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Chapter 743: Leave Me, Run Away Quickly

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Chapter 743: Leave Me, Run Away Quickly

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Facing Raizen’s killing intent, Catherine still looked calm, “No doubt it is the Raizen who pursued strength at all costs. Unfortunately, the Midnight Sun is dead and you no longer have a real opponent.”

Speaking of the Midnight Sun, Raizen’s gaze changed suddenly, “You’re wrong. Midnight Sun has never been my opponent. He is the target I need to look up to. The most I can do is peerless among the same level, but he can fight with those at a higher level. With him around, I can’t even be peerless. I’ve been catching up with him all my life. Unfortunately, until now, I have not been able to achieve his state back then.”

“Peerless…” Catherine was silent for a moment, “If I have been kingdomized, I might be able to challenge your so-called peerless, but unfortunately, I’m still 1 step away from the kingdom. It seems that I can’t survive today.”

“We will have a battle sooner or later, but the time has unexpectedly advanced.” Raizen’s indifferent gaze began to become sharp, “You’re very smart. You know that my kingdom’s will has invaded the entire plain long ago, and if you run abruptly, even if you have the Dark Shadow Cape, I will notice it. However, you have never found a suitable opportunity from just now until now; even when you mentioned the Midnight Sun which moved me the most. As an opponent who respects you, I can only give you respectful death.”

Catherine didn’t talk any more nonsense. She understood that Raizen was never a talkative person. The reason why he said so much and even pointed out the inside story of Aleus was of course out of the respect of the opponent, and the more important reason was that he did not plan to let her leave alive from the beginning.

It was considered a final farewell for the old opponent.

The color of the moonlight gradually changed, and the nearby scenery did not change, but it was coated with a layer of blood except for Catherine and Raizen.

Catherine’s gaze became more solemn than ever. If Demon Overlord’s strength was a fire spark, then this kind of strength was a sea of ​​fire. It was far greater in terms of quality or quant.i.ty. Her current strength was between the peak stage of the Demon Overlord and the kingdom level which could be regarded as the quasi-kingdom level, but she had not reached the kingdom level after all, so she was definitely not Raizen’s opponent.

Experiencing the kingdom power firsthand might be an opportunity to break through the kingdom, but the prerequisite was that she could escape from the hands of Raizen who was not only a kingdom-level powerhouse, but also a ‘peerless’ kingdom-level powerhouse!

The Dark Shadow Cape had the strength to s.h.i.+ft s.p.a.ce, but she couldn’t escape from the kingdom that was full of Raizen’s will. On the contrary, her strength would be wasted and taken advantage of by Raizen. Therefore, Catherine had always been very calm and did not rush to launch the strength of the cloak to escape. Maybe she would only have 1 chance, so she must seize it.

4 golden puppets silently appeared beside Catherine. Her fingers showed a bright red as she drew a mysterious mark in the s.p.a.ce. The totems on the golden puppets began to light up, echoing the mark. In an instant, the mark burned up and spread to inextricable strands of golden light that intertwined into a giant spider-like web. It connected the 4 golden puppets into 1. It actually gave Raizen an indestructible feeling.

Raizen punched in the air freely, and the golden giant net seemed to be hit by a huge impact. Countless spider silk broke and automatically reconnected. The 4 golden puppets moved their hands and feet in a strange rhythm, and the impact was diverted. The surrounding land sank consecutively, and Catherine in the middle was unharmed.

“[4 Royal Souls Formation]? Do you want to defend yourself to death?” Raizen frowned, “Although this kind of defense is strong, it can only block for a while. Within 10 seconds, I will give you a chance to attack. Otherwise, let the [4 Royal Souls Formation] be your tombstone.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the golden giant net suddenly gathered the 4 golden puppets together, and the 4 puppets’ totems were strangely distorted. They actually began to merge. After the light faded, a brand new puppet appeared in front of Raizen. This puppet was bright gold, about 3 meters tall, had four arms, and exuded fierce momentum.

“[Combat Soul Fusion]!” Raizen moved slightly, “This should be the highest puppet secret skill that the Asmodeus Royal Family has lost. I didn’t expect you to actually have such a trump card, but it’s a pity… If you don’t reach the kingdom, you won’t be able to withstand this battle. “

After the 4 puppets were merged, their attack power had increased by more than 4 times. Their strength was almost the same as that of Catherine. The figure flickered and rushed to Raizen. The 4 arms were transformed into dozens of them which contained a subtle coordination. They encircled Raizen just like the golden net previously.

Raizen made 4 punches. The first punch broke the puppet’s offense, the second punch broke the puppet’s defense, and the third punch hit the puppet’s chest. The initially solid puppet suddenly fell apart and scattered into the original 4 golden puppets that were at the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. They were seriously damaged, but they continued to attack as if they didn’t feel the pain or horror at all. Raizen’s fourth punch arrived. The golden puppets were broken into pieces under the might of this fist.

After Raizen defeated the [War Puppets], he found that Catherine had disappeared. At the same time, there was a fluctuation in s.p.a.ce coming from the direction of the woods in the distance. Raizen sneered and instantly s.h.i.+fted to that position. With a punch, the s.p.a.ce was violently shaking. A silver puppet appeared, and it was turned into powder by the terrifying strength in the blink of an eye. As a result of the remaining energy, the trees within several tens of meters turned into flying ash, and there was nothing.

Raizen s.h.i.+fted and attacked again as he sensed extremely rapid movement on the other side, but it was futile; there was nothing. In the next second, there were movements at different speeds from 3 completely opposite directions at the same time.

Raizen was about to s.h.i.+ft, but he suddenly stopped. When his hands stretched out with the palms moving upward slightly, the 2 red moons began to exude a strange blood mist and the blood on the plain also turned into smoke. The ground within a few kilometers began to tremble violently, and crack-like ravines appeared in the ground. The sand, gravel, soil, and trees seemed to float upward against the gravity.

Raizen suddenly squeezed his hands. “Boom boom boom…” Everything burst open, and the entire ground seemed to sink several meters.

The explosion gradually extinguished, and the b.l.o.o.d.y moon in the sky returned to its normal purple color. A strange distortion occurred in a s.p.a.ce on the plain, and Catherine’s figure appeared while clutching her chest. Her veil was dyed red with blood.

“I see! Good scheming!” Raizen walked toward Catherine step by step and lamented, “I didn’t expect that you could be so calm. You have been hiding in the same place with the Dark Shadow Cape, and the s.p.a.ce fluctuations you previously released were just baits. If I go ahead to catch up, you can get away easily. Unfortunately, the strength of the kingdom is far greater than territory. Although your plan is perfect, it is always illusory in the face of absolute strength. If you can reach the kingdom level, you will definitely be a worthy opponent, but unfortunately, I’m the ruler of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire. It is impossible to let go of this good opportunity to kill you.”

Catherine coughed a few times, and a new touch of blood red was added to the veil. Her black hair slowly drifted. As her palms were burning with black light, her gaze was resolute. She was obviously unwilling to surrender. She wanted to go all out to make the final strike.

At this moment, Raizen suddenly glanced at the sky and saw a ray of light rus.h.i.+ng in the sky, like a meteor that tore the night. At that speed, even Raizen could not help but squint.

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In the blink of an eye, the light had reached the small plain. It was Chen Rui who landed in the field.

Raizen sensed that the breath on Chen Rui was just a normal Higher Demon, but the power of the flight just now was at least the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. He actually couldn’t see through the opponent and frowned slightly, “Who is he?”

“Enemy.” Catherine said coldly, “However, the enemy’s enemy may not be a friend. As far as I know, his strength is quite strange. Even you may not be able to kill him.”

“Oh?” These words were faintly provocative. Raizen looked at Chen Rui a few times. Chen Rui felt that the blade-like gaze seemed to penetrate his soul, but it was not the first time that he faced a kingdom-level powerhouse. Isyorul’s breath was even greater than Raizen. His spirit power was channeling as he dissolved Raizen’s oppression.

Raizen already sensed that the stranger’s strength was not weak, and Catherine seemed to instigate a fight between both of them. Her purpose must be to take the opportunity to escape. No matter what this person’s ident.i.ty is, getting rid of Catherine is the first priority now, “After I get rid of you, I will naturally try if I can kill him.”

Catherine successfully attracted most of Raizen’s attention, and she gave Chen Rui a faint look.

In this farewell glance, Chen Rui saw a lot of things, and he suddenly sighed. The phantasms of the solar system gradually appeared around him, “The script seems a little wrong.”

“Script?” Raizen glanced at the surrounding stars and looked at Chen Rui.

“The normal script should be that 1 party yells affectionately, ‘Leave me, run away quickly’, then the other party also yells affectionately, ‘I won’t go, I must save you’, then the 2 yell affectionately, ‘If we die, we die together.’ After that, the 2 of them really died together, and this tear-jerking love story ended smoothly… But why does it become like this now?”

A contemplative expression flashed through Raizen’s eyes, and the moonlight became blood red again, “Are you 2 really enemies?”

Whoosh, a black flame full of vitality ignited on Chen Rui’s body. This flame was enough to prove his ‘ident.i.ty’.

Then, Chen Rui smiled and said to Catherine, “Leave me, run away quickly?”

Catherine’s calm eyes trembled as her eyes suddenly turned red.

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