Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 703 - Shackles of True Flame And [Fire Phoenix Stigmata]

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Chapter 703: Shackles of True Flame And [Fire Phoenix Stigmata]

Chen Rui’s gaze instantly froze and fixed on the burst of flames.

In the dimness, the childish voice still echoed in his ears.

“Got it! Mommy!”

“Daddy! Duoduo wants to play the slingshot game!”

“Daddy, Duoduo can fly!”

“Duoduo wants to go together!”

“Duoduo must be with daddy…” Unconsciously, his body trembled uncontrollably. The fingers of the clenched fists almost pierced into the hand armor.

Isyorul’s explanation got stuck in his throat because he saw Chen Rui’s eyes that had turned berserk crimson red like a flame would burn everything in ashes. He was terrified even if he was a kingdom-level powerhouse proficient in fire element.

There was only 1 answer to this gaze – Either you die or I live.

Any explanation was superfluous.

Isyorul leaped into the sky and shouted as if he was emboldening himself. There were thousands of meteor-like red flames around him, and they blasted at Chen Rui. He actually made the first move.

Chen Rui’s consciousness was already burning with extreme rage, so he didn’t notice a strange mark exuding burning power under the armor of his left arm. At this moment, there was only 1 thought left in his mind: Kill!

The figure in the blue armor turned into a flash of lightning, ignoring the red flames flying in the sky as he rushed toward Isyorul directly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom…” As the red meteor flames. .h.i.t the target, sparks splashed everywhere. The figure that was. .h.i.t hard unexpectedly charged toward Isyorul.

Isyorul s.h.i.+vered when he looked at the pair of red eyes. Just as he was about to s.h.i.+ft, his lower abdomen was. .h.i.t hard by the berserk power and his body flew upside down for hundreds of meters. He crouched down with pain, clutching his belly like a shrimp. Bleeding foam was sprayed from his open mouth.

Immediately afterward, a sense of danger came from behind again, and he was struck hard. His unbalanced body slammed directly to the ground. Before landing, a figure appeared below instantly with a knee, and Isyorul was slammed into the air. Everyone saw 2 figures constantly flas.h.i.+ng in the air accompanied by dense and m.u.f.fled hitting sounds.

Isyorul barely used the s.p.a.ce to s.h.i.+ft it away. The robe on his body had been torn into pieces like a beggar. His swollen face was full of bruises, and he kept coughing out blood.

As an aloft ‘angel’ enshrined by the church, Isyorul had never been so haggard. With a furious shout, there was already a fiery red sword in his hand as he struck toward Chen Rui.

Chen Rui did not evade, allowing the sword to penetrate the armor. However, before it could penetrate deeper, a fist quickly magnified before Isyorul’s eyes… “Boom!” Isyorul’s nose was dented. The pain was so throbbing that his tears and mucus flowed out. How could he hold the sword firmly? He screamed tragically.

The 2 powerhouses of the elf tribe in the distant sky shook their heads. Isyorul’s momentum has been completely suppressed. His will and fighting spirit are all taken away by the other party. I’m afraid that there is no hope of a comeback.

Isyorul, who was beaten all the way frantically, turned into a honeycomb full of fist marks.

Chen Rui’s mind was full of the small cl.u.s.ter of flame that had previously exploded in Isyorul’s hand. His attacks without defense became more and more frantic. Isyorul had completely lost the chance to fight back and could only barely parry.

“Ah!” Isyorul let out a stern scream. The red light wings behind him were actually torn apart by Chen Rui; blood splattered all around immediately. The elf empress couldn’t help covering Mich.e.l.le’s eyes. Mich.e.l.le was really scared, but she still subconsciously hoped that ‘Richard’ could avenge Duoduo.

“Wait a minute!” Isyorul desperately s.h.i.+fted to the distant s.p.a.ce with deep fear in his eyes. He would rather face the cooperation of the 2 elf powerhouses than fight with this terrifying lunatic.

Isyorul did his best in setting up s.p.a.ce barriers continuously. The broken cover of the Judgement Book appeared in his hand. The cover changed rapidly and turned into red shackles suspended in the air, exuding terrifying breath.

“This is the artifact, Shackles of True Flame, granted by Sir Raphael! If you dare to come over again, I will use the flame of life to spur the shackles and die with you!”

Just after Isyorul breathed a sigh of relief, he saw that the killing intent in Chen Rui’s eyes became more intense. He rushed over at an unprecedented speed in an instant.

Isyorul cursed the madman. He knew that he had to go all out now, so his hands immediately burned with a flame which was the flame of life. Due to this flame, the red shackles began to emit a strong fire element power. The entire kingdom was reflected in red, steaming with an extremely powerful breath.

The Shackles of True Flame seemed to carry some kind of magical power, devouring the flame of life between Isyorul’s hands. Even the blood on his body continued to flow to the shackles.

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Isyorul’s face became paler and paler, and his vitality was rapidly fading. Finally, the shackles moved and turned into a huge ferocious beast that pounced toward Chen Rui.

The only exception was Landbis who sighed secretly. She always thought that she had highly regarded this man, but she didn’t expect to still underestimate him. Such a Demi-G.o.d powerhouse, I’m afraid that I will never be able to get his help anymore.

In the distance, Pulos slowly lowered his arms across his chest. His ears suddenly moved, and his eyes flickered for a while. He didn’t make any move in the end.

After Chen Rui turned Isyorul into flying ashes, the raging blood color in his eyes gradually faded. He took a deep breath and looked at the distant air vigilantly. A blue door of light appeared in front of him. After he walked in the door, the door gradually dimmed and disappeared in an instant.

“Kelsa, why stop me? If Isyorul died here, I’m afraid the elf tribe would still be in trouble.”

“Regardless of whether you can take down that human or not, the Jade Forest Sea may have to face the terrifying existence behind him. Do you want the elf tribe to fall into a greater crisis?” Kelsa shook his head, “This matter is fundamentally unrelated to the elf tribe. Furthermore, Isyorul was wrong as he came here and destroyed the enchantment without noticing us. I have used the magic crystal to record everything that happened just now. By then, I only need to send a messenger to give the crystal to the Holy Church – With the Demi-G.o.d contract, I believe the Holy Light Mountain knows how to weigh the matter.”

The Venus City of the Starlight Empire.

A blue light door appeared in a long-term reserved hotel room and Chen Rui walked out of it. The Pole Star armor on his body had disappeared. Feeling a burst of irresistible fatigue, he walked slowly to the bed and laid down.

The Shackles of True Flame that Isyorul desperately activated just now was not ineffective, and the Super System prompt was actually generated after enduring the power of Shackles of True Flame. The reason that really freed Chen Rui from damage was that the Super System suddenly had an additional skill.

[Fire Phoenix Stigmata]- Reduce fire element damage 90%. There is a 10% chance to be immune from fire element damage. Increase the affinity with fire element creatures.

Chen Rui clearly remembered that there was no such additional skill before. It should be related to the annihilation of the little phoenix.

Is it the protection that Duoduo used her life to cast…


My daughter……

In the tears, his eyes began to dim. His consciousness gradually blurred, and he finally fell asleep.

TL: Is Duoduo really dead? What is the signature characteristic of phoenix? Rebirth right?

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