Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 704 - Choice and Return

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Chapter 704: Choice and Return

When Chen Rui woke up, a day and a night had pa.s.sed.

The [Aura Protection] of the Super System continued automatically, and the result of [Deep a.n.a.lysis] was ready.

Isyorul regarded the Shackles of True Flame as an artifact, so it was indeed not an ordinary commodity. According to the Super System, this artifact had turned into a ‘law power’ that stubbornly entangled Chen Rui’s body. If there was no [Aura Protection], the Shackles of True Flame would continue to devour his soul power and life power until he was completely dead.

It was feasible to activate the [Aura Protection] in the short term, but the cost of this protection was quite expensive. It consumed 1000 aura values and 1 faith crystal every minute, which required 1.44 million aura and 1,440 units of faith crystals in 1 day. It had greatly exceeded the current output of the Super System. Although he could still use his savings now, it would be unsustainable in the future.

After the Super System proposed 2 solutions based on the a.n.a.lysis. Once the solution was implemented, it couldn’t be stopped, so he must carefully choose.

The first solution was ‘eliminate the law’ which would cost a one-off 5 million faith crystals to completely destroy the Shackles of True Flame. The time needed was 3 months. During this period, the active aura skills couldn’t be used.

The second solution was to ‘absorb the law’ which would cost a one-off 500 million aura value to gradually incorporate the law power of the Shackles of True Flame into the Super System. However, this time span was a bit lengthy. It was expected to take about 2 years under normal circ.u.mstances. During this period, he could not use the faith battle transformation.

If other factors were not taken into consideration, these 2 solutions had their own advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the first 1 was the short time. It could be done once and for all, but the restriction of ‘active aura skills couldn’t be used’ had a greater daily impact.

The second 1 could absorb the law for his own use, and it seemed to have a better effect. However, the time delay was longer, and the faith battle transformation, which was the [Pole Star Transformation], could not be used. This would affect the high-level strength; he would be unable to compete with the super powerhouse above Demon Overlord.

Chen Rui chose the second option without hesitation. The reason was simple. He did not know how long it would take to collect the 5 million faith crystals required by the first method, and if he could not use the active aura skill, the [Star Gate] could not be activated. Isabella couldn’t wait. Although the second option required a lot of aura, it was still possible to collect them now.

After collecting 500 million aura values, Chen Rui activated the solution to absorb the law- The [Pole Star Transformation] could indeed fight with a kingdom-level powerhouse, but he had more than 1 battle buff transformation. If he completely relied on this kind of transformation, his own training would only stagnate which would be harmful instead.

In the battle with Isyorul, Chen Rui faintly touched the edge of universe law through the [Pole Star Transformation]. Although it could not be activated again within 2 years, that kind of precious insight was obviously more important from the perspective of training. If he could break away from [Pole Star Transformation] and comprehend on his own, it would allow his own strength to truly enter the door of the kingdom level. At that time, he could most probably directly reach the next level of the Pole Star Emperor.

As he activated the [Pole Star Transformation] in the battle of the Jade Forest Sea which cost another 10,000 faith crystals, the time to gather 1 million faith crystals was delayed again. However, the faith savings stolen by Shura had not been ‘digested’ yet, plus the sleeping time of the last 1 day and night, it would only take about 2 days to activate the [Star Gate] back to the long-awaited Demon Realm.

Chen Rui looked at the pillow habitually, and the little warm body that was nestled in his face was gone. Not even a feather was left. His heart twitched as he clenched his fists, and slowly sat up.

After leaving the hotel, Chen Rui came to the streets of the Venus City. It should be because of the news of Isyorul’s death, the church and the nearby empires stopped the joint blockade, and there were more people on the street.

With a Demi-G.o.d-level enemy who could kill Isyorul, this time-consuming and laborious blockade was meaningless and would only expose the incompetence of the church to more people.

Chen Rui walked aimlessly on the street without the little chirping figure on his shoulder. He felt that his heart was empty, so much so that when he pa.s.sed the Venus City’s Hall of Light, his heart was involuntarily filled with a strong murderous intent.

This murderous intent was quickly suppressed by Chen Rui. Hatred should be directed to the doer only. Isyorul was already dead. If the hatred was brought to these innocent people, then how was he different from the Aquarius Holy Apprentice Colina who killed the young boys?

Chen Rui entered the Hall of Light and watched many believers pray in front of the statue and donate their hard-earned money. He couldn’t help but sigh secretly. People need faith and spiritual support. The believers are not wrong. What is really hateful is those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who are dressed in sacred clothes on the surface, but act dirty in the dark.

From lower-level people like Chief Bishop Phil, who harmed the young children, to the higher-level ‘angels’ such as Isyorul, aren’t they fooling the world in the name of Light G.o.d by actually using their authority and power to satisfy their own selfish desires?

Countless believers prayed with their lives in darkness and suffering only for the last hope in their hearts. However, it is these angels of G.o.d who personally buried their hope and plunged them into deeper darkness, which is intolerable.

I shouldn’t tar everyone with the same brush, but the existence of black sheep is unquestionable. What’s more, there are not just a handful of them. Absolute status and power are often accompanied by decay and darkness. The growth of these malignant tumors will only harm more and more innocent people.

Should I just be an onlooker?

Chen Rui left the Hall of Light quietly without any action, but decided 1 thing in his heart.

Upon walking into a secluded alley, his shadow under the sun suddenly divided into 2.

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Magic scrolls were very popular in the human world. Even ordinary people could also cast the magic recorded on a scroll. However, for the Demon Realm, scroll art had been in decline for many years due to various historical reasons. Even in the 3 major magic shops of the capital, magic scrolls were rarely for sale, and the prices were very expensive, so they were rarely used in combat.

During Chen Rui’s visit to Grand Master Finoia in the Jade Forest Sea this time, in addition to getting enlightenment in mechanics, another huge gain was scroll art. In the human world, as a part of alchemy, scroll art was slightly inferior to mechanics and pharmaceutics, but it was also a recognized important subject. This course was offered in both colleges and universities.

Due to time constraints, Chen Rui was newly-introduced to scroll art, but he was inevitably attracted by the mystery of it. The elf grand master gave him 2 books, “Basics of Scroll Art” and “Scroll Art Mastery”, which were the entry and advanced levels of scroll art. The information recorded in these 2 books was quite complete. What was even more precious was Finoia’s own insight and label which were 100 times more precious than ordinary college textbooks.

If he mastered the scroll art, then the Fallen Angel Empire would have an extra bargaining chip when facing the 2 empires. Perhaps, he could resurrect scroll art in the Demon Realm.

More than 100 years later, there would be a large-scale war between humans and demons.

The cause of the war was that they were deported to the Demon Realm, where the environment was harsh, after being defeated by the human coalition army in the ancient war. The demons had always never given up their attempts to return to the ground. Therefore, every 500 years, when the enchantment entrance weakened, they would start a terrifying war.

The Demon Realm was the home of Chen Rui, and the human world was the home of Arthur. As a crossover, he was not the human of this world. He was more inclined to the Demon Realm where his lovers and friends were, but in the eyes of people in this world, he was human. No matter which side won by then, his situation was very awkward.

Chen Rui always had an idea. If the Demon Realm is as prosperous as the human world, is it necessary to continue to start a war for this reason? Of course, there are many unsolved mysteries in this world, and perhaps this kind of war has other reasons, but there are still more than 100 years. As the owner of the Super System, Chen Rui, who also had infinite possibilities, still had time to change something.

At the very least, he had to become stronger and better protect everyone around him.

2 days later, Chen Rui got the scrolls as he wished, and the faith crystals finally reached 1 million. A blue door of light slowly appeared before his eyes.

Behind this door was home.

Chen Rui was a little excited. He took a deep breath and walked toward the light gate.

TL: Homecoming finally… Really wish Duoduo could be there… Shura has his own will to a certain extent, will he be able to evolve in the human world on his own as well?

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