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Chapter 829: The ‘Infinite Warrior OL'

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Chapter 829: The ‘Infinite Warrior OL’

It had been a week since the Fallen Angel Capital’s alchemy compet.i.tion came to an end. However, instead of showing any signs of cooling down, the upsurge of this compet.i.tion was getting higher and higher.

The alchemy grand master had not appeared in thousands of years in the Demon Realm. In this alchemy compet.i.tion, there were actually 3 of them. From the initial rise of Tetenis, to the ‘Saman’ pretending to be the arbitrator, and then to the incredible trio-specialized genius ‘master’ – ‘Arthur’. All of them were duo-specialized grand masters of potion and mechanics that would be recorded in history.

Among them, the most eye-catching was the Fallen Angel Empire’s Prince Consort ‘Aguile’ who was once aliased ‘Arthur’. In front of this mechanic and potion great grand master, whether it was his Teacher Tetenis or the enemy ‘Saman’, they all appeared eclipsed.

Especially in the gambling battle with its ups and downs, and its climaxes. In the end, Aguile defeated ‘Saman’ in the alchemy life-and-death battle, and exerted the power of super powerhouse to kill the powerful dracolich that he transformed into. Even the top powerhouse Raizen solemnly issued a formal challenge to Aguile.

For a time, the reputation of the super powerhouse and great grand master spread all over the Demon Realm.

The most exciting was, of course, the Fallen Angel Empire. From the n.o.ble families to the commoners, all of them were talking about the legendary Royal Highness Prince Consort.

Especially at the upper level, the initial voices questioning the ident.i.ty of ‘Aguile’ had long since turned into a tribute to Empress Shea’s discerning eyes. ‘Aguile’ and his Teacher Tetenis were both duo-specialized grand masters, which was an extremely powerful resource for an empire. Especially since there were only these 2 grand masters in the entire Demon Realm.

The power of ‘Aguile’ that could move Raizen was also an important factor. Although Demi-G.o.d (kingdom, Demi-G.o.d, Pseudo-G.o.d) above the level of Demon Overlord usually would not take action against ordinary people, there were no absolutes in the world. Especially a ruler who represented the interests of an empire, Raizen’s near-killing of Shea in the Warlock Fortress was a prime example. Now, the Fallen Angel Empire finally had a super powerhouse that could compete with Raizen and Catherine.

When ‘Aguile’ followed Shea to attend meetings or events, even the behavior of ‘wearing a mask is detrimental to royal etiquette’ was reasonably interpreted as ‘low-key mystery’. The suspicious and hostile gazes changed to awe.

Like the Fallen Angel Empire, the Fallen Angel Empire’s Alchemist a.s.sociation’s influence was rapidly expanding.

The president of the Mechanic a.s.sociation, Fonsaq, was the son-in-law of Grand Master Tetenis. Meanwhile, the president of the Potioneer a.s.sociation, Aldas, was the apprentice of Grand Master Tetenis. By the way, Tetenis was also the teacher of the Great Grand Master ‘Aguile’.

Even though Aguile was still low-key, Tetenis also lived in the palace of the Fallen Angel Empire and stayed behind closed doors, but it did not dampen the fanaticism of the potioneers and mechanics. The masters who had been at the bottleneck for many years and thought they had no hope of advancing for life did not return to the empire after the alchemy contest ended, but they stayed in the Fallen Angel Empire, wanting to have the opportunity to consult the grand master.

Those independent alchemists who did not belong to any empire joined the Alchemist a.s.sociation of the Fallen Angel Empire, so the strength of the a.s.sociation was unprecedented.

Top-quality equipment and black potions were the treasures that everyone covet. Even if they couldn’t get precious products, they would benefit a lot from being able to get closer to the 2 grand masters. Many people, including the n.o.ble families of the Fallen Angel Empire, had tried their best to befriend ‘Aguile’ and Tetenis, but unfortunately to no avail.

At this time, the Fallen Angel Empire released an announcement that the magic game the ‘Infinite Warrior’ was about to receive 1 of the most important upgrades. The new version would be renamed the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’.

What did OL mean? The people of the Demon Realm didn’t understand, but the official confirmation of the news made the Demon Realm in a commotion. The main founder of the ‘Infinite Warrior’ was the Great Grand Master ‘Aguile’! And this OL version upgrade was carefully designed by ‘Aguile’. In his original words, it was a new version that was ‘enough to change the world’.

From this point of view, everyone could easily have the works ‘made’ by the great grand master.

For a while, the magic game helmet and magic television, which had just cooled down, once again set off a sales boom and broke the record.

The upgrade this time was very different from the adjustment and correction patches several times before. One needed to bring the game helmet to the Mechanical a.s.sociation of the Fallen Angel Empire to manually upgrade – Considering the situation of the rest of the 2 empires, the Fallen Angel Empire gifted upgraded instruments to the Mechanical a.s.sociation of the Dark Shadow Empire and the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire and sent professionals to guide them. If they didn’t want to upgrade, they could continue to use the single-player version of the ‘Infinite Warrior’.

The structure of the magic game helmet was no longer a secret. The core structure was the mystic crystals. The special energy in the mystic crystals could generate an illusion similar to the spiritual territory. This was the principle of the game.

The energy in the mystic crystals was limited. Therefore, it must be recharged after depletion. After it reached a certain period, it would spoil or be permanently damaged. This matter was explained in detail when the magic game helmet was released. Mystic crystals could be provided with maintenance and replacement for free for life, but for charging, a certain fee must be paid to the local Mechanical a.s.sociation.

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This charging method was once boycotted by the Dark Shadow Empire at the time, but then the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire’s unexpected acceptance of the charging fee plus the urgent demands of game lovers within the empire, forced the Dark Shadow Empire to compromise. However, Catherine was not easy to deal with. After negotiation, 20% of the charging fee would be given to each empire’s treasury.

The currency circulating in the game was quite valuable. Combat professions needed currency to purchase equipment items, life professions needed currency to improve proficiency and level. Besides, some maps and towns required currency to enter, so ‘money’ would be the most in-demand ‘goods’ used for a long time.

The mission system was 1 of the new elements of the game, which allowed players to obtain basic life coins and many necessary materials. Some missions were quite rewarding.

The biggest difference between the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ version and the ‘Infinite Warrior’ was the interaction between people. No matter which world, where there were people, there were fighters. The players could team up to complete missions, enter the dungeon, trade, and set up a small team for PK. Generally speaking, there were 2 ways to duel. First was using currency or items to bet on the battle in the virtual arena in the city, and the winner would win the bet. Second was an outdoor private duel. The name of the one who attacked first would be red. After death, there would be special punishment such as equipment and level drop. Chen Rui copied these from the online game of his previous life.

In addition, the most attractive was the ranking list in the game.

Rank list, combat power list, equipment list, life skill list, dungeon record list, battlefield list… Those who end up on the list every month would get extra precious item rewards and a chance to draw a real item. The highest prize was black potions or devil fruit!

Whether it was the various elements of the game or the attractive rewards of reality, this was a new big stage for the compet.i.tive demons.

Of course, the daily gaming time was still strictly limited. After all, the virtual world couldn’t replace the real world. The reality was the foundation of the virtual world while the virtual world served the reality. The organic combination of the 2 to achieve real power and benefits was the true intent of the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’.

The Fallen Angel Empire also launched new inst.i.tutions such as banks and royal colleges which attracted the attention of the 2 empires. They launched the ‘copycat version’ in time, and began to establish colleges and banks too. However, these things paled a lot in the face of the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ heat.

In less than a month, the number of people in the game had skyrocketed many times. Not only trainers, even alchemists had also surged into the game. The popularity had far exceeded expectations.

No matter which town or corner one was in, one could hear the topic of the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’. More and more people had felt its charm. As ‘Aguile’ said, it was a product ‘enough to change the world’.

TL: Now that Raizen knew Chen Rui was a kingdom level powerhouse, will he notice his plan to gain faith?

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