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Chapter 774: Diplomatic Mission

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Chapter 774: Diplomatic Mission

After the magic game, ‘Infinite Warrior’, was launched, the craze spread rapidly from the Fallen Angel Empire to the Demon Realm.

In terms of entertainment, this was an unprecedented model. Combat, adventure, and excitement had always been the keywords of the demons. Nowadays, even the darkest goblin with the weakest strength could become the protagonist rather than the audience and experience a series of far surreal adventures as well as battles. This sense of involvement and excitement couldn’t be replaced by any previous leisure activity.

For those who already had rich combat and adventure experience, this kind of game was an excellent training method. In addition to the spirit power exhausted by the game, the combat experience in ‘illusion’ was combined with realistic training which could accelerate the speed of strength growth.

The most fascinating thing was that in the game, they could challenge extremely difficult enemies who exceeded their own limits. If it was a battle with a higher level in reality, the result would definitely be the death of the soul while they would not truly die in the game. This allowed them to gain extremely valuable combat experience and greatly increased the possibility of breaking through the bottleneck.

The death setting of the difficult level game was not infinite reborn in place. In addition to the realistic pain, one could only be reborn in the middle of the town 2 days after death, and there was a certain period of weakness after the reborn. One could use the potion purchased in the town to heal and shorten this weak state. The 2-day buffer time could avoid the infinite death strategy. Furthermore, trainers who truly had realization would also use this buffer period to settle and train for the next challenge.

These were just the 2 main reasons for the popularity of magic games, but they were already enough to dispel the trivial doubts and criticisms.

Since the signal of magic television covered the 3 empires, the people of the Dark Shadow Empire and the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire were also full of strong curiosity and desire to buy the new items that were vigorously promoted in the television program. This was because the new items launched by the Fallen Angel in the past 2 years such as battle ball, newspaper, television, aromatic millet wine… had become the popular item of the Demon Realm without exception. Not only these, the urban transformation of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire and the Dark Shadow Empire had completed the first step with the technical support of the Fallen Angel Empire. Just the automatic water element system that had entered thousands of households had benefited all demons.

In view of the terms of the 3 empires’ peace talk, the ‘new technology’ that appeared in the Fallen Angel Empire would be shared with the 2 empires free of charge. Therefore, the Fallen Angel Empire provided the 2 empires with the 2 technologies of ‘magic television signal towers’ and ‘magic game helmet’ that supported the game.

However, the sad thing was that after carefully studying the 2 technologies, the alchemists of the 2 empires reached a disappointing conclusion that they could not be imitated.

The main component of the magic television’s signal towers was the signal receiver. Its production process was extremely delicate and complicated. Even with ready-made design drawings, it couldn’t be produced in a short period of time.

The structure of the game helmet was relatively simple, and the difficulty lied in the core crystal. This kind of energy intensity was no different from ordinary white crystal, but the density and purity were quite amazing which was similar to the most expensive gold crystal. If they really used gold crystal, then the cost of the magic helmet was too astonis.h.i.+ng. It would be impossible to reach the civilian price of the Fallen Angel Empire.

This conclusion frustrated the senior executives of the 2 empires. Nowadays, magic games had an unprecedentedly popular trend. In this trend, if the empire’s magic game couldn’t produce magic television signal towers, it would not only reveal the incompetence of the empire, but it also would bring chain negative effects.

This result was naturally expected by Chen Rui. The magic television signal receiver used the processing technology of the ancient alchemy civilization, and the manufacturer was the gremlin servants, the most powerful craftsmen in the alchemy civilization. Whether it was personnel or technology, it far exceeded the current overall level of the Demon Realm. What’s more, the real core of the receiver was the devotee’s feet produced by the Super System.

As for the core of the magic helmet, it was a mystic crystal with a trace of kingdom illusion power. Mystic crystals were actually the cheapest white crystals. After the Super System’s highest grade refinement, the density and purity had actually surpa.s.sed the gold crystals, but the energy concentration was far less, making it the most suitable kingdom illusion power carrier.

This kind of crystal was not a ‘new’ technology, because there was a similar refining technology in the battle ball back then, so the 2 empires couldn’t do anything about it. At this time, the Fallen Angel Empire very generously sold a batch of magic television signal receivers and the core mystic crystals of the magic helmet to the 2 empires at the lowest price based on the peaceful principle of friends.h.i.+p and mutual a.s.sistance. They also sent dedicated technicians to a.s.sist in the construction of the television signal towers.

Although some people pointed out that this was a technological invasion as relying too much on external strength would make the empire pa.s.sive step by step, it was indeed the best solution in the current situation. The reason being many of the people from the 2 empires had now entered the Fallen Angel Empire to be a ‘resident’ in order to experience the magic game first. If this continued, it would be quite detrimental to their own development and economy.

In fact, the mystic crystals in the magic helmet not only stored the kingdom illusion power, the ‘upgraded version’ of the game in the future would include some of the most important functions. Even if the 2 empires refused to spend money, Chen Rui would spare no effort to give it away for free.

The faith power brought by the magic game exceeded Chen Rui’s imagination. The current coverage of the game was only a small part of the Fallen Angel Empire. Yet it brought him tens of thousands of faith crystal income every day, which was still increasing at an impressive speed. If he really built a huge network covering the entire Demon Realm…

Chen Rui suddenly thought of the human world. Whether it’s the 3 archangels that steal faiths or the Black Death Follower that plunders faiths, they are simply weak compared with my current method of collecting faiths. From another perspective, I have already embarked on a road to ‘becoming a G.o.d’.

“Hey, kid, don’t daydream! It’s your turn!” A heavy metallic voice sounded, interrupting Chen Rui’s thinking.

“Me?” Chen Rui looked at the proud and arrogant fatty in the room as he pointed to himself in surprise.

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Opposite the fatty was a human figure with a light black mist. His facial features were slightly fuzzy. His eyes were glowing with dark red light while his shoulders and elbows even had sharp blade-like bone spurs.

Auglas had already given Octopus King a powerful deterrent. Under this circ.u.mstance, Chen Rui returned the soul crystal ball to Octopus King without mentioning any conditions which really made him grateful. After recovering to his complete soul with the soul crystal ball, the Octopus King immediately left the Dead Sea and rushed to the Dark Moon to contact Chen Rui as agreed.

It happened that Chen Rui was going to the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire, so Octopus King, who had nothing to do, chose to go with him.

The strength of Octopus King was SS+ which was the peak stage of the kingdom level. If he could rush to the Fallen Angel Empire during the war at the Warlock Fortress, it would probably be another ending.

The journey was long, and Dark Elemental King Hegel, who had met the Octopus King before, accidentally mentioned the magic card game ‘Fate Showdown’. Octopus King suddenly became interested and claimed to be a good player. When Hegel left the Land of Hatred, he conveniently took the magic card of Lich King Glorios. It seemed that after losing to Lich King last time, the Dark Elemental King was determined to make a painstaking practice.

As the 2 were eager to try, the game began. The 2 sides adopted the most exciting mode of the ‘Death Game’. Octopus King no doubt had some skills; he actually competed on a par with Hegel. Both sides had victory and loss.

Chen Rui didn’t bother to watch this kind of low-level real-time strategy confrontation. Just as he was in a daze, the Octopus King actually challenged him.

“Yes, you!” Octopus King was in full spirits after defeating his rival, Hegel, “Hegel said you know this too. Come on, let me teach you.”

Teach? Chen Rui showed a strange expression, “Are you sure?”

The triumphant Octopus King didn’t notice the strangeness in the Dark Elemental King’s smile, let alone knowing that Hegel lost to him deliberately in the last game.

Thus, the tragedy of being raped began.

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