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Chapter 841: ‘Expert' from the Dragon Valley

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Chapter 841: ‘Expert’ from the Dragon Valley

Meria had recovered from the surprise. Her burning gaze seemed to be facing Chen Rui for the first time, “Your name?”

“Richard, the inheritor of the ancient alchemy civilization.”

“Ancient alchemy civilization?” Meria froze slightly, then she nodded, “Meria, the Dragon Valley’s great elder, I can fully represent the Dragon Emperor Royal Majesty Pagris.”

This could be regarded as Meria really put Chen Rui in an equal position. Of course, in addition to Chen Rui’s ability, the contract that controlled the lives of dragons and the knights was the most important reason.

“So… Richard, I’m puzzled. What is your purpose for doing this? What do you get?”

“I don’t want to let these senseless casualties and hatred continue. Rather than being an enemy of the Dragon Valley, I prefer to be friends.” Chen Rui smiled, “Of course, there are other reasons, which are inconvenient to explain at the moment, but for the Dragon Valley, this collaboration is equally beneficial and harmless.”

“Although there are no threatening terms in your words, I still feel a very clear threat.” Meria narrowed her eyes, “You have so many dragon lives in your hands, I don’t seem to have any more options. Alright, we can sign the contract now.”

Chen Rui thought for a while, and he condensed a soul contract in his hand, “Please take a look, how are these terms?”

“I’ll take a look first, uh… the dragons of the Dragon Valley must not do any harm to the contractor… If there are accidental casualties during the trial, the Dragon Valley must not harm the t.i.tans and the wind elementals who set up the trial… A long-term partners.h.i.+p. In the event of a crisis, it is necessary to provide voluntary a.s.sistance? This article needs to be revised…” Meria read it carefully, constantly pointing out the content that needs to be revised in the terms.

After confirming the contents of the contract, Meria pointed and signed her name. Chen Rui smiled, “Great elder is indeed a straightforward person.”

With that said, he also signed the contract, and the contract turned into 2 rays of light, submerging into the bodies of Meria and Chen Rui which represented the establishment of the contract. Meria was slightly surprised. She originally thought that the other party would put forward some conditions and so on, but she didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.

After the great elder fairy dragon exchanged glances quickly with the red dragon and the golden dragon, she was shocked, “Richard, you didn’t cancel the duel contract just now?”

Powerhouses above kingdomized could sign more than 1 contract. For example, they could have both an equality contract and master-servant contract, but only 1 contract of the same type could be signed, which meant they could not sign 2 equality contracts at the same time. If Chen Rui wanted to accept this cooperative contract, he must first cancel the previous contract.

“Oh, I forgot to explain…” Chen Rui looked like he just remembered, “My talent seems to be able to accept more than 2 equal contracts.”

The red dragon elder’s face twitched for a while. Judging by that expression, it should be saying ‘forget my a.s.s’.

Meria’s flashed a ray of cold light. Her original plan was to play along with his plan so that he would cancel the key contract that controlled the dragons’ life and death and get rid of the threat of hostages. As for this cooperation contract, with her Demi-G.o.d realm, she only needed to pay a certain price to cancel it. Regardless of whether she would actually cooperate with the other party in the end, the initiative was in her own hands. However, now this ‘Richard’ actually swallowed 2 contracts quietly, no wonder he didn’t put forward any conditions just now.

Both contracts were valid, which meant that the other party not only still controlled the lives of those dragons, but she also could not do anything to him.

Chen Rui noticed her reaction and spoke up immediately, “Don’t get me wrong, Madam Meria. I just want to complete the planning and cooperation of the trial field first. After that, I will definitely cancel the previous contract.”

Meria’s expression remained unchanged as she nodded, “Okay, but since it is a cooperation, it must be 2-sided. The trial field is a big action project, so it also needs experts from the Dragon Valley to revise and confirm it. How about I use the water element s.p.a.ce array to teleport the Dragon Valley’s magic circle expert. He is also proficient in Dragon Inscription and ancient runes, but it takes a day to construct this s.p.a.ce array, what do you think?”

“Okay.” Chen Rui nodded. The time limit for [Pole Star Transformation] was about to come, and this suggestion was what he had in mind.

Hence, the 2 stopped battlingMeria and the 2 elders led the dragons, dragon riders, and the griffon riders to camp on the spot. Meanwhile, Chen Rui returned to the Cloud Palace with the wind elementals and the t.i.tans.

As soon as Chen Rui and the others left, the red dragon elder, Russola, who was following behind Meria couldn’t help but ask, “Great elder! Why didn’t you cancel that contract just now? You’re in the Demi-G.o.d realm, as long as…”

Before he could finish, Meria interrupted sternly, “You think I don’t want to? I don’t know what secret technique or talent that guy has, but I can’t forcibly cancel the contract!”

As the great elder, Meria was naturally unwilling to accept such a setup. At first, when she was about to use the law power to forcibly cancel the contract, she was surprised to find that the power of the contract signed just now actually merged with her soul. Unless she was completely annihilated, it would be impossible to cancel it.

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The red dragon and the gold dragon’s facial expressions have changed at the same time. This situation can only occur unless one’s own strength is lower than the other party’s. ‘Richard’ is obviously only at the kingdom level, how is that possible?

The Wind Elemental King stared at him for a moment while nodding slightly, “Earth Elemental King did not see the wrong person. Once dragons’ trial field is successfully established, then the threat of dragons to the t.i.tans and the wind elementals will naturally cease to exist. I will remember this favor. Whenever you need help in the future, the wind elementals will not be stingy with our strength.”

The t.i.tan leader Ocea.n.u.s also spoke up, “n.o.ble master, you saved the t.i.tans again. Since you fought so hard for the t.i.tans, the t.i.tans also vowed to fight for you! From today, you are the true master of the t.i.tans. If in the future, if master can create new t.i.tans, I can activate the commander will and let them fully submit to the master’s control.”

Chen Rui’s eyes lit up. The crystal board that I got from Doruda’s secret warehouse happened to record the complete information on the manufacture of the t.i.tans!

The might of the t.i.tans is powerful, but they are unruly by nature, which is why the rebellion happened back then. Now, with the commander will of Ocea.n.u.s, I can completely subdue and control the t.i.tans, which is definitely an unexpected surprise. One of the necessary materials for the t.i.tans is the wind core of the wind elementals, which Doruda once forcibly extracted from the wind elementals, causing the death of the wind elementals and causing the war launched by the Wind Elemental King. According to Sethtine, as the Wind Elemental King, he is able to use the wind origin fragment to create higher quality wind core but in limited quant.i.ties.

In return for Chen Rui helping the wind elementals, Sethtine was willing to provide some wind cores at regular intervals. After this problem was solved, Chen Rui was relieved to deactivate [Pole Star Transformation] and fell into a protective sleep.

The night was peaceful. In the afternoon of the next day, news came from the dragons that the ‘expert’ sent from the Dragon Valley had arrived.

Chen Rui immediately rushed to the silver smelting area. This time, instead of activating [Pole Star Transformation], he used the [Breath Holding] skill to limit his breath to the level of Lesser Demon to confuse the opponent’s judgment.

The ‘expert’ sent by the Dragon Valley this time was called Span, a silver-haired man with a handsome face and extraordinary temperament. What surprised Chen Rui the most was that Span’s ears were so pointed and long that he could identify even without the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes]: The elf tribe!

The expert sent by the Dragon Valley is actually an elf!

The strength of this elf was SS+ which was a peak stage kingdom. The silver eyes just glanced at Chen Rui lightly, and it gave him a huge mental pressure.

Chen Rui suddenly felt a strong sense of vigilance. Since it is an elf, the clause in the contract that ‘the Dragon Valley’s ‘dragons’ must not harm the contractor’ is naturally invalid. Judging from the data and a.n.a.lysis, this elf is trained in both magic and physical strength. Except for the elf tribe’s physique that is relatively weak at only SS, the rest of the strength, spirit, and speed have reached the strongest SS+. Moreover, he is proficient in the wind element and water element power – This is a terrifying enemy. Whether it is the [Body of Light Glory] or [Fire Phoenix Stigmata], they are useless.

TL: Didn’t he have friend in the elf tribe? Maybe he can use that to solve this crisis?

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