Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 812: Badge

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Chapter 812: Badge

Ze Hongen did not give Chen Rui time to think. The white wings behind him and the greatsword in his hand glowed with scorching brilliance at the same time. All the water patterns in the [Wailing Wall] kingdom were plated with a layer of white light and rippled in a strange way. The light flared around Ze Hongen’s body like a flame.

“Although I’m best at defense, what I have is not only defensive power.” The Punishment Sword in Ze Hongen’s hand pointed to Chen Rui. The momentum skyrocketed, and the water ripples in the kingdom turned into a huge whirlpool surrounding Chen Rui.

“[Conviction Punishment]!”

The Punishment Sword turned into a huge light beam and shot toward Chen Rui. In the light beam, there were countless secret texts containing the spirit power which were different from the solid and heavy defenses before. These secret texts emit strong murderousness and destruction. Wherever they pa.s.sed, the [Blue Star Kingdom]’s star phantasms turned into light smoke and dissipated.

Chen Rui’s eyes glowed with a strange light while staring at this powerful attack. It seemed too late to dodge. He was wrapped in the light beam in the blink of an eye. The spectators only felt that the glare was so dazzling that they could not look directly, so they closed their eyes.

Only Old Dean Carlisle could see it clearly. The secret texts of the light beam were like a terrifying sword, which repeatedly shuttled in the light beam. Carlisle’s heart was palpitating secretly. If it was me, I’m afraid that I would have been destroyed by this move. I don’t know how ‘he deals with it.

[Conviction Punishment]’s light beam shook suddenly and quickly dimmed as if it was devoured by something. The secret texts were all extinguished in Chen Rui’s palms.

Punishment Sword reappeared in the hands of the 4-winged angel. The crack was a bit deeper, and Ze Hongen could hardly believe his eyes at the moment- This strike [Conviction Punishment] is my strongest killing move which contains extremely pure light element power. Even the opponents of the peak stage kingdom can’t easily defend it. This enemy directly took it without activating any defense skills!

Is it because of that [Armor of Faith]? Ze Hongen cast his gaze on the armor covering the opponent’s whole body. That armor showed a magnificent starlight. It actually didn’t even have a crack. But even if this armor possesses incredible defense power, it can’t resist the all out attack of the kingdom power. Furthermore, the opponent’s figure only moved back less than 10 meters. Judging from his breath, he really resisted the blow without any injury.

Wait a minute! The feeling of the light element power being devoured… Ze Hongen’s mind subconsciously had an idea, but he quickly rejected it- Any [Body of Light Blessing] has no such strong effect, unless it is above the [Body of Light Blessing]…

That’s even more impossible! Except for Pope Vantis, even the 2 major archbishops do not have the same kind of physique. Anyone with this physique will be cultivated as the first priority regardless of whether in the empire or the church. They will never appear on the opposite side of the church.

Ze Hongen couldn’t imagine that this ‘impossible’ a.s.sumption was precisely the correct answer.

The wonder of the [Body of Light Glory] had been truly tested under the powerful attack of this kingdom-level light element, and Ze Hongen’s full blow power had been reduced by more than half. A part of the remaining half was automatically absorbed.

As for the full-blown attack, it could only be regarded as a drizzle in front of the [Blue Pole Star Transformation] armor that incorporated the semi-artifact Mystic Jade Armor.

“The so-called punishment is just so so.” Chen Rui’s pupils flickered a strange light, and the star phantasms that had disappeared because of the [Conviction Punishment] appeared again. The entire [Blue Star Kingdom] began to spin at a high speed.

Ze Hongen felt dizzy and he had a bad omen. He quickly retrieved the kingdom power of [Wailing Wall]. The ripples spread out and were ready to defend.

All of a sudden, Ze Hongen felt that there was a hint of cold breath in the kingdom. This breath began to spread rapidly like a crack on a gem was expanding rapidly. Even the entire gem was disintegrated into countless fragments. Not only that, those cracked water-like ripples actually quickly solidified uncontrollably.

Ze Hongen’s face changed drastically, “What did you do?”

“You should wail at your [Wailing Wall].” Chen Rui said in response to an unexpected question. His arms stretched out, and blue giant wings on his back spread out all at once, extending infinitely and merging into one with the [Blue Star Kingdom].

Chen Rui used [Winter Territory] just now, but the Evil Pupil played a key role. The Evil Pupil had become Chen Rui’s true power now. Combined with [Deep a.n.a.lysis], it could play a wonderful role. Just now, the Evil Pupil was like a sophisticated computer a.n.a.lysis instrument, which started to scan at high speed to a.n.a.lyze the details of the force field in the kingdom. It could instantly determine some weak aspects like a kind of x-ray vision which could see through the flaws.

Such a skill consumed considerable spirit power, but it could play an unexpected role in battle. Chen Rui used this ‘see through’ technique to gain insight into the structural characteristics of the [Wailing Wall].

As far as the defense was concerned, the endless structure of [Wailing Wall] was indeed close to perfection. No shortcut to destruction could be found instantly, but attack and defense could not coexist. Just when Ze Hongen used the Punishment Sword to attack, the defense finally revealed a trace of flaw. Chen Rui seized this opportunity to silently activate the [Winter Territory] which acted like a computer virus that infiltrated [Wailing Wall], destroying several important balance points of the cyclic force field.

These changes were only completed in the blink of an eye. Chen Rui had to resist the ‘Punishment Sword’ in exchange for that. Of course, the [Winter Territory] that came in while taking advantage of the gap could not really cause Ze Hongen’s kingdom to collapse. It only greatly weakened the defense of the [Wailing Wall]. If Ze Hongen was given a certain amount of time, these ‘viruses’ could be cleared out.

Unfortunately, Chen Rui would not give him time.

Ze Hongen also understood this. He had to activate the Punishment Sword’s defense secret texts with all his strength in a hurry. The greatsword quickly turned into spirit power texts that merged with the [Wailing Wall].

Meanwhile, the planets in [Blue Star Kingdom] were moving faster and faster, and the image quickly became blurred. One could only see layers of blue star dust moving at high speed. The bright star dust drew countless irregular fatal arcs in s.p.a.ce, instantly condensing into a terrifying storm.

“[Pole Star Storm]!”

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In the blink of an eye, everyone’s sights were flooded with this storm that concealed countless starlights. They couldn’t see the situation clearly and just felt dizzy. Even the magic mirror was shaking slightly.

“Not too little and not too much.” Chen Rui added tentatively, “For example, Wind Badge, 1 of the 7 components of the supreme artifact…”

‘Wind Badge’ and ‘supreme artifact’ were inside stories ‘leaked’ from the Fire Elemental King. This was not a secret that ordinary people could know. Ze Hongen no doubt was in utter shock. He lost his voice, “Where did you hear that from? Did that woman……”

Woman? Chen Rui’s were all-ears. What does this mean?

Chen Rui was thinking quickly when. Ze Hongen stopped what he wanted to say in time. Instead, he glanced up to the sky. Chen Rui followed his gaze and raised his head, but there was nothing.

He subconsciously withdrew his gaze immediately and found that there was a badge in Ze Hongen’s hand.

Chen Rui couldn’t see the specific pattern on the badge, but he thought of a thing immediately. Summoning badge!

It’s like my snake pattern badge and evil eye badge!

Then this summoning badge is…

Chen Rui’s hairs were erected, and the kingdom power burst out suddenly. A sharp wind slashed out.

Being locked by the kingdom power, Ze Hongen could not dodge it. He felt that the right hand holding the badge was cold. The blood was oozing out, and his broken wrist fell straight down. After losing the defense, even the kingdom-level physical strength could not resist the terrifying sharpness of [Aura Blade] in the [Pole Star Transformation] state.

Not only the wrist, but the remaining force of this [Aura Blade] also hit Ze Hongen’s ribs, leaving a b.l.o.o.d.y wound that revealed his bones. He immediately screamed.

Chen Rui shouted, “If you want to survive…”

Ze Hongen’s facial features had been distorted due to the pain, but there was a smug smile. The trail of blood from the end of the broken wrist became a string of texts. The kingdom power actually couldn’t penetrate it. The next second, the chopped off palm crushed the badge.

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