Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 816: Manlace

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Chapter 816: Manlace

In the resentment of the succubus maid and the little loli, the maroon lamp spirits had completely solidified into a physical ent.i.ty, then the light coc.o.o.n stopped turning and disappeared.

Race: Lamp spirits (Alchemy beings).

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: S+

Physique: S, Strength: S+, Spirit: S+, Speed: S.

[a.n.a.lysis]: Indestructible attribute, powerful magic body, buff elements, melee combat proficiency, bed skills proficiency.

Danger level: High.

Chen Rui was a little surprised. Themaroon lamp spirit actually has the strength of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. It is indeed the super lamp spirits created by the most outstanding Frankenstein of the ancient alchemy civilization.

The lamp spirits slowly opened her eyes. Her pupils and hair were both dark blue. Chen Rui was shocked when he saw the cold murderous intent in those dark blue pupils. He instantly appeared in front of Alice and Kia.

With a wave of the maroon lamp spirit, the temperature suddenly rose, and the entire central palace was filled with fiery breath. There was a red light on the body of the maroon lamp spirits, and the dangerous breath was even stronger. The attack was obviously buffed with [Bloodthirsty].

The maroon lamp spirit appeared in front of Chen Rui. Chen Rui’s speed was S++. His mind moved slightly, and he grabbed her wrist quickly. He felt a fire-like burning sensation from his palm. When he thought of ‘buff elements’ in [a.n.a.lysis], he immediately understood.

At this time, there was a transparent protective s.h.i.+eld around Alice and Kia, which was made by Chen Rui using the central crystal. At the moment of this distraction, Chen Rui suddenly felt that the wrist of the maroon lamp spirit ‘slipped’ out of his control like a swimming fish and unexpectedly buckled his elbow. She also turned to his side and exerted force.

Joint lock? Chen Rui raised his brows, and he shook off the lamp spirit with his strength. The lamp spirit turned around and appeared on the other side like a ghost again, targeting toward his joint. Chen Rui was mentally prepared this time. He turned around and dodged, trapping the lamp spirit’s hand.

Chen Rui’s current strength had reached S++. Coupled with various enhancement factors, his combat power was far better than the average peak stage of the Demon Overlord, but he didn’t use his full strength. He just trapped the maroon lamp spirit and cooperated with Crystal Phoenix to control her.

After the 2 fought for a while, the central life crystal glowed brilliantly. Under the illumination of the purple light, countless golden symbols appeared on the maroon heart lamp. As the purple light slowly penetrated into the golden light, the lamp spirit’s movement slowed down accordingly. The dark blue pupils became a little more purple.

Soon, those golden light symbols were re-written and arranged by Crystal Phoenix like some kind of programming language and engraved into the heart lamp. The lamp spirit also completely retrieved her strength, stopped her movements, and gave Chen Rui a respectful bow.

“Master.” The voice of maroon lamp spirit was slightly low with a bit of suggestive temptation.

After the lamp spirit was successfully controlled, Kia and Alice’s protection was also withdrawn accordingly. They came to Chen Rui’s side and looked at this ‘woman without clothes’ vigilantly.

They were worried during the battle just now, but now the danger was resolved. When they saw her standing in front of Chen Rui unabashedly, especially a beautiful woman with a hot body, the little succubus maid and the little loli simultaneously felt an unprecedented sense of crisis.

“Don’t look!” The little loli jumped on Chen Rui’s back and tried to cover his eyes with both hands.

Chen Rui gave a wry smile and gave a command to the lamp spirit. The lamp spirit immediately put on clothes and a veil on her face. This traditional clothing style of the lamp spirits was actually very revealing. The subtle mystery made the maroon lamp spirit look more s.e.xy and alluring.

“Why bother to wear it…” The little succubus maid, who knew all-too-well, muttered to herself.

“Brother, how long are you going to research here? We haven’t been having fun for a long time!” Although the lamp spirit had already put on clothes, Alice hung around Chen Rui’s neck and refused to come down.

“Brother has a lot of work to do now…” Chen Rui patted the little loli’s hand, trying to free the hanging bear from his back, but the little loli actually hung on him with amazing ‘wiggling technique’ and came to the front, transforming into a koala.

Feeling the fragrance of the girl, Chen Rui could not help twitching his nose. He looked at Kia with a pleading look, but Kia stood by and covered her smile.

After finally coaxing the koala down with a newly developed small game console, the maroon lamp spirits said, “Master, please give me a name.”

Chen Rui thought for a while, “Let’s call you Manlace. Do you remember the name? Or do you remember anything from the past?”

Manlace showed a blank expression and shook her head. The most important reason why she was subdued by Crystal Phoenix was that she was completely wiped out of consciousness by the original master, which was equivalent to a ‘wild’ alchemy being. If the autonomous consciousness of the maroon lamp spirit was still there, even if the Crystal Phoenix had been upgraded to a level 3 life ent.i.ty, it would not be able to do so.

“Manlace?” The little loli, who was sitting on the stool and just started the game, snorted in dissatisfaction. Why isn’t she called Big Bun Lace? Big b.u.t.t Lace? Hateful Lace?

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(By the way, the name of this game is ‘little princess run’? It should be specially made by brother for me… I will barely forgive him.)

“No need!” Kia was the first to answer. Although Manlace didn’t explain how to ‘absorb’ the energy, compared to the innocent little loli, the succubus’ instinct made the little maid immediately guess the meaning of the lamp spirit.

However, Manlace ignored Kia. She just looked at Chen Rui with seductive eyes while the little maid beside him revealed her seductive talent.

“Both of you stop.” Chen Rui patted the little maid’s waist lightly, gave her a ‘rea.s.suring’ gaze, and said to the lamp spirit, “I don’t need to absorb your life energy now nor in the future. This is my commitment to all the lamp spirits of ‘the City of Stars’, and it applies to you as well. I now appoint you as the chief commander of the City of Stars. Your duty is to guard the City of Stars, and complete the upgrades and restoration work of ‘The City of Stars’ together with Crystal Phoenix.”

The lamp spirit had very independent thinking and consciousness; their joys and sorrows were no different from ordinary human beings. In the face of death, they might fear, but they could not disobey the orders of the highest authority. Hearing Chen Rui’s promise, Manlace’s blue eyes lit up, and the seductive breath faded instantly. It was replaced by a cold and arrogant temperament as her eyes became more submissive, “Yes, master. If master needs it, Manlace will try my best to satisfy the master’s need.”

When a cold, arrogant and s.e.xy beauty told you that ‘you can do whatever you want’, it was indeed a considerable temptation, but it was another matter to have a wife staring at you at the same time.

Chen Rui clearly felt that the seductive power exuded by the little maid on the side was stronger, and he quickly shook his head, “No need, I have given you the corresponding permissions. Go to the database to read the information first and grasp the status of the entire castle. “

As soon as Manlace left, the powerful seductive breath on the little maid disappeared, but she quietly and secretly teased Chen Rui with little moves in front of Alice. Because of Alice’s presence, Chen Rui couldn’t make any moves, so he could only suppress it.

“Did Zola finish her research?”

When Chen Rui returned to the Demon Realm, Zola coincidently closed the Rainbow Valley a few days ago and began to research behind closed doors. Therefore, Chen Rui had 2 gifts with him, the light origin fragment and wind origin fragment. He believed that when Ms. After Fairy Dragon was out, these 2 treasures would give her a huge surprise.

“Only remember Zola…” While the little loli was playing the game, the little maid succubus kissed Chen Rui’s mouth and secretly drew a circle on his leg with the other hand.

Chen Rui grinned and said indistinctly, “How can I? I still remember that someone’s birthday is only 2 months and 5 days away?”

The little maid immediately smiled, and glanced at him affectionately.

“At least someone still has a conscience. I will keep the door open for you at night… It’s the back door.” The inaudible voice of the little maid entered Chen Rui’s ears, “Hehe, I’ll let someone know that although that woman’s parts are bigger, she may not be comparable to… Hehe!”

This time, it was someone who was elated.

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