Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 791: Secret Warehouse

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Chapter 791: Secret Warehouse

The highest authority secret warehouse? Chen Rui’s gaze fell on the warehouse with broken tiles in front. There was nothing special with the furnis.h.i.+ngs and broken objects of this warehouse, but Chen Rui believed that the life crystal would not lie. After searching, he finally found a s.p.a.ce contact point that appeared to be a secret warehouse entrance on an inconspicuous wall.

This s.p.a.ce contact point was quite complicated. Fortunately, there was a corresponding example in the life crystal level 1 authority, and the peripheral protection of the secret warehouse had been completely destroyed. Chen Rui spent a lot of time with the help of [Deep a.n.a.lysis] before he finally succeeded in activating this s.p.a.ce entrance.

An oval golden light door appeared before Chen Rui’s eyes as he walked in.

Inside was an independent s.p.a.ce cabin with only a few things. Before Chen Rui took a closer look, a message came from the life crystal, “The authority is wrong, and the soul power does not match the secret warehouse spiritual imprint. The secret warehouse will be destroyed in 3 seconds.”

Chen Rui was taken aback. With a thought, he had already activated the power of time law. His figure flashed in an instant as he put those things in the storage s.p.a.ce, then he quickly left the light door.

The golden light door shook for a while, and it disappeared after a m.u.f.fled sound. Chen Rui was secretly relieved. The highest authority is indeed extraordinary. The defense on the periphery has completely failed, but it actually still has the power to self-destruct. Fortunately, I have obtained control of the central life crystal. If an outsider enters, it is impossible to receive the warning from the crystal, and he would disappear with the s.p.a.ce in just 3 seconds.

He obtained a total of 4 things from the secret warehouse: 2 projection crystals, 1 crystal board, and 1 dark red lamp.

Chen Rui picked up a projection crystal and opened it. He was speechless. The content of this crystal projection made him think of the ‘art action’ film of a mobile hard disk in the Otaku period with G as the unit of calculation. Basically, every house had such a hard disk or there was a similar genre in the hard disk. This man Doruda is actually the same, but the blockbuster recorded in this crystal is probably all directed and acted by himself.

Chen Rui immediately closed the crystal as he was not in the mood to appreciate this kind of art blockbuster. Due to the lesson just now, he did not open the second crystal immediately. He just scanned it with spirit power first, but his facial expression suddenly changed as he activated the projection carefully.


Still destruction.

The endless fiery red, the suffocating scorching heat, and the torrent of sea waves.

Chen Rui once believed that after the quality had reached a certain level, quant.i.ty could be ignored. However, in the face of this truly endless quant.i.ty, the concept of quality seemed to have been changed.

Gap demon is just one of the lowest level abyss creatures. Even if it becomes a strong monster with the help of the strength of Flower of Abyss, it is only the level of Demon King to Great Demon King. The Demon Overlord giant crystal beast can annihilate these ant-like enemies without suspense.

10 or 100 can be annihilated; 1,000 or 10,000 still can be annihilated; What about 1 hundred thousand, 1 million or 10 million?

Chen Rui didn’t count the number of gap demons. He saw that the hundreds of giant crystal beasts were surrounded by circles of force fields. The gap demons turned into powder. However, under the endless waves of gap demons, the force field around the giant crystal beast was getting smaller and smaller, and it was soon submerged. At first, it was able to stir a few waves in the demon wave, but soon the waves subsided.

This feeling was like a group of beasts falling into an endless tide of man-eating ants.

Not only the gap demons, there were also berserk demons, blazing flame witches and some creatures that had not been seen in the City of Stars before. Their combat power was second. The first impression was the staggering amount. Wherever they went, only a piece of scorched ground remained.

As recorded in Doruda’s log, “There is no occupation and enslavement; only endless destruction”.

This should be recorded by Doruda. It was just a microcosm of the annihilation of the ancient alchemy civilization. Chen Rui also witnessed similar scenes when he was ‘inheriting’ the City of Stars, but it was far less shocking than this.

The power of the abyss is too terrifying. Doruda once mentioned that one of the masters of the abyss, ‘Quilliana’, who should be above the abyss lord, was even a more terrifying existence. Chen Rui suddenly s.h.i.+vered inexplicably as he thought of those 3 floors of sculptures that were regarded as ‘G.o.d’ which Shura had seen in the mysterious cult. The ultimate goal of the mysterious cult is definitely to resurrect the abyss. Once this goal is achieved, even if the Demon Realm and the human world team up, it will not be possible to avoid the result of complete destruction.

Therefore, whether it is the Satan of the Demon Realm or the Holy Church of the human world, after discovering the traces of the abyss, they always clear it without hesitation. However, the means of the abyss is still impossible to guard against. Chen Rui had personally experienced the crystal dragon’s explosion event, Sicali’s sacrifice event, and the mysterious cult branch that Shura joined– These are what I know. So how much more is unknown?

Chen Rui felt depressed, and his determination to completely destroy the mysterious cult became stronger.

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Among the other 2 things left by Doruda, the maroon one was obviously the heart lamp of the lamp spirits, which should be the lamp spirit that Doruda had created. The appearance and character were exactly the same as the Manlace whom he was crazy about. After Manlace died with hatred, Doruda sealed it here forever in order to suppress the fear deep in his heart.

This was a huge open s.p.a.ce filled with cloud-like mist everywhere, and lightning was constantly flas.h.i.+ng amongst the thunder sound. There were countless wind elementals and some of the t.i.tans sitting or standing nearby, seeming to enjoy this lightning and thundering environment.

The most striking thing was the strange palace in the clouds.

With a flash of lightning, the Wind Elemental King Sethtine had already appeared in front of him with a halo under his feet. To Chen Rui’s surprise, 2 figures appeared with the Wind Elemental King at the same time. One was the Light Elemental King Delkus whom he had seen in the Holy Light Mountain. It was his first time seeing the other figure. He was tall with flames all over his body. He exuded a breath that was not inferior to Sethtine and Delkus. Even without looking at the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] information, Chen Rui could immediately guess the ident.i.ty of this person – Fire Elemental King!

Unexpectedly, I met 3 Kings of Light here at once! So far, I have seen all the 6 Elemental Kings.

Sethtine spoke up, “Welcome to the Storm Land, guest from afar. Let’s go to the Cloud Palace to talk in detail.

Chen Rui entered the halo at Sethtine’s signal. The halo flashed, and the 4 of them had appeared in the palace in the clouds.

This palace was made up of the essence of wind elements. The style was peculiar and magnificent. Thunder and storm incredibly became the harmonious themes here. It was unforgettable after seeing it.

“Please sit down.” Sethtine was sitting on a strange throne which seemed to be one with the whirlwind of his lower body. Nevertheless, the Wind Elemental King’s tone was much more polite than the previous few days, “You already know Delkus, this is the Fire Elemental King Ogmarton.”

“It’s a great honor to see 3 Royal Highness Kings.” Chen Rui bowed at the 3 kings and sat down.

Light Elemental King Delkus spoke up, “Sir Richard, I don’t think I need to go around in circles for today’s meeting. I’ll go straight to the subject. Have you brought the light origin fragment?”

“Of course.” Chen Rui added a transparent cube to his palm, which immediately attracted Delkus’ gaze.

Delkus looked a little excited and almost stood up, “Yes, No doubt it is the Bracelet of Brilliance!”

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