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Chapter 802: Urgent

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Chapter 802: Urgent

Thunderstorm Tribe.

From the ground’s astonis.h.i.+ngly distorted fissures, one could see the fierceness of the battle and the terrifying power level. The soldiers stood far away while holding their torches high, not daring to approach them.

The most striking thing in the battlefield was the 3 giant beasts that were about 6 meters tall covered in tough steel wire-like hair. The proportions of the body were somewhat similar to that of the orangutan. The big mouth revealed sharp teeth. The claws were nearly 3 meters long as a weapon.

This was the Beamon Giant Beasts, the strongest orc bloodline transformation with super offense and defense capabilities and physique which was enough to rival the most ferocious giant dragon.

However, the 3 Beamon Giant Beasts were staring at the figure in the middle as if facing some terrifying opponent.

The person’s face was relatively vague. The salient feature was that the whites of his eyes were black, and his pupils were b.l.o.o.d.y and fiery red. Although his height was incomparable to the 3 giant beasts, the tyrannical breath exuded was not inferior at all compared to the most powerful Beamon Giant Beasts.

[Scorching Dragon Possession].

Ims.h.i.+ shouted loudly as he waved his huge claws toward Chen Rui. The strong wind pressure caused dent marks on the ground. Although the Beamon Giant Beast was huge, its attack speed was not slow at all, especially with the strong power buff. Nevertheless, the figure did not dodge and had no intention to resist.

In the blink of an eye, the blow had quickly hit the target.

Chen Rui was. .h.i.t, but the claws containing the huge strength and destruction could only make his upper body lean back slightly. After he slowly stood up, he rubbed the faint mark on his face like nothing had happened. It was as if he was just being gently pushed by a coquettish woman.

Ims.h.i.+’s golden pupils suddenly shrank. Chen Rui disappeared in an instant. At the same time, a warning sign came from above. When he raised his head, the enemy appeared on the top of his head. The figure seemed to cover the moonlight.

When Ims.h.i.+ raised his head, Chen Rui had already punched.

At this moment, even the soldiers in the distance had a certain illusion simultaneously that it was not a small figure, but a huge winding red ferocious beast.

Judging from the intense sound heard in an instant, Chen Rui definitely launched more than 1 punch although it was only a blink of an eye.

“Boom!” The entire ground shook. Ims.h.i.+’s huge body was smashed into the ground. Although the fur of the Beamon Giant Beast possessed the strong defensive ability, this heavy blow made Ims.h.i.+ dizzy. Just as he got up, he fell to the ground with an unstable footing.

Sashry also let out a roar. This roar was not a simple deterrent. A blue light flashed on Ims.h.i.+’s body as if he had been quickly healed. He actually got up quickly. It seemed that Sashry had a battlecry power similar to a wizard.

Chen Rui was about to eliminate Sashry first when he suddenly felt a fluctuation behind him. He teleported to the distance in an instant, causing the sudden claw to miss its target. It was the strongest Fugger who attacked.

Fugger’s height at this time had changed again, shrinking to about 2 meters high. It seemed that Fugger had the strange talent to change the size of his body at will. Ims.h.i.+ and Sashry were originally S-level strengths. After transforming, they reached the S+ level. Meanwhile, Fugger’s increase was even greater. His comprehensive strength had reached S++, and the attributes of physique and strength had climbed to S++.

The reduced size of Beamon was more capable of exerting power when facing Chen Rui’s height. At this time, Sashry’s battlecry changed again. Fugger’s body was covered with a light green color, and his speed suddenly rose to S++. Except for the inherent inadequacy of spirit power, the rest of his qualities had reached a near-perfect level. His attack appeared more and more rapid.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Chen Rui’s strength was at the level of S+ which was definitely inferior, but he was now in the ‘stimulant’ state of [Scorching Dragon Possession]. All attributes had been greatly improved. He did not evade and started counterattacking Fugger.

The distortion and tremor on the ground became more and more intense, and the orc soldiers in the distance felt that the moonlight in that area seemed to be distorted. Layers of unimaginable intense force fields filled their vision, and they could not see the specific scene in the center. Even the 2 most conspicuous huge figures of Sashry and Ims.h.i.+ looked vague.

Not only Fugger attacked, but also Sashry and Ims.h.i.+. Their body size and combat power couldn’t join the battle between Fugger and Chen Rui, so they launched supportive techniques. Sashry used battlecry. There were 3 types of battlecry: healing, acceleration, and mind disturbance. The mental disturbance was activated now. It had the effect of disturbing the opponent’s mind and interrupting spell casting; Ims.h.i.+ used territory where the enemy’s offense and defense would become more fragile within the territory. It also had the effect of restraint.

At first, Fugger didn’t want Sashry and Ims.h.i.+ to intervene in the fight, but it turned out that the 3 of them could barely stand against the opponent only when they joined forces. Originally in Fugger’s expectation, as long as he transformed into Beamon, he would be able to easily annihilate his opponent with the strength advantage and melee combat ability. However, the opponent also had a similar transformation. Not only did he have an absolute strength comparable to that of Beamon, but he also showed incredible control power. Fugger was like a chess piece that was controlled by the enemy. Every move was expected, and he felt like he had never been so restrained like this in a battle. It was more terrifying than the strange combat skills before. This pa.s.sive situation was not relieved until the 2 Orc Kings joined.

Chen Rui activated [Insight] that was based on [Deep a.n.a.lysis]. He realized this [Insight] during the battle with Teris (Midnight Sun). He could predict the enemy’s intention first and judge in advance to control the battle. Although there was still a long way to go compared with Midnight Sun’s control, he already had a feeling of being a ‘chess player’.

Chen Rui made several first strikes to force the 3 Orc Kings away. He flew into the sky and took a look at the distance. Bonnet and the others should have almost evacuated, so at least they will not be affected by this battle. Furthermore, just to be safe, this battle does not need any witnesses.

“If you only have such level of strength and means, then it’s time to put an end to this battle…” Chen Rui looked down at the 3 Orc King in midair.

Fugger roared, and a yellow light appeared in his mouth. A strong light was launched toward Chen Rui. Chen Rui suddenly disappeared in the air, and almost at the same time, 3 black figures appeared around the 3 Orc Kings. It was actually 3 Chen Rui.

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“[Supernova Explosion]!” 3 voices sounded in unison.

“This is the order of the great wizard. It seems to be required for the blood sacrifice ceremony.”

Blood sacrifice! An ominous omen surged in Chen Rui’s mind, and his thoughts turned, “What is the fastest way to reach the Doom Swamp?”

Fugger hesitated for a moment, “There is a 2-way [Teleportation Array] in the palace ruins which can directly reach the Doom Swamp, but it needs the teleportation crystal of the Great Wizard to use it.”

“Give me the teleportation crystal! I will let the Thunderstorm Tribe go!”

Fugger said quickly, “I only have 1 teleportation crystal, but it has expired…”

Soon, Chen Rui came to the [Teleportation Array] in the palace ruins, holding a crystal in his hand. It was the teleportation crystal obtained from Fugger.

Based on his magic circle and mechanics, he had understood the mystery of this teleportation crystal after a little test. The crystal contained the spiritual imprint of the [Teleportation Array], but the imprint needed some special power activation in order to work. This kind of power surprised Chen Rui; it turned out to be faith power.

The great wizard of orcs was said to be able to communicate directly with the Orc G.o.d. She was also the guide of orcs’ development and survival, as well as the instructor of orcs wizards. She was wors.h.i.+pped by various orc tribes. Then the great wizard was equivalent to the role of an oracle. It was not surprising that there was this kind of faith power item. The problem was that Chen Rui could only convert the faith power for his own use, but he could not channel the faith power to ‘charge’ this teleportation crystal.

Now Blanche is likely to encounter great danger. It is urgent to go to the Doom Swamp. Chen Rui couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

spiritual imprint…faith power…

Right! Suddenly, he had a lightbulb moment and smashed the crystal. Before the spiritual imprint dissipated, he used the power of devour to ‘devour’ it, then he walked into the [Teleportation Array].

This was actually the inspiration from a change of perspective. He was now equivalent to a ‘teleportation crystal’ with a spiritual imprint, and there was a lot of faith power in his body which could naturally activate the [Teleportation Array].

No doubt, [Teleportation Array] emitted a whirlpool-like blue light, and soon Chen Rui disappeared.

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