Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 757: Explanation and Peace Talk

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Chapter 757: Explanation and Peace Talk

Another barrack under the purple moon sky.

“Father.” Teris bowed and saluted respectfully.

Raizen glanced at Teris, “Do you know why I summoned you?”

“Even if father doesn’t summon me, I will also come to father.” Teris looked very sincere, “First of all, I want to plead guilty to father. As the deputy commander of the southern expedition, the army I lead failed many times at the Warlock Fortress. I still couldn’t conquer the fortress even when father personally came. I have really let down father’s trust.”

Raizen shook his head, “George of the Warlock Fortress is a famous general. Besides, Empress Shea is presiding in person, plus Aguile and the others who have strange strengths. It is really difficult to conquer it in a short time. There is also a factor of my underestimation of the enemy. Besides… you are just a deputy commander. It is not your turn to take this responsibility.”

“Then, the second thing I want to report to father is about Brother Aleus… Recently, there have been rumors spreading around in the army, saying that it was because of the fight for the inheritor that I tried to plot against brother. These kinds of rumors get more complicated the more I try to explain, so I have remained silent. In fact… the cause of brother’s death is very complicated. I will explain everything to father now. If father wants to punish me, I will not complain.”

“Say it, I’m listening.” Raizen nodded slowly.

“There are a few things that I don’t want to hide from father. I guess father should be training in the deepest part of the Dark Furnace. When I came out of closed training, the war between eldest brother and second brother had reached the most intense situation. Eldest brother seemed to be very concerned about father’s situation and asked me a lot of questions. I told him the truth, saying that I was training on the periphery and I have never seen father. In the days that followed, eldest brother tried to test me several times. After confirming my answer, he put his guard down and invited me to put down second brother’s rebellion together. However, after I a.s.sisted eldest brother in conquering the Iron Fist City, there was news of father coming out of training. Although eldest brother tried to cover it up, I still found many anomalies. For example, his emotions seem to fluctuate very sharply…Teris’ words made Raizen’s eyes squirt slightly, “Go on. “

“Later, he took the initiative to ask father to be the chief commander to attack the Warlock Fortress and let me be his deputy. However, during the siege, eldest brother always refused to listen to my tactical opinions, and he just ordered the army to attack. I feel…” Teris seemed a little hesitant.

“What do you feel?” Raizen frowned, “You don’t have to worry about it.”

“It seems that eldest brother is deliberately exhausting our elite army, and he seems to be delaying the time. I have never figured out why he has such intentions.” Teris lowered his head, “I have been in a dilemma for a long time. When I want to talk to eldest brother frankly, I discovered a strange thing. Brother was manipulating a kind of light with strange rune in it. The rune finally burst, and eldest brother’s eyes turned into a strange silver… Raizen’s eyes flashed sharply. Although his facial expression did not change, his fists were clenched tightly.

“After eldest brother activated this kind of strength, I was noticed by him, then eldest brother… lost his temper and wanted to kill me. I could only resist, but I was not the opponent of eldest brother and I was knocked down by him. When I asked eldest brother why did he do this, he just said that I would be the biggest obstacle to his succession of the empire. Just when he was going to kill me, he seemed to be suddenly recoiled by some kind of power. He fell to the ground. His breath quickly declined, then he fell into a certain kind of illusion and inexplicably started saying that he is playing with, to unify the Demon Realm, and in the end… With that said, Teris took out something from the s.p.a.ce ring. This was a crystal coffin with Aleus’ corpse. The coffin should be a special item as the corpse did not decay, especially his face that was still life-like.

Raizen stood up, walked slowly to the crystal coffin, and glanced at Aleus’s body. His eyes were intertwined with complicated gazes.

“When I went to see eldest brother, those elite guards could testify… But speaking of it, I was indirectly responsible for eldest brother’s death.” Teris lowered his head with a sad expression, “In fact, after I broke through in the Dark Furnace, I also regarded eldest brother as a compet.i.tor. It’s just that I want to beat eldest brother in an upright manner, definitely not… a result that cannot be called a victory like this.”

Raizen retracted his gaze that was looking at the crystal coffin and sighed, “I also heard about Aleus excluding you on the front line. I will further verify this matter. If what you say is true, then you are not responsible. Leave the coffin here. You can retreat first.”

“Thank you, father!” Teris showed joy as he walked to the gate of the camp, and he suddenly turned around, “Father, please forgive me for asking, is what Catherine said during the day is true? Your body…”

Raizen glanced at Teris lightly and did not say anything. Teris seemed to sigh softly as he bowed and left.

Raizen did not look at Teris’ distant figure, but he looked directly at Aleus’ peaceful expression in the coffin. He placed his hand on the coffin lid and gently closed his eyes, letting the moonlight s.h.i.+ning into the camp pull his shadow long.

The next day, Town Nimbus.

The building in the town, which was initially the temporary headquarters of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire Army, ushered in new ‘guests’.

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The hall of the headquarters had been emptied, and a huge round table was placed with throne seats on the 3 corners. There were only 3 seats in the entire hall because in front of these 3 people, others were not qualified to sit down.

Raizen sneered coldly, “Is this a threat?”

“Please forgive me for my rudeness, Your Majesty Raizen.” Chen Rui spoke up, “This is not a threat, but a help to a friendly neighbor. Of course, if it is an enemy, I believe no one here will do such a foolish thing.”

“Still threatening.” Raizen sneered coldly, “But it sounds like you seem to have the confidence to dispel the abnormality in me?”

“If the vitality is weakened, then there is at least 1 way to extend it. If it is possible, Your Majesty can talk to me about this issue privately.” Chen Rui didn’t want to easily reveal the existence of the longevity potion. Furthermore, Catherine said before that the longevity potion might not be able to cure the root cause, but the symptom treatment should not be a big problem, so Chen Rui’s answer was vaguely affirmative.

“There is nothing convenient or inconvenient. This is a kind of curse. It is a mixture of the strength of the dark element and the light element. Since the Mammon Royal Family has the talent of [Dark Mastery], the dark element curse is fine.” Raizen glanced at Chen Rui contemptuously, “Are you sure, can solve the light element curse that troubles a kingdom-level powerhouse?”

“If Your Majesty is sure that it is a light element curse…” Chen Rui’s eyes lit up behind the mask, “Then, I have 100% confidence.”

Raizen was moved slightly and stared at the mask closely, “100%?”

Chen Rui looked at Raizen without fear with strong confidence in his voice, “If I said 100%, then it is 100%.”

When Teris next to Raizen heard these words, a cold light flashed past his eyes suddenly. They instantly became fierce and determined as if he had made a certain determination.

TL: Teris definitely doesn’t want Raizen to live, so his only choice is to… Who can cast such a powerful curse though, is it Midnight Sun?

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