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Chapter 820: The Real Start

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Chapter 820: The Real Start

Facing the debut of the mechanic grand master, the audience was full of joy to witness this historic moment.

The ‘top mechanic master’ Nate had completely collapsed. He fell to the ground with a dreadful face. Tetenis, whom he had always thought was only proficient in accessories, turned out to be the grand master of all aspects! There was no suspense at all about the outcome of this compet.i.tion. Whether it was Raizen’s means or the power of the contract, his life would end in a disgraceful way.

Only a few people at the scene noticed Nate, who was like a drowned dog, and everyone’s focus was on the newly advanced grand master. Tetenis’ face showed indifference. His true joy had already been shown and shared in front of Chen Rui, Aldas, Lisa and other relatives, so his mind was peaceful now.

Under everyone’s attention, Tetenis walked to an open s.p.a.ce. Just when everyone thought he was going to say something, a table suddenly appeared in front of Tetenis. It was filled with various reagents and instruments. Some people had recognized that this was the potion crafting table!

The people realized something. In an instant, everyone was silent at the same time as they stared at the crafting table, especially those potion masters and potioneers.

Tetenis’ hands moved. It was not very fast, but it was very natural; every move was smooth. As soon as the expert made a move, the flowing movement made all the potion masters, including Angegille, who had just won the potion master contest, hold their breaths at the same time, lest they miss a single detail.

The first was a bottle of white potion, then a lot of materials were added ‘casually’ in the white potion. According to the general knowledge of potion, white potion was already the final mixed solution to form the structure, and it was also the last step of ordinary potion. If materials were added arbitrarily, it would cause a mess which sc.r.a.pped the potion or even cause an explosion.

However, the fragile and sensitive white potion was highly-flexible like a well-behaved mud ball in the hands of Tetenis. After several repet.i.tions, the liquid potion that was poured into the medicine bottle turned black in the end.

Black potion?

Not every bottle of dark or black potions can be called black potions, but what about the one that this mechanic grand master just crafted? Or… he is more than just a mechanic grand master?

The 3 senior appraisal masters came to the potion crafting table. Panu, the chief arbitrator, picked up the bottle of black potion and looked at it carefully. The other 2 masters poured in various instruments to conduct various testing experiments, and they finally reached a unanimous consensus. Panu announced loudly, “This is the True Spirit Potion of the Demon Realm that has been lost for nearly 10,000 years!”

True series potions? It is really black potion!

This time even the 3 empires’ rulers were moved. The atmosphere in the arena reached a climax again. A grand master in pharmaceutics and alchemy! An all-round alchemy grand master!

Another great scene that is enough to go down in history! It is rare to find this kind of grand master of all aspects even in hundreds of thousands of years!

Compared with the shock of the 2 rulers, Shea seemed a lot calmer. She really didn’t know that Tetenis became the grand master of the 2 fields. However, since she was ‘his’ teacher, it was reasonable to create miracles. Everything about ‘him’ was more or less about ‘miracles’, including the entire Fallen Angel Empire.

“Sir grand master. Panu, the chief arbitrator, sounded through the audience with his magically amplified voice, “You have created a great miracle, do you have anything to say to the witnesses present?”

The jubilant audience fell silent one after another, wanting to hear what the grand master had to say.

Tetenis took a deep look at Panu, “I shall borrow a phrase from Master Fonsaq, this compet.i.tion is not over yet…”

Panu showed a puzzled expression, “What do you mean?”

“You know better than anyone else.” Tetenis looked at him coldly, “Sir, or should I call you by another name?”

“Oh?” Panu’s eye glowed strangely, only 1 eye; the other was dull. His voice became hoa.r.s.e, “My camouflage item has reached the level of quasi-artifact. Even the 3 empires’ rulers didn’t notice the abnormality. How did you recognize me?”

“Gaze, when you induced my Teacher Lunce to a duel, it was the same gaze that was full of cruelty and twisted excitement.” Tetenis’ eyes were full of sneer and hatred, “Your intention was simple. The higher you praise me now, the harder I will fall later. Am I right, Panu… No, Panu’s impostor, Saman!”

For the arena audience, the name Saman was very unfamiliar. Only those senior potion masters vaguely remembered something, but the audience could hear clearly that the referee ‘Panu’ was actually impersonated by a guy named Saman, and this person also wanted to harm the newly promoted grand master!

“Haha!” “Panu” revealed a piercing hoa.r.s.e laughter, “Tetenis, you did not disappoint me indeed. You are much better than your teacher. You can actually get to this point, duo-specialized grand master! It’s a pity that you are no longer officially qualified to compete with me. I will follow the rules of imprint and first harvest the life of your beloved apprentice! Then… if you want revenge, you might as well bet your life with me. I will beat you with your best skills in front of everyone and stomp your so-called all-round grand master under my feet! I want the entire Demon Realm to know who is truly the most powerful grand master!”

Everyone understood now. Saman is going to challenge Grand Master Tetenis and his apprentice! And from the tone of the conversation between both sides, this person seems to be an extremely powerful grand master?

This is definitely even more shocking news. The Demon Realm has not had any grand masters for nearly 10,000 years, and 2 grand masters appeared all of sudden!

“You’ll have an answer soon.” Tetenis showed strong confidence.

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“Hmph! You have just barely stepped on the threshold of grand master, but your confidence is inflated blindly. I will make you fall from the cloud completely, but the first thing to finish the guy who accepts the imprint. Could it be that he has already chosen to escape foolishly? Didn’t you tell your apprentice that escaping a duel that is already attached to an imprint would result in an immediate punishment?”

“Why are you all not worried about Sir Chen Rui at all?” The naga girl asked timidly.

“That kind of scourge is not worth worrying about, especially when careful planning is made. Instead, the worrying one is Saman… Dodo, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” The last sentence was obviously that the translucent ‘hand’ was caught red-handed by Master Poison Dragon.

In the arena.

Saman’s face was full of surprise. Although the person in front of him was wearing a mask and he couldn’t see his face, the familiar rule breath was unmistakable. It was the owner of the other half of the imprint!

Grand Master Rosenberg’s name had made many alchemist masters who were familiar with history understood that this Saman was actually the rebel apprentice who killed his master Rosenberg and fled 9,000 years ago! He is still alive after over 9,000 years!

“Arthur? Why are you able to conceal the imprint’s breath?” Saman asked in shock because imprints could sense each other. Tetenis’ apprentice has been lurking beside me, and I didn’t even notice!

Unlike Saman’s shock, the arena audience’s shock was toward Saman’s calling of the man in the cloak.

When the man in the cloak appeared just now, that kind of costume reminded many people of Her Majesty Empress’s newly married Royal Highness Prince Consort, but Saman surprised everyone. He directly revealed the true ident.i.ty of the man in the cloak — Arthur!

Only 1 person can be a student of the all-around Grand Master Tetenis, to have the qualification to compete with Saman who is suspected to be the grand master, and to be called ‘Arthur’ – the brightest star in the Dark Shadow Empire’s mechanic compet.i.tion, trio-specialized genius master!

Not only other people, but even masters such as Anderson and Rummenigge of the Dark Shadow Empire showed unbelievable expressions. Arthur, who has been missing for several years inexplicably, actually appeared!

‘Arthur’ was the name Chen Rui used to accept the imprint. Looking at Saman, who had recovered his one-eyed great demon form, Chen Rui replied indifferently, “It’s just an attempt at a power application. As you wish, we will put an end to this 10,000 years of grievances today, and I will use your life to pay homage to the heroic spirit of the 2 grand masters and the past inheritors.”

“Ignorant tras.h.!.+” Saman had regained his composure, “You still don’t understand the difference in strength between us? If it’s your teacher, maybe I will be more serious.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Chen Rui met Saman’s sinister gaze without fear, “The real duel starts now.”

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