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Chapter 864: The Fallen One

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Chapter 864: The Fallen One

The b.l.o.o.d.y battle between the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire’s Lord Raizen and the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire’s First General Gustav (Bridget) was unexpected. Especially when Gustav died in the battle, almost all audiences were shocked.

The projection of the central live broadcast had long since disappeared. Only when Gustav’s name disappeared on the screen of the group list and the information displayed that Raizen entered the top 32 that people recovered their senses. Although they did not understand the specific reasons, the facts were evident. Raizen really killed his first general! In the subsequent elimination matches, although there had been many fierce battles, none were as shocking as this battle.

After the 1st round of the quarterfinals, the list of the top 32 came out. As expected, 8 seeded players including Raizen, Chen Rui, Zola, Catherine and Lalaria advanced smoothly.

The battle among the top 32 was even more intense than the 1st round, and the winners would advance to the top 16. Chen Rui, who got an empty number in the first round, met Demon Overlord Sharna, a veteran of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire. Sharna had witnessed the battle between Chen Rui and Raizen when she was at the Warlock Fortress, so she knew that the opponent’s strength was superior to him. After using her trump card against Chen Rui, he was still unable to shake Chen Rui. Sharna was surprised to find that ‘Aguile’ seemed to be far stronger than 2 years ago. Knowing that this was an unmatched opponent for her, she gladly admitted defeat without hesitation.

Due to the huge disparity in strength, Raizen, Zola, and the others quickly ended the battle. Those groups of equal strength were fighting hard again and again. There were even situations of both sides losing.

Of the last 4 matches of the top 16 who advanced, 2 matches in the upper bracket caught Chen Rui’s attention.

One was Ms. Black Dragon Olypheus against the mustached flat-chested loli, Lalaria. The other was Shea’s loyalist Sarandi of the Fallen Angel Empire against the mysterious ‘The Fallen One’.

In the center of the arena, the live 3D projection was broadcasting the battle between Ms. Black Dragon and the mustached flat-chested loli. To be precise, this was an internal strife between the 2 daughters of a certain Dragon Emperor Father.

After all, Ms. Black Dragon still suffered a disadvantage in terms of grouping after the ranking in the screening round. Otherwise, she would not encounter a seeded player so quickly. However, what was surprising was that the 2 black dragon girls just said a few words, and the battle was over.

“Ms. Olypheus…” The flat-chested loli sighed.

Ms. Black Dragon rolled her eyes, “Dad said that you are also his daughter. In fact, I should call you sister… But I already have a sister, so you call me Olypheus in the future and I’ll call you Lalaria, okay?”

“Of course.”The flat-chested loli didn’t have any strange thoughts for Ms. Black Dragon. On the contrary, there was a kind of guilt, “Olypheus, you really don’t blame me? I have a lot of things that should have been yours.”

“A lot of… wealth?” Ms. Black Dragon’s eyes lit up.

The flat-chested loli shook her head, “I’ve lost all my fortune to that d.a.m.n guy now! But I’ll win it back!”

As soon as Ms. Black Dragon heard that she had no money, she was immediately disinterested. As for ‘winning it back’, the chick had a kind of blind trust in her boss. Her intuition told her that the possibility of Lalaria regaining the wealth was almost 0.

“Lalaria, are you going to knock me down?”

The flat-chested loli said apologetically, “I’m sorry Olypheus, I can’t lose. Even if the opponent is the old man Auglas, I will do my best.”

“But…” Ms. Black Dragon’s eyes flashed like stars, making it hard to refuse. This move was obviously copied from her friend, Alice, “I really want those prizes. I want to use the money that I earn to treat Lalaria a lot of delicious food!”

At present, Ms. Black Dragon got 50 black crystal coins through the screening compet.i.tion, 1,000 black crystal coins through the preliminary round, 2,000 in the first round of the quarter-finals, 5,000 in the top 32, adding up to 8,050 black crystal coins. If she could win this match, she could get another 10,000 black crystal coins.

“Olypheus!” The flat-chested loli was moved at the moment of hotheadedness, and she actually agreed to pay the chick the winning prize of the remaining matches. This meant that Olypheus would directly receive all the bonuses until the end of the champions.h.i.+p. In addition to the 8,050 black crystal coins that the chick had already obtained, she would have 1.35 million black crystal coins.

Although this was a huge sum of money, it was not an unaffordable amount for a dragon. The problem was that Lalaria and Chen Rui lost their fortune in a bet a year ago, and she immediately went into closed-door training after returning to Dragon Island. There was no time to ‘gain money’ at all, so the flat-chested loli had to write an IOU to Ms. Black Dragon on the spot.

In Lalaria’s consciousness, the champion of this champions.h.i.+p was none other than herself. Moreover, as long as she defeated Chen Rui in the compet.i.tion, not only could she change the ‘tragic’ fate of the ‘fiancee’, but she would also win back her wealth. A mere 1 million was just a drizzle.

Although the audience didn’t understand why the live broadcast didn’t start, Chen Rui could hear it clearly. Seeing Ms. Black Dragon grinning and waving goodbye to Lalaria with the IOU, Chen Rui wiped the sweat from his forehead: Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law, do you have a daughter that is not weird?

Compared with the drama of Ms. Black Dragon, Sarandi.

Sarandi was the esoteric apprentice of Midnight Sun, a member of the royal family of the Fallen Angel Empire and was at the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. Among the Demon Overlords of the Fallen Angel Empire alone, Sarandi’s strength was definitely in the top 3, but the strength of the mysterious man, The Fallen One, was unfathomable. Even the top magician Fanta of the Dark Shadow Empire’s palace was killed in seconds.

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In the arena, Sarandi watched the mysterious man on the opposite side vigilantly as his power surged to the peak. He was ready to launch the biggest blow at any time.

However, The Fallen One didn’t think about it at all. He just bent slightly and intercepted Sarandi’s real body with one step. This scene made Sarandi’s complexion change, not only because the [Shadow Step] was seen through, but also because the opponent’s action and timing gave him a very familiar feeling.

“You…” Sarandi just subconsciously crushed the number plate, and he suddenly thought of something with an expression of disbelief in his eyes.

Just after uttering a word, the finger of The Fallen One pressed on Sarandi’s forehead. Sarandi only felt a bang in his head, and an invading strange spirit power spread in all directions as his body began to crystallize rapidly.

Before The Fallen One could deliver the next blow, the teleportation power of the number plate had already been activated, and Sarandi’s statue disappeared from the arena.

Sarandi lost; The Fallen One advanced to the top 16.

In the teleportation outside the ancient battlefield, Chen Rui immediately found Sarandi who turned into a crystal statue. Strangely, Sarandi was not fatally injured, but he fell into a kind of slumber. If Chen Rui’s sense was not wrong, Sarandi would be awake in just 5-6 days.

This could be understood as Sarandi left the battlefield in time, and the opponent had no time to kill him, but Chen Rui was very aware of The Fallen One’s strength. He can kill the peak stage of the Demon Overlord in seconds, so he is at least at the existence of the kingdom. If he really wants to kill Sarandi, there is no need for the slow method of crystallization. As long as the force is exerted directly, Sarandi’s chance of survival is basically 0.

Chen Rui couldn’t understand for a while: If The Fallen One is really Jacob, he will never be so kind and let Sarandi go.

Is he playing his opponent? Or some other reason?

So far, the top 32 matches were all over, and the list of the top 16 matches had been released. Starting from the top 16, 4 matches held at the same time were changed to 1 match in each of the upper bracket and lower bracket.

The first match in the upper bracket was particularly eye-catching.

Raizen vs The Fallen One!

TL: Hmmmm, The Fallen One a little bit sus… There was only one reason that Sarandi wasn’t killed, but ?

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