Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 9 - Poison Dragon Awakening

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Chapter 9: Poison Dragon Awakening

Actually, Chen Rui’s ideal line was:

You came.

I came.

You shouldn’t have come.

But I still came.

You’ll die if you come.

Everyone will die eventually.


After a period of heart-rending silence, the two men who cherish each other became the confidant among the enemies, the enemy among the confidants…

Then there was a dispute between confidante and confidant again…

Unfortunately, a poison dragon is a poison dragon; an ancient is an ancient dragon.

Chen Rui’s heart was racing and tried to befriend, “Master Poison Dragon must have been awake for a while. No wonder Athena said that the prey around is a lot lesser.”

Didn’t they say that the poison dragon had been sleeping for thousands of years and was sealed by the strongest man in the Demon Realm with the ? How did it wake up so quickly? And why did he encounter such a thing!

The poison dragon finished all the barbecue meat instantly and waved the empty iron rods. He asked, “You’re a human right? That’s strange. You’re actually here in the Demon Realm. This barbecue is so much tastier than the demons the past few days. Is there more?”

The poison dragon casually revealed the ending of the scouts sent by General Alan. Chen Rui could feel the chills down his spine and tried to suppress the fear. He replied: “No. If Master Poison Dragon wants to eat, go hunt some prey. I can help you to barbecue again.”

“Aren’t there some ready-made? But tri-horned rhino doesn’t taste good.” The man pointed at the tri-horned rhinos that were already fainted instantly, then he glanced at the three female demons. “Actually, these are also OK. As for you, as long as you serve Master Paglio, focus on barbecuing for me, then you might still keep your life.”

A weak voice came, “No!”

The voice was actually from Athena. The violent girl was really worthy of the best swordswoman in New Moon City. As she sensed the danger approaching, she actually resisted the lethargy toxic and woke up. Her appearance also changed. Her brown skin turned pale red; two curved horns appeared on her head; crimson pupil; looked exactly like the demon form that destroyed the burr puzzle. Her body was also covered with burning flames, yet it looked dim. She could only support her body with the greatsword.

“Chen Rui, quickly flee with Alice! I will block him!” Athena clenched her teeth and shouted. Her breath was faster and the flames got brighter.

“Overconfident, dumb woman! Even if you burn out your vigor, you won’t be able to resist the power of the Master Paglio.” The poison dragon snapped with disdain and the demonic swordswoman’s greatsword started corroding fast at a speed that was visible to the naked eyes. Shortly after, the rusted greatsword became smaller and smaller until it could no longer support Athena’s weight, then “Ka!” and the sword shattered.

Athena, whose strength was simultaneously corroded by the poison fell to the ground. Her demon form and the flame of life gradually disappeared and returned to human form. If it wasn’t for the poison dragon wanted to keep her as food, she would have become a pile of white bones.

“See? Human, you only have two paths, obey or die!” Paglio sneered. “Now Master Paglio will start by eating the little girl. Do it now!”

Chen Rui finally made a decision in his heart and he firmly shook his head, “Impossible!”

If Alice really died here, Princess Royal, s.h.i.+a would definitely devote all her power to revenge. At that time, the poison dragon would just leave and he would be blamed. Also, he could not bear to watch the little loli and the others be eaten by the ferocious poison dragon.

Since I’ll still die for trembling and hiding at the corner, I’ll risk it all. Maybe there’s a chance of surviving. Anyway, since the d.a.m.n crossing, I have been risking it all!

Athena looked at Chen Rui in surprise. He didn’t expect the greedy and fearful human described by Alice could be so brave facing the scary poison dragon. Based on just this point, he was much better than Alan!

“You weak human dares to refuse Master Paglio’s kindness!” The poison dragon’s eyes were giving off a murderous vibe. The iron rod in his hand suddenly corroded and disappeared into a cloud of green smoke. “I’ll eat you first, then your women!”

“Wait!” Chen Rui didn’t have time to explain his relations.h.i.+ps with Alice and the girls. At the moment of life and death, he calmed down. “Aren’t you a poison dragon? Let’s make a bet! If you can defeat me with poison, I will surrender. If you can’t, you have to let us go.”

“Bet?” Paglio squinted and looked at Chen Rui. Chen Rui could feel that the Super System booting progress which was initially stopped gradually began to rise slowly again, 82.6%, 83.1%…

“Hmph! Your little lives are still in my hands. I’m not going to play such a boring bet.” This poison dragon was cunning, releasing poison while talking. After confirming it was useless, he then rejected Chen Rui’s proposal. “For a powerless being like you, I could kill you with a single finger.”

Chen Rui secretly cursed the cunningness and immediately s.h.i.+fted the subject. He pointed at Alice who was lying behind Athena and said, “This little girl is the little princess of the Fallen Angel Empire, Alice. Lucifer. If you dare to hurt her, you will face the wrath of the entire Fallen Angel Empire.”

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“The Lucifer Family; Fallen Angel Empire?” Paglio sneered coldly. “What about that? Don’t underestimate my power. Even if Sakya. Lucifer is still alive, he can only tie with me!”

Chen Rui saw Paglio became emotionally unstable, he sneakily gestured Athena. Athena realized and slowly approached Alice. She wanted to take the opportunity to escape.

“Hmph!” Paglio discovered her intention, then he released a threatening aura. Chen Rui at a far distance had cold feet. He couldn’t stand the terrible pressure and even fell down on the ground. Thanks to those symbols acting up, the aura immediately disappeared.

“Since you discovered the secret of Master Paglio, you still think of leaving? You must die today!”

Chen Rui could tell that the “ancient runes” was heavily suppressing Paglio’s power. He had a strategy and said, “Both Princess Royal and General Alan know that we’re coming to the blue lake today. If you kill us and make things worse, you wouldn’t have a good ending. Why don’t we make a deal? You’ll let us go and we can try to help you break the seal.”

Paglio was stunned and asked, “What can you do to break the ancient runes’ seal?”

Due to his ignorance of the ancient runes, Chen Rui did not dare to trick with Master Wukong. He thought and said, “Alice is the little princess of the Fallen Angel Empire, we can look for someone who is skilled in ancient runes and to help you.”

“By then I’m afraid the ones who come are the so-called dragon warriors right!?” Paglio sneered. “ is nothing. The ancient rune is the actual seal, and it is almost lost two thousand years ago. Besides, this seal was set by “that woman”. Except for the overbearing woman, I’m afraid no one can break the seal in the entire Demon Realm.”

Chen Rui wasn’t a fool. He already confirmed that this poison dragon did not want to eat people anymore, but he wanted to use him to break the seal. Otherwise, he would have attacked with his claws. Chen Rui was getting more confident.

“Well, then we’ll look for the overbearing “woman”. That should be enough right!”

Paglio examined Chen Rui for a while making Chen Rui extremely nervous. Paglio finally said, “Are you sure you’ll help me?”

After receiving a firm response from Chen Rui, Paglio said in a serious manner, “To prevent you from deceiving me, we must establish a master-servant contract.”

The contract in this world was a unique spiritual rule that required two voluntary parties. The party who violated would be subjected to considerable backfire and punishments. The punishment of the master-servant contract was very strict. If the servant betrayed, he or she would die immediately.

Chen Rui hesitated. He then looked firmly at Paglio and shook his head, “It’s fine, rescuing others is the inherent quality of a man. I will not use kindness to bind your wings of freedom, nor I require you to return the favor!”

Paglio only understood the meaning at the end. He couldn’t help but have the feeling to bite someone. He roared, “I am the master! You are the slave! d.a.m.n guy, this is not kindness, is a deal! ”

There must be mutual interests to have a deal. Chen Rui smiled calmly, “Since it is a deal, then we should both be sincere and discuss on the terms.”

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