Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 721 - Unknown Secret

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Chapter 721: Unknown Secret

In the wavy Black Sea, no sea creature dared to approach this area because a huge figure was roaring. The dark red tentacles slammed the sea, splas.h.i.+ng the waves to the sky. If there were observant people, they should be able to find out that this roar was full of joy – a cheer of freedom.

On the Hidden Misty Island, Adeline was stunned slightly as a faint gleam appeared in her dim pupils, sliding down her cheeks. Helen on the side was taken aback.

“What’s wrong? Adeline?”

“Hope.” The naga girl shed tears and showed a blissful smile, “I really saw it with the eyes in my heart.”

At the moment when the holy dragon turned into a crystal bead, not only the distant sea area, but the entire Land of Hatred also changed. The Tower of Glory’s radiance was brilliant. Within the scope of the radiance, the surface of the solidified gold and silver ‘statues’ quickly melted as they regained vitality.

The resentful souls felt that the most terrifying thing oppressing their souls had disappeared. Meanwhile, the awakened Strena and elementals looked at the s.h.i.+ning ‘Tower of Destruction’ in surprise.

In the Tower of Glory, the exhausted slime snored contentedly while holding the s.p.a.ce ring given by the master which was naturally 30 of each ‘good stuff’. Chen Rui wiped the sweat from his forehead again as he understood the holy dragon’s unwillingness before he died. The Pseudo-G.o.d powerhouse did not fall into the hands of the archangels or the former Dragon Emperor, but he was annihilated because of a foodie.

“Pseudo G.o.d’s Dragon Power Essence.”

Auglas walked over and looked at the crystal beads in Chen Rui’s hand with a little surprise. Not every giant dragon’s soul would condense into the Dragon Power Essence when their souls were annihilated. The Dragon Power Essence in Chen Rui’s hand was not only completely pure, but it also contained a Pseudo-G.o.d’s huge strength.

“The strength of this Dragon Power Essence is extremely powerful. With it, your castle of the ancient alchemy civilization should be completely restored.” Auglas slightly pondered, “But can I have it?”

“Of course.” Chen Rui handed the Dragon Power Essence to Auglas without hesitation. If it wasn’t for the old father-in-law to contend in the [Light and Dark Kingdom], even if he and the 3 kings joined forces, it would be impossible to defeat the mutated Rodriguez, so it was reasonable to give this trophy to the old father-in-law.

“You really didn’t notice the strength contained in this Dragon Power Essence? If I tell you that it can even allow you to directly enter the kingdom level… Would you still give it to me so quickly?” Auglas did not continue immediately as he was taking a deep look at Chen Rui.

“It seems too late to regret now.” Chen Rui smiled bitterly, “With the strength of Sir Auglas, I have no room for resistance if you want to get it from my hands. Can this be regarded as a little… test for me?”

“I can barely consider that you have pa.s.sed.” The old father-in-law snorted, but he was beyond satisfied. Sir Dark Dragon Emperor saw it clearly. Just now when he said that the Dragon Power Essence could directly make Chen Rui advance to the kingdom level, Chen Rui didn’t even move his hand, and his emotions didn’t fluctuate much. It was indeed sincere.

“This Dragon Power Essence can make up for the damage to my soul in the past, and the success rate of breaking through to Pseudo-G.o.d will also increase a lot. No matter what, Olypheus will be handed over to you in the future. Don’t let me down.”

“Got it.” Chen Rui scratched his head, “Actually, I have my own strength training method. The Dragon Power Essence is of little significance to me. As for the castle of the alchemy civilization, I look forward to the follow-up transaction with Dragon Island. “

The advancement of the Super System was different from ordinary trainers, and the acc.u.mulation of ‘quant.i.ty’ alone couldn’t truly achieve the breakthrough of Blue Pole Star Level, so Chen Rui was telling the truth, but the old father-in-law didn’t know this. His good impression of the human son-in-law doubled. He nodded and took over the Dragon Power Essence.

Auglas closed his eyes and used some method to turn the Dragon Power Essence into liquid which blended into his palm. The brilliance in the Tower of Glory s.p.a.ce began to gradually change.

Chen Rui did not disturb Auglas. He walked toward the 3 Elemental Kings who just exhausted a lot of power, especially the Dark Elemental King Hegel. He combined with Lambost and Moore to launch a counterattack against the [Light and Dark Kingdom] before his injury strength was restored; it was an injury on top of injury.

Hegel’s condition was not very ideal. Lambost and Moore were using the origin power to help Hegel stabilize the injury. At this time, a hand stretched out and a black diamond-shaped crystal was lying quietly inside.

“Dark origin fragment!” Hegel’s eyes narrowed slightly as his red pupils glowed strangely.

“It’s yours, just as we agreed.”

Hegel ventured into the Black Sea area in order to get the origin fragment. Naturally, he would not be courteous. When the diamond-shaped crystal entered Hegel’s hands, it suddenly turned into an armband and appeared on his left arm.

After getting the origin fragment he dreamed of, Hegel couldn’t hide his joy, but he still remembered the original exchange terms, “With the Nightmare Band, my injury is no longer a big deal. We can leave as soon as possible to save your friend.”

Chen Rui shook his head, “Something unexpected happened in this matter, uh… Your Highness needs not to take action anymore.”

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Moore on the side was taken aback as he thought that Isabella had been met by accident, “Could it be…”

Hegel scoffed and didn’t speak.

“Thank you very much then.” Chen Rui was overjoyed and his mind suddenly moved, “What will happen if I can integrate all 7 artifacts?”

The 3 Elemental Kings were silent at the same time. After a while, Moore spoke up, “It may be the end of everything or it may be a new beginning… We can’t tell you more about this matter. If you really have the destiny to shoulder something, then naturally you will understand everything at that time.”

“It seems that there are too many secrets that I don’t know, including… Elemental War?” Chen Rui asked rhetorically, “I would like to ask, if I want to exchange something with the Light Origin Fragment from the Light Elemental King, will it affect the Elemental War?”

Moore knew about Zola’s [6 Elements Territory Kingdom], and he suddenly realized something, “You want to exchange the light source power?”

“2 items. The light source power and the wind source power. With these 2, plus the dark source power given by Your Highness Hegel, the 6 element source powers will be complete.”

Both Lambost and Hegel were very experienced people. They immediately reacted and asked in unison, “Moore, who is attempting the [6 Elements Kingdom]?”

“Probably the most talented magician I have ever seen.” Moore glanced at Chen Rui, “She is also his wife. If you can get the 6 element source powers, maybe… I mean, ‘maybe’ she can really succeed or even go further. “

Lambost seemed to be doing some communication as he glanced at Hegel. He revealed a mysterious smile, “If you hand over the origin fragment to the Light Elemental King, perhaps it will cause us to be defeated in the next Elemental War, perhaps 1 out of the 3 of us will die because of this. However, we will not stop you from handing over the light origin fragment to the Light Elemental King. I will not disclose the specific reason, just like you have countless secrets that are inconvenient to disclose to us. If possible, I hope that every piece of origin fragment will be returned to the respective Elemental King. This is not only my hope, but also the hope of the 6 Elemental Kings and all elementals. At that time, perhaps the real end and beginning will come…”

Chen Rui was savoring the meaning of these words when the surrounding s.p.a.ce began to shake violently. In the blink of an eye, everyone had appeared in the Land of Hatred outside the tower. The ‘Tower of Destruction’ changed to a palm-sized golden paG.o.da that fell into Auglas’ hands.

“This is for you. It depends on your ability to use it.” Auglas threw the little golden paG.o.da to Chen Rui. Before Chen Rui had time to see more, his ears were already flooded by the huge sound of the sea. It was the cheers from the resentful souls, nagas, and elementals.

TL: When will he collect all of them though? Breeze Shadow Boots are still missing in the hands of humans right? It seems like the Elemental War isn’t just as simple as the enmity between 6 elemental kings. It has to happen for something. Btw will Zola be involved in the Elemental War as well…

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