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Chapter 740 - Old Accounts

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Chapter 740 - Old Accounts

The darkness spread across the entire castle hall in an instant. Many military officers showed weapons in their hands, surrounding the rest of the military officers and spiritual officers. The tense atmosphere was full of terrifying murderous intent.

Ordogas shouted, “Broc, what do you mean?”

Broc’s eyes completely turned into a strange black as a gloomy voice sounded through the hall, “It’s very simple, those who follow me will live; those who oppose me will die.”

“Bold!” Ordogas held a greatsword, pointing to Broc and shouting, “I represent Catherine the Great, you are committing treason! You…”

Ordogas was still furious when a blade suddenly protruded from his heart. The subsequent words came to an abrupt end as he glanced back with an expression of disbelief on his face. It turned out that it was Varota whom he trusted the most.

Varota did not hesitate to stab Ordogas who had absolute trust in him. He pierced Ordogas’ vitals in a slash.

“You are Broc’s man!” Ordogas suddenly understood. He furiously roared, trying to use his last strength to kill the traitor, but he felt that his strength was fading quickly. He couldn’t gather it at all. There was extremely deadly poison on the blade!

“Didn’t the general say? Those who follow him will live and those who oppose will die.” Varota said blankly as the tip of the blade burned with black flames. Ordogas’ body quickly scorched as if the blood had been sucked up. Finally, he was actually burnt down to ashes.

Due to the internal change, the rest of the people did not have time to react. The leader of the spiritual officer, Ordogas, who was loyal to Catherine, had been killed by his confidant, Varota.

“Varota, you did a good job. I won’t say the same thing again.” Broc laughed sinisterly and took out a magic appointment letter, “This is the appointment letter signed by the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire Lord Raizen which appoints me as the second general of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire. I have completely withdrawn the defense of the Jergal Fortress, and the army of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire is coming soon! If you don’t want to die, just follow me. Not only can you keep your life and bloodline, but you can also enjoy the riches!”

This news shocked everyone nearby. Someone blurted out, “Isn’t the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire attacking the Fallen Angel Empire with all its strength? How could it be possible to divide its forces against us?”

Broc said with a firm expression, “This time, Raizen the Great aims to unify the Demon Realm in one go. Either the Fallen Angel Empire or the Dark Shadow Empire, it will not be able to stop the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire. The supporters will become the meritorious officials of the empire while the obstructors will die without a burial place!”

The spiritual officers and the military officers looked at each other. The strongest among them were Ordogas and Varota of the Demon Overlord. However, Varota suddenly turned sides and killed Ordogas. Facing Varota and Broc, plus a Demon Overlord Stanmi on Broc’s side, everyone had no chance of winning. They were in a dilemma for a while.

“I’m not asking you to consider, but to let you choose! Even if you are all dead, I have a way to command the soldiers. Worse comes to worst… I’ll let the entire Fire Blade Legion and Jergal Fortress be buried together! Now, I will give you 10 seconds. If you don’t want to die, put down your weapon and stand there!”

“Clang!” Finally, someone couldn’t resist the pressure, dropped the weapon, and walked to the place designated by Broc.

As soon as someone took the lead, the number of people behind suddenly increased, and only less than 6 people remained unmoved.

“Broc! You ungrateful traitor!” An Asmodeus Royal Family spiritual officer stood up and scolded loudly, “Sir Frentz was really blind back then to marry his daughter to you! You failed Her Majesty Catherine’s trust. Her Majesty will definitely not let you go!”

“Frentz was indeed blind.” Broc smiled ghastly, “He was blinded by me because he also said something like you just now. To be fair, I will gouge your eyes now.”

Broc’s body suddenly exuded black mist which wrapped toward the spiritual officer. A huge bronze puppet suddenly appeared in front of the spiritual officer, attacking the black mist. However, the black mist was not a solid ent.i.ty, so the bronze puppet could only disperse the black mist, but it couldn’t cause any damage. Instead, it was wrapped in the black mist. Its body began to corrode and decay at a speed visible to the naked eye. It took a while before it dissipated into a pile of residue.

The black mist condensed into the shape of Broc, and he was already clasping the spiritual officer’s head. Just as he was about to exert his strength, a warning sign suddenly appeared in his mind. He instantly dissipated into smoke. In the next second, the smoke was already penetrated by a golden light from behind.

The golden light seemed to be only penetrating the smoke and could not cause damage, but Broc’s m.u.f.fled sound came from the smoke. Everyone was taken aback, and their eyes were fixed on a military officer wearing who had ‘surrendered’.

The smoke turned into countless swordsmen that went toward the military officer with In the blink of an eye, the military appeared in another direction at an incredible speed. The golden glow in his left eye was beaming as another light shot toward the smoke that Broc had turned into.

The golden light seemed to be the nemesis of the smoke. It could directly make a powerful attack on the soul with spirit power. Broc did not dare to forcefully resist it and he changed to human form. He opened his left palm, showing a clear color, blocking the golden light.

The golden light shot into the palm and refracted from Broc’s arm and other places. After the light was scattered and refracted by the strange edges, it had already lost its power. A cold murderous aura appeared in Broc’s incubus-like black pupil, “[The Eye of Evil]!”

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[The Eye of Evil] and [The Eye of Incubus] were the bloodline talents of the Belphegor Royal Family and Leviathan Royal Family respectively. They were regarded as the left and right eyes of the Demon G.o.d with their own abilities. The 2 families were each other’s mortal enemies. Facing the strong enemy of the Belphegor Royal Family, Broc would not take any chances regardless of the origin; he would only kill the opponent.

Under Roman’s order, the evil eyes launched a powerful mental attack. Except for the spiritual officers behind him and a few Demon Overlords in the hall, all the others covered their heads and screamed as they fell to the ground.

Although the 2 Demon Overlords apart from Broc were deterred by the evil eye tyrant’s spirit power, they were not easy to deal with. As long as the evil eye tyrant’s spirit power showed exhaustion, they would counter with all forces.

With a wave of the longsword in Broc’s hand, a sharp sword qi slashed toward Roman. Roman’s body was split in half, but that was just an afterimage. The real Roman had instantly appeared on Broc’s left side at an incredible speed. Countless blue rays of light intertwined into a giant net, wrapping Broc in it.

Roman hated Broc very much that his first move was the killing move, [No Return].

Broc’s left arm suddenly turned into a large s.h.i.+eld. There was only high-speed and dense clanging sound. [No Return] was actually completely blocked by that s.h.i.+eld.

Roman’s figure flashed and pulled away. There was a wound cut by a sharp sword on his face.

“My body has been transformed into the strongest weapon which can be changed at will.” Broc’s left hand has become a longsword. “Not only that, I can have an invincible body in this castle. Let alone your attack of this level, even the peak stage of the Demon Overlord can’t hurt me at all…”

Before he finished speaking, a strong sense of crisis suddenly appeared in his mind. Almost at the same time, a fist magnified in front of his eyes. “Bang!“, he flew out and smashed the wall hard. The wall with a powerful enchantment was actually cracked.

Broc stood up unstably with a clear fist mark on his cheek. He coughed a few times, spit out a few b.l.o.o.d.y teeth and looked at this strange enemy who appeared out of thin air with a horrified face. He mumbled, “How could you hurt me…”

“Does your so-called invincible body rely on this thing?” The opponent threw a fist-sized red crystal in his hand, “Without it, you are like a h.e.l.lhound without claws. It’s useless even if you show your sharp fangs. Today is a good day. My friends and I will clearly settle the old accounts with you!”

TL: Roman may not be able to kill him, but his friend though… Btw did Broc have his own kingdom already?

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