Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 847 - The Weirdo from the Dragon Island

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Chapter 847: The Weirdo from the Dragon Island

An odd challenge?

Chen Rui was puzzled as he looked at Auglas’ weird gaze, but the Sir Dragon Emperor just drank the wine without saying anything.

Judging from the intent of the old father-in-law, it seems that he wants me to negotiate with the dragon personally. That dragon actually has so many high-purity thunder nitrate mines on 1 island. If the negotiation goes well, then the biggest problem of creating the t.i.tans will be solved. When Chen Rui thought of this, he did not ask Auglas again, and he followed Olypheus to the yard.

Before he even reached the courtyard, he heard a stranger’s voice in the distance.

“Beautiful Ms. Isabella, your beauty and charm are incomparable, especially when making ‘tea’. I have never seen that elegance and temperament in my life. Even if I just look at it from a distance, it still feels intoxicating. I am willing to wait 1000 years, no, 10,000 years for your gentle smile. Please accept this superb green gem rose which represents my most sincere admiration.”

Madam Aunt smiled, “It’s a heartwarming compliment, but unfortunately, as I said, I already have a man I like, so we can only be friends. Then again… this rose is really charming, sigh.”

“It’s okay! Friends.h.i.+p and love are actually sincere feelings. Please accept it as the beginning of witnessing our sincere feelings.”

Chen Rui had a strange expression on his face. Before he could react, the voice sounded again, “Ms. Kia, you are also a charming and peerless beauty, I almost couldn’t tell my admiration and love for you frankly because you are too perfect.”

“Regarding this… I’m sorry, I already have a man too, but your confession is really touching. I suddenly feel so contradictory… Sigh, then I shall accept the blue emerald bird ring that proves our friends.h.i.+p. I will carefully accept and feel your heart, but for now, it’s just pure friends.h.i.+p.”

Chen Rui’s eyes were a little wide. By right, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was trying to seduce the women he loved, so he should go up and slap that person in the face. However, at this time, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry- because the voice was obviously feminine.

Is this the dragon that came with Auglas?

A female dragon that seduces beautiful women?

Chen Rui finally understood what the strange gaze of the old father-in-law meant.

At this moment, Olypheus suddenly disappeared with a ‘swoosh’.

Olypheus’ eager voice sounded in the courtyard, “Lalaria! I want the proof of our friends.h.i.+p too!”

Lalaria? Well, it’s really the legendary ‘Lala’ (lesbian)…

“Ms. Olypheus.” Facing Ms. Black Dragon, Lalaria’s voice couldn’t help but sound a little strange, ” About this… you’ve gotten the ‘proofs’ several times…”

“Prove it again… because I brought boss! Let that red coral earring be the testimony of our friends.h.i.+p.”

“Boss?” Lalaria looked in the direction Ms. Black Dragon pointed, and Chen Rui, who was walking over, suddenly felt a powerful spirit power rus.h.i.+ng toward his face like a sharp arrow, penetrating his soul. He immediately channeled the power of the Super System and walked forward with this power while devouring the invading power.

Walking into the yard, Chen Rui finally saw the true face of the weirdo female dragon. He almost had gooseb.u.mps.

Different from the tall and mighty tomboy that he imagined, this Ms. Lala was only about 1.4 meters tall and had short black hair. The facial features were delicate and lovely, and the chest was obviously unremarkable just like a flat-chested loli.

Unexpectedly, this loli still had 2 mustaches glued to her face and was wearing a luxurious men’s dress. That pretentious appearance made people quite speechless.

No doubt, those produced by Dragon Island must be a weirdo.

It was worth mentioning that the strength of this loli was quite amazing. The data in the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] were:

Race: Dragon (Black Dragon)

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: SS- (SS+)

Physique: SS- (SS+), Strength: SS- (SS+), Spiritual: SS- (SS+), Speed: SS- (SS+).

[a.n.a.lysis]: High magic immune physique, elements devour, [Spiritual Demonic Eyes], [Berserk].

Danger level: Extremely dangerous!

A peak stage of the kingdom level black dragon loli! Moreover, there are many skills and attributes that seem to be quite powerful in [a.n.a.lysis]. Chen Rui was secretly vigilant- I should not be deceived by the appearance of this Ms. Lala. The elders of the dragons are generally powerhouses above the kingdom level. This mustached flat-chested loli once defeated the Elder Blue Dragon in a bet and won a huge island. Her strength should not be underestimated.

The mustached flat-chested loli instantly appeared in front of Chen Rui, looked at him for a while, and sneered disapprovingly, “I thought it was a great powerhouse who defeated Ukleus, but unexpectedly it was a guy who didn’t even succeed in kingdomization! Ukleus’ strength seems to have declined below the kingdom. It is a shame for a dragon to be killed by such an opponent.”

Chen Rui smiled slightly without denying it, and Olypheus spoke up immediately, “You’re not allowed to talk about boss like that! Boss is very powerful!”

“Powerful?” The flat-chested loli showed a contemptuous smile, “Ms. Olypheus, don’t be fooled by this tras.h.!.+”

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“Madam Lalaria,” The little maid’s dissatisfied voice sounded, “although I am willing to be friends with you, but now that you have insulted the man whom I love the most, then our friends.h.i.+p can only end there. I will return this ring to you.”

Chen Rui, “…”

The moustached flat-chested loli immediately replied, “Even Ms. Olypheus has agreed, so you have no right to refuse! Well, this bet is about Ms. Olypheus’ freedom! If you lose, you must cancel this deceptive marriage!”

Deceptive marriage? Who is deceiving who? The green veins on Chen Rui’s temple twitched. It was obviously Auglas, the head of Dragon Island, who proposed this marriage, okay?

Nonetheless, it’s a good deal anyway. If I win, I can get the thunder nitrate. If I lose, I can justifiably cancel the engagement with Ms. Black Dragon. Anyway, I have always regarded this chick as my younger sister.

“If boss wins, you can get an island and a lot of wealth!” Ms. Black Dragon, whose pupils had turned into black crystal coins, never thought of ‘freedom’ and cancel the engagement in case he lost. Her mind was full of money now, “I want a dividend!”

“Since Darling Olypheus wants to bet, let’s do it then. I’ll be the arbitrator.”

It was actually the head of Dragon Island who replied ‘on behalf of’ Chen Rui. Sir Dragon Emperor had appeared on the reclining chair in the courtyard at some point. He took a bottle of the best aromatic millet wine and tasted it slowly.

Chen Rui was a little sweaty. This is your own precious daughter. You are actually using her as a bet?

At the same time, the voice of the head of the Dragon Island came into Chen Rui’s mind, “If you lose, you are dead for sure!”

If the daughter of the Sir Dragon Emperor was lost by the son-in-law’s bet, no matter who he lost to, it was equivalent to slapping the Sir Dragon Emperor in his face.

This warning made the head of the Dragon Island’s future son-in-law break out with cold sweat, Chen Rui’s expression was noticed by the flat-chested loli. She quickly added for fear he backed out from the duel, “Okay! With Your Majesty judging, I have no opinion!”

The flat-chested loli laughed secretly: I am known as the Dragon Island gambling king who will win every gamble. Isn’t it easier to catch this kind of sham? By the way, I can’t win too easily to make this guy feel that he can still get his money back. In addition to Ms. Olypheus, he will bet on Isabella, Kia and Helen one by one until he loses everything!

Just like how she dealt with the Elder Blue Dragon Sorian at the beginning, Sorian was only betting on 1 mine, then 5, 10… and in the end, he even lost the entire island!

Chen Rui couldn’t no longer turn back, and the thunder nitrate mine was indeed what he needed urgently, so he nodded, “Okay.”

The flat-chested loli laughed while twitching the fake beard, “How do you want to bet?”

TL: Poker, blackjack, mahjong? Hmmm, the mc will do anything to make Lalarian fall indeed an endless loop just like Glorios back then ?

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