Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 724 - Things that Change the World

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Chapter 724: Things that Change the World


Everywhere was in green hue, but the air was filled with the hot breath that should belong to the flaming red. The misty and bubbling mud swamp was like molten slurry, carrying the terrifying heat that distorted the line of sight.

Roman walked casually in this terrifying misty swamp with a sword in his hand.

The seemingly slothful posture and unhurried speed were the best conditions for adjusting body functions to respond to emergencies.

His leather armor was already in tatters, and his body was full of wounds, especially the terrifying scars on his chest and abdomen. It looked like a terrifying beast’s paw almost cut it open. Roman’s breathing was a bit disordered while the hand holding the sword was still steady.

All of a sudden, several terrifying tall figures popped out of the fiery mud and pounced toward Roman in a roar.

Roman flicked the 2 swords and slashed toward those figures. The pale blue sword light struck out several lightning in the air.

After the slash, Roman had more wounds on his body, and he still moved forward unhurriedly in a tired look. The air was still hot, but the ferocious figures behind him suddenly turned into countless fragments and disappeared without a trace.


White could be understood to be pure and flawless, but when this piece of white filled the whole mind, it had nothing to do with purity.

Delia was in this situation now – her mind was blank. She lost consciousness repeatedly, and she only recovered after a long while. She felt dizzy, stuffy and nauseous. This was not the first time she felt this way.

As soon as she was awake, she found herself in a rocky cliff. Her body was rus.h.i.+ng toward a hard mountain wall, and she was about to be crushed into pieces. A strange light appeared in Delia’s right eye, and a strange air flow broke out around her body. She barely flew away from the mountain wall.

As she surged to the sky, another warning sign appeared in her sight. Delia hurriedly turned around. Numerous red lights blasted past her shoulders. Delia, who had lost her balance, lifted her hand. A huge object was launched forward, accurately bombarding the source of the light. With a ‘boom’, dazzling fire sparks burst out.

Despite that, she still couldn’t avoid 1 red light. Delia’s vision and body kept vibrating, and her reaction was extremely fast. She kicked the mountain wall and bounced toward the source of the attack. This was a metal ball that was more than 1 meter high, suspended in the air. It had black tubes on all sides.

Delia’s ‘fists’ attacked like a storm, and the metal ball was blown out in an instant. Although she eliminated the opponent, the feeling of ‘blankness’ reappeared during high-speed movement which made her feel annoyed for a while. This discomfort was obviously shorter than the last time. After barely regaining her spirit, Delia controlled her ‘body’ and continued to fly forward.


Although this world was colorful, Alice saw black in her eyes. This was the color of the black crystal coins. The black crystal coins entered the little loli’s ‘s.p.a.ce cashbox’ like flowing water. Watching the number of the cashbox kept rising, the little loli smiled cheerfully.

This was her shop, a restaurant. Although it was not very big, the customers still came and went in an endless stream under her diligent management.

As the shopkeeper, she had several staff with different characteristics. Some were proficient in cooking, some were good at service, and some were good at cleaning… She allocated suitable positions for them. These staff were not perfect, but with the increase of work experience, their ‘level’ would also rise. Every once in a while, someone would come to apply for job. If she was lucky, she could hire some talents with special skills or very high potential.

Customers were not easy to deal with either. Although there were suitable staff, mistakes were always inevitable, and the needs of customers varied. If she observed carefully, there would be unexpected gains. For example, she once helped an old grandmother to find a missing item, and she got a new secret recipe of ‘West Lake Sour Fish’. After the chef became proficient in this dish, many more guests came here, and the turnover skyrocketed. Of course, this kind of adventure was not absolute. The beggar whom she helped last month stole 20 black crystal coins from her.

The accountant came to report, “Shopkeeper, our pork bellies and spices are all out of stock. It’s all w.a.n.g San’s fault. He forgot to stock up after getting drunk.”

“Ask w.a.n.g San to buy them right away, even if it is 10 times higher than the purchase price!” The little loli promptly ordered while secretly thinking, w.a.n.g San’s ‘arithmetic’ expertise is very useful, and he can bargain a very low purchase price, but it is too easy to make mistakes with his ‘wine abuse’. This is not the first time such a thing happened this month. When new recruits apply next month, I must change to a new purchaser.

The little loli’s eyes gradually became solemn. It is almost the end of the month. The business volume of 30,000 black crystal coins must be completed. Otherwise, all the previous efforts will be in vain!

In the hot mud, the monsters’ figures continued to be annihilated, Roman’s swords were still swinging, but they were far less agile than before. A burly figure in front gradually became clear. This was a man with red eyes and a greatsword in his hand.

Roman showed a highly vigilant expression. He already sensed that the extremely dangerous breath exuded from this man was far greater than the previous monsters. Before he could react, the man appeared before him in a blink and slashed.

This slash was simple and pure.

Can’t take it! Roman instinctively felt a chill in his heart. He moved hundreds of meters away at an incredible speed. It was the bloodline talent of the Belphegor Royal Family, [Flash]. A golden light appeared in his left eye and shot toward the man. .

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The man didn’t even look at the golden light, and the momentum of the sword remained unabated as if nothing could stop this simple and pure movement.

“He is obviously jealous. We should be sympathetic to this kind of person.” Chen Rui patted the little loli’s head and coughed to Roman, “Little Roman, you are still immature. I’ll let Yini cook some pig brain soup for you some day to replenish it.”

Little Roman? Master Roman gritted his teeth and almost uttered ‘little your sister’, but he had little sisters like Adeline and the little princess whom he couldn’t offend easily. Moreover, he could step on his nephew’s head and laughed sardonically by mentioning Yini. Therefore, Master Roman had to pretend not to hear him with a blank face.

This made Chen Rui even more contemptuous. This expression is too artificial, far worse than Zola.

“Leader.” Delia said, “The training system I just tried is amazing. It can not only exercise spirit power, but also train virtually. If I can complete the training, can I control that kind of a.s.semble puppet?”

“Almost.” Chen Rui nodded, “You just tried the virtual training course of a.s.semble puppet in the ancient alchemy civilization. The ancient alchemy civilization’s aborigines themselves don’t have much strength, but the a.s.semble puppet can give them at least the combat power of the Demon Emperor. Your talent in this area is very high, and you have completed the basic courses which is quite remarkable. With your own strength, as long as you can perfectly control the strength of the a.s.semble puppet, your combat power will most probably break through the Demon Emperor level. However, this kind of control requires higher spirit power. If you are a beginner, don’t be too anxious for actual combat training. Lay the foundation first before anything else.”

Delia’s strength had been staying at the early stage of the Great Demon King. Hearing Chen Rui’s words, her eyes lit up, “Got it, leader.”

“Brother, I have also completed the 1 star mission of the restaurant!” The little loli quickly showed her achievement, “Isn’t it amazing?”

Chen Rui smiled and said, “Of course, our Alice is the best. There are 2 stars, 3 stars and 5 stars after the 1 star mission, but Crystal Phoenix is still debugging. You can continue to play after her debugging is completed.”

“Sir Leader, oh, no, Sir Uncle.” It was none other than Roman, “I like this virtual training of deadly battle very much. Can I keep playing here?”

“In fact, this training game is adapted based on a certain test. For some reason, I changed the image.” Roman did not understand Chen Rui’s explanations, but he understood the next sentence, “Virtual training should be combined with real combat to be more effective. I will let Dodo come and fight with you later.”

As soon as the slime was mentioned, Master Roman suddenly wilted. He was now a dish ravaged by Dodo.

“Leader, I can’t imagine your mind.” Delia showed a sincere expression of admiration, “These virtual… Uh, games, how did you make it?”

“The legacy of the ancient alchemy civilization, the wisdom of another world… plus a little brain.” Chen Rui pointed to his head, “I should be the only person in the Demon Realm who has mastered the ancient alchemy civilization’s life crystal, so my creation should be even more unique. It will become the existence comparable to the Fallen Angel Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation, the ancient magic tower of the Dark Shadow Empire and the Book Collection Hall of the Dark Shadow Empire. In fact, alchemy is nothing more than the surface. Its influence will be far more than that. Perhaps the whole world will change because of it.”

TL: A virtual simulation to practice? This can possibly enhance the combat power of Chen Rui’s party indefinitely.

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