Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 790: Sethtine

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Chapter 790: Sethtine

The sudden alarm surprised Chen Rui. He quickly opened the sky eye for detection. Due to the severe damage of the sky eye, only part of the situation could be seen: Tall giants. At the feet of these giants, there are countless human figures wrapped in whirlwinds- the t.i.tans and the wind elementals!

Chen Rui had a realization. Could it be that the recovery of the central life crystal alarmed the t.i.tans?

It was learned from the log that Doruda tried to eliminate the uncontrolled t.i.tans, so the t.i.tans launched a rebellion. Meanwhile, the fact that Doruda captured the wind elementals for experiment also aroused the anger of the Wind Elemental King and led the wind elementals to attack the ‘Sky Wheel’. Probably because of the integration of the core of the wind elementals and the common enemy, the t.i.tans and the wind elementals formed a certain a.s.sociation. They joined hands to kill Doruda and destroy the alchemy civilization city.

Therefore, the last time Chen Rui released a similar spiritual imprint power to the t.i.tans, it caused the t.i.tans to be extremely furious.

Now that the t.i.tans sensed the recovery of the central life crystal, they must have thought that the hateful ruler was resurrected again, so they brought the wind elementals, intending to completely destroy ‘Doruda’.

Chen Rui was self-defeating and took the blame for Doruda. He immediately used the docking system and instantly appeared in front of the damaged gate of the city.

The t.i.tans and the wind elementals in the distance were approaching here step by step. Chen Rui had already experienced the combat power of the t.i.tans coupled with the extremely fast wind elementals. In his current state, he was definitely not an opponent for frontal combat even with Shura’s avatar. He could only use [Star Gate] to escape.

However, Chen Rui came to Storm Island to meet the Wind Elemental King. Moreover, now that he had obtained most of the control of the ‘Sky Wheel’, there were too many precious resources that he had not managed to obtain yet. He would definitely not easily abandon it unless there was no other choice.

The t.i.tans and the wind elementals discovered Chen Rui immediately. A group of the t.i.tans had already shown thunder javelin in their hands, and they locked Chen Rui with a strong killing intent.

Chen Rui had an extreme danger hunch in his mind as he shouted loudly, “Royal Highness Wind Elemental King! I’m a friend of Delkus!”

The moment he opened his mouth, the electric light flashed suddenly, and countless terrifying lightning had been launched one after another. Then all the wind elementals and the t.i.tans had a feeling as if everything had suddenly slowed down except… the target of the attack. When this ‘illusion’ faded, the thrown lightning had intertwined, leaving extremely astonis.h.i.+ng crystals and distortions around the city gate, but the enemy had already surpa.s.sed the speed of the lightning unbelievably and appeared ahead.

The power of time law!

As Chen Rui had just finished speaking, the wind elementals were about to attack when they suddenly received an order. After stopping, the t.i.tans seemed to hesitate for a moment, but they stopped attacking as well.

Chen Rui secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The power of time law he currently comprehended was just basic, especially when facing so many powerful enemies, not only did it cost several times more power than usual. Moreover, the effective time was quite limited and could not be used again in a short period of time.

If the t.i.tans and the wind elementals didn’t give him a chance to negotiate, he could only escape temporarily.

The team of the wind elementals split toward the 2 sides, and a green figure appeared in front of Chen Rui’s eyes.

Silver-white hair, silver pupils. Green skin with a light green pendant around his neck as if blending with the skin. The lower body part was a whirlwind airflow. There was a strong storm with faint lightning in the airflow. It was the Wind Elemental King that Chen Rui had seen before.

Race: Wind elemental.

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: S+.

Physique: S+, Strength: S+, Spirit: S++, Speed: S++.

a.n.a.lysis: Wind attribute, wind element magic immunity, speed talent. Degree of danger: High.

“Dear Royal Highness King,” Chen Rui gave the Wind Elemental King a simple etiquette he had seen from Zola, “Today is a misunderstanding! My name is Richard, a friend of the Light Elemental King. I came to Storm Island according to a previous deal.”

The Wind Elemental King looked at him for a while, then he sneered. He said with a little sharp voice, “The once powerful master of the ancient ruin is actually reduced to such a bad lie to beg for mercy? No matter how nicely you talk, you can’t escape the anger and hatred of the wind elementals and giants!”

“I have nothing to do with the controller you all eliminated. I just happened to get a part of the control of this ruin, and I’m not afraid of war or fighting.” Chen Rui did not give in or express timidity as he said indifferently, “However, my purpose of coming here is not to fight meaninglessly, but for the agreement with the Light Elemental King! I don’t know whether your friends.h.i.+p with Delkus is deep or shallow. I only ask one question: As 1 of the 3 Kings of Light, are you willing to bear the consequences of the failure of the next Elemental War?”

The Wind Elemental King frowned, “Where did you hear about Elemental War?”

Chen Rui held something in his palm. It was a transparent cube with a faint white light radiating from the inside. The light was very soft, but there was a scorching pain when one looked closely.

“This kind of pure and strong light element power, is it…” the Wind Elemental King’s eyes were full of silver light, “Light origin fragment?”

“Yes.” Chen Rui moved his mind, and the cube disappeared, “I had a deal with the Light Elemental King to exchange the light origin fragment. However, due to some special reasons, I could not go to the Holy Church to find His Highness Delkus, so I came here.”

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“You made a mistake. The light elementals are the light elementals, and the wind elementals are the wind elementals! Even if we are 3 Kings of Light, I’m not obliged to contact Delkus for you!” The breath became manic, “I don’t know what method you used to activate this ruin. Since you inherited the strength of this ruin, you also inherited the hatred!”

The appearance of these energy cubes dispelled the last trace of hostility from the giants. The leader t.i.tan nodded to Chen Rui and approved his suggestion.

“Your Highness Sethtine,” Chen Rui returned to the Wind Elemental King, “May I trouble you to contact His Highness Delkus? I plan to stay in this ruin these days and find a way to cancel the t.i.tans’ restraint.”

“For the sake of Delkus, I would like to advise you that once these big guys have decided on things, they are difficult to change. If you want to play tricks, you will only end up with the consequences…” After the Wind Elemental King finished speaking, he flew out of the canyon with the wind elementals. The giants followed behind with heavy steps.

After temporarily dissolving the threats of the t.i.tans and the wind elementals, Chen Rui breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he had resolved the crisis by peaceful means with a flash of inspiration just now. Otherwise, if there was a fight, he could only activate the [Star Gate] and run away.

Now that the communication with the Light Elemental King had been settled, he could stay openly in the ruin and study. Everything seemed smooth so far.

As Chen Rui returned to the main hall of the ruin, he was truly relieved this time. His first concern was the data department. Except for a few handwritten books, most of the data department was the memory crystal. Almost all of these crystals were encrypted and could be accessed only if one had the corresponding authority. Chen Rui had now obtained level 1 authority. Apart from very few crystals, the existing batch of materials could basically be read, but they couldn’t be modified. This was enough for him.

Chen Rui, who turned on [Deep a.n.a.lysis], was greedily absorbing huge amounts of knowledge like a sponge. It was absorbing, not digesting. He used the [Deep a.n.a.lysis] to ‘record’ it first, then he would slowly understand and digest it when there was plenty of time.

Although only 35% of the readable data in the data department remained, it took Chen Rui a whole day to complete the ‘recording’.

After finis.h.i.+ng the data recording, Chen Rui entered the material warehouse through docking. The damage degree of the material warehouse was much lower than that of the data department. It was divided into several levels. It was an independent storage s.p.a.ce, but the stock was far less than imagined. It was possible that the manufacture of the t.i.tans or the defense against the t.i.tans and the wind elementals consumed a lot of material and energy, but most of these stock materials were unique to the alchemy civilization and could be used in the City of Stars. He could also find alternatives by conducting experiments through samples. Chen Rui naturally unceremoniously kept all of them into the storage warehouse.

Although the entire ruin had become a dead city, there were still a lot of usable resources for Chen Rui. He looted all the way. Lastly, he found the most damaged creature warehouse.

Judging from the exaggerated damage to the creature warehouse and nearby buildings, the t.i.tans’ rebellion should have started here. The several interconnected metal buildings had almost turned into twisted wastes. Guardian corpses and traces of battle could be seen everywhere.

Chen Rui utilized the control of the life crystal to turn on some barely usable lighting facilities. He wanted to find something usable. Unfortunately, this wish was obviously too ideal. The place was completely destroyed. He couldn’t even find one complete a.s.semble puppet.

Just when Chen Rui was about to give up, the feedback message of the life crystal suddenly came in his mind, “The secret warehouse in front needs the highest authority to enter.”

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