Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 850 - The Last Match

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Chapter 850: The Last Match

Lalaria, whose strength had skyrocketed to the intermediate stage of the kingdom level, easily crushed the fist. Her black pupils exuded a compelling light as she turned around Zola’s body. She suddenly restrained her hostility and showed a strange smile.

“Beauty, I admit that I’ve underestimated you. You’re the most beautiful and powerful beauty I have ever seen, and you are also a rare fairy dragon. I have decided! You will be my queen of the palace after I inherit the Dragon Island’s throne. Of course, Ms. Isabella, Ms. Kia, and Ms. Helen, you don’t need to be jealous because 3 of you will also be my favorite concubines.”

Jealous of your sister! Chen Rui was speechless at this lesbian dragon. Sir Auglas’ face twitched like he wanted to say something, but he swallowed it back bitterly.

Zola didn’t even look at Lalaria. She walked slowly to Chen Rui and put her arms around his neck. Chen Rui smiled and hugged the warm and familiar body in his arms, “Zola, welcome back.”

This was Zola’s first appearance in front of everyone after the Rainbow Valley’s s.p.a.ce collapsed last time. The s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage in the flower garden should be repaired, which also meant that Zola had completely mastered the law power and had become a real kingdom level powerhouse.

“You belong to this guy too… I’m so p.i.s.sed off!” Lalaria couldn’t believe her eyes. Not only Isabella and the others, but even the future queen of the Dragon Island whom I appointed is that guy’s woman!

“I must make you lose everything, then all your women will be mine!”

The little maid, who was a little jealous when Chen Rui hugged Zola in public, snorted softly, “Madam Lalaria, it seems that you are the one who lost everything now.”

Lalaria’s expression froze, and she growled, “Chen Rui! Let’s start our last match now. Otherwise, you don’t even think of getting half a thunder nitrate mine! Not to mention my wealth!”

Isabella spoke up, “Madam Lalaria, why should we believe that you won’t repudiate the bets after losing this ‘last’ match?”

“I lose to him?” Lalaria seemed to hear some absurd joke. She did not hide the contempt and disdain when looking at Chen Rui.

“Verbal promises mean nothing. How about making a contract?”

Lalaria rolled her eyes, “Okay! But add 1 more condition – if he loses, you have to come with me.”

Isabella showed a moving smile, “Does Madam Lalaria know that your Dragon Emperor Father also made the same request, but unfortunately…”

“Oh?” Lalaria’s eyes lit up, “The old man failed… to pursue a woman? Beautiful Ms. Isabella, you are really full of surprises. Don’t worry. I’m much better than the useless old man with just an impressive look. I will definitely make you mine.”

The Old Dragon Emperor choked a mouthful of wine in his trachea and coughed for a long time while beating his chest. He almost became the first Pseudo-G.o.d powerhouse in history to be choked to death by wine.

“Hoho…” It was the same strange laughter. Madam Aunt showed another charm while glancing at someone who let go of his arms but still had one hand around Zola’s waist, “Okay, I promise you. “

“Count me in too.” It was the little maid who spoke. The succubus’ sixth sense was quite acute in certain areas.

“Isabella, Kia, you guys…” Clearly, the strategy was a success. Chen Rui no doubt s.h.i.+fted his attention from Ms. Fairy Dragon to those mischievous women.

“Very good!” Lalaria looked high-spirited. With a wave of her hand, a contract was instantly condensed and drifted to Chen Rui, “Let’s do the last match. If you lose, spit out all the benefits you won. Isabella and Kia will follow me; if you can win me, the Wind Dragon Island and all my wealth is all yours. I will not only keep the secret for you, but I will also follow the old man’s wishes and give you a chance to pursue me.”

d.a.m.n, who wants to pursue a tomboy like you… Chen Rui muttered. Although Isabella and Kia’s actions made it impossible for Lalaria to default, Chen Rui had to choose to accept it. However, Lalaria’s words were very flexible. She was just giving a chance, not about s.e.x or entering the harem. By that time, he could brush it off and forget about it. Anyway, both sides didn’t like each other.

Seeing that Chen Rui accepted the contract, Lalaria laughed, and the momentum that had been restrained soared, “I will be in this circle. No matter what attack you use, as long as you can force me out of this circle, you will win. As for the time, it has already stated on the contract. 1 hour. I don’t have the patience to watch you do futile work for too long.”

The voice of the old Dragon Emperor father-in-law sounded in Chen Rui’s ears at the same time, “I have set up protection around, you can do what you can do with confidence. Just let me see… the strength that defeated Ukleus.”

Chen Rui nodded slightly. Zola kissed him and stepped back with Isabella and the others.

“Madam Lalaria, you underestimated me.”

“Underestimate? I advise you not to waste your time playing with psychological tactics.” Lalaria sneered, “I have a word for you, in the face of absolute strength, any small tricks are futile.”

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“Maybe my current strength can’t beat you in the peak stage state, but if it is just forcing you out of this circle…” When Chen Rui shook his head, everyone suddenly felt that time seemed to pause, then they saw Chen Rui’s original position had become a figure flas.h.i.+ng with bright starlight surrounded by mysterious star phantasms. A trace of scorching breath was faintly revealed in the starlight. When the dragon breath and momentum exuded by Lalaria were surrounded by this breath, they were constantly canceled out.

[a.n.a.lysis]: High magic immunity physique, element devour, [Spiritual Demonic Eyes], [Berserk].

Danger level: Extremely dangerous!

Peak stage kingdom strength! Lalaria’s complete form! From the flat-chested loli to young girl to mature beauty, it can only be explained in 1 word ‘unscientific’.

“d.a.m.n!” Although Lalaria wasn’t injured, she looked very haggard. The red and black runes on her arms were revealed from her torn sleeves. The murderous vibe were emanating from the red eyes. Just as she was about to attack, she sensed a burst of intangible power around her.

This power was irresistibly powerful, and it quickly dissipated the power of [Berserk]. Gradually, the runes disappeared without a trace, and Lalaria’s red pupils turned black again. Auglas came from the side, “Lalaria, don’t forcibly cancel the seal. It won’t do any good for breaking through the Demi-G.o.d realm, not to mention… you’ve already lost.”

Lalaria was slightly shocked and looked at her feet. It turned out that she had already been forced out of the circle.

The terrifying breath finally faded, and her figure changed rapidly; from a mature beauty to a young girl, and finally returned to the initial flat-chested loli.

“Madam Lalaria.” Chen Rui did not further attack, and he returned to his original state, “You really underestimated me. Otherwise, you won’t necessarily lose.”

“Shut up!” The flat-chested loli’s eyes were a little red. “Losing is losing, and winning is winning! According to the contract, the Wind Dragon Island and my wealth are yours!”

“Lalaria…” Auglas came over, “What this guy wants is the Wind Dragon Island. I’ll let him give up the rest.”

“Do you want to use this to make me feel good about him or have a good impression on him? Old man, your trick is so lame!” The flat-chested loli glared at the old father-in-law Dragon Emperor, and then at Chen Rui, “I’m willing to accept defeat! I promise to give you a chance, but not to lose all of myself to you! Didn’t Olypheus say that you will partic.i.p.ate in that martial battle champions.h.i.+p next year? I will also partic.i.p.ate! If you beat me at the champions.h.i.+p, I am your fiancee!”

After speaking, the enraged flat-chested loli stomped her feet and turned into a black light. She disappeared into the sky in the blink of an eye.

Sir Dragon Emperor grinned and jumped while covering his feet. Obviously, the flat-chested loli daughter stomped on her father’s foot on purpose before leaving.

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