcement was made. Then, people started speaking one after another, following some form of order. There were simply too many of them, though. When the first thousand speakers had finished speaking, six days had pa.s.sed.

In those six days, of the thousand who had spoken, some had voiced grievances, some had submitted appeals, while some had made complaints. Daoist Gu Mo had a.s.sessed every one of them, invalidating or validating them, one after another.

w.a.n.g Baole had listened along with relish at the beginning before gradually growing bored and annoyed. The disciple who was responsible for supplying him with spirit fruits had stood nervously behind w.a.n.g Baole as the latter had begun eating again.

w.a.n.g Baole had eaten more than two thousand spirit fruits over the course of six days. It was then that the commander of the second army took Daoist Gu Mo’s place and continued chairing the general a.s.sembly. Everything remained the same. w.a.n.g Baole couldn’t muster any effort into being interested in the proceedings, so he continued snacking on fruits instead.

Next came the commander of the third army, then the fourth, as well as the commanders of the fifth to ninth armies who took their seats on the third level of the altar. They continued to chair the a.s.sembly in turn. When they were all done, more than twenty days had pa.s.sed. During this period, w.a.n.g Baole had eaten almost thirty thousand spirit fruits. He had also witnessed the power that the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect held. All commanders of the first six armies were at the Spirit Immortal realm!

Starting from the seventh army, the commanders were at the False Immortal realm. Just as the disciples from the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect’s kitchen were about to go mad from the rapid depletion of their kitchen supplies, the commander of the tenth army finally made her appearance!

She was the only female commander to helm one of the ten most powerful armies in the sect. Beneath her black armor was a curvaceous figure and a face with unsurpa.s.sed beauty. The commander exuded an icy aura and was like a tornado, a force of nature that pulled the attention of all men towards her.

Her presence was incomparable to the auras that the Spirit Immortal realm commanders had exuded upon their arrival, but it clearly overpowered the other False Immortal realm commanders. All eyes lit up at the sight of her beauty. Of course, while a few began contemplating sinful thoughts, no one dared to leer openly at the female cultivator.

“Youzi, tell me who that is!” w.a.n.g Baole’s eyes narrowed immediately. This was the Spirit Immortal realm cultivator that he had caught a glimpse of when he had been standing outside the venue. Her arrival sparked questions in his head. Based on her current level of cultivation, it didn’t seem likely that the army that she was commanding could be ranked in the sect’s top ten armies. That was why w.a.n.g Baole had sent a voice transmission to Duo Youzi.

Duo Youzi fell into another bout of silence. He disliked the nickname that w.a.n.g Baole had conjured for him around ten days ago very much. There wasn’t much he could do about that, though, so he answered w.a.n.g Baole’s question obediently.

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“She’s the commander of the Ice Phoenix Legion, the tenth army of the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect… Her name is Fairy Ling You. She just attained the Spirit Immortal realm and made her way here without taking the military trial. If not, in terms of ranking, she should at least be cla.s.sified as the commander of the seventh army. That’s an extremely high position in the sect!”

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